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Federal Judge Orders Ohio Secretary of State to Purge Voter Rolls

October 10, 2008

Today, U.S. District Judge George C. Smith ruled in a suit filed by the Ohio Republican Party filed in September.  He ruled that Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (Dem) must adhere to the Help America Vote Act by matching newly registered voters’ information against the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and/or Social Security Administration databases.  She must alo tell the Board of Elections which voters’s registration info doesn’t match the databases.  Brunner was also ordered to establish a process by which county election boards could do the sameSmith wrote in his ruling (unfortunately I can’t get the whole thing), “Plaintiffs assert, and the court agrees, that it is hard to imagine a public interest more compelling than safeguarding the legitimacy of the election of the president of the United States.”

Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine told reporters, “For some reason, Jennifer Brunner does not want these new registrations checked.  Her refusal to comply with federal law raises serious concerns about her ability to objectively oversee this election.”

Meanwhile, Brunner is appealing the ruling (the appeal was filed by Ohio Attorney General Nancy Rogers (Dem) on Brunner’s behalf), saying that this ruling will inhibit voters from casting absentee ballots at the Board of Elections, since parties could get lists of voters who don’t match up with the databases and challenge the validity of those votes.  Brunner told reporters, “My office will do everything within its power to ensure that the state’s 88 county boards of elections can continue to allow early voting to proceed and to assist them with their preparation to ensure a smooth election for the voters of Ohio.”

With all of the stuff that’s going on with ACORN, I say that this is a great ruling.  I want everybody to be able to vote, but people should only be voting once (that’s not what the NAACP will say about voters in Detroit – they want all African Americans to be able to vote, even the dead ones!).  There’s no reason that this should keep any LEGAL voters from voting.  It’s a good ruling, and I hope it’s upheld by the next court.  Unfortunately, the deadline to challenge absentee ballots is coming up soon, so there fraudulent votes may make it through, and that’s a shame.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Obama Launches Preliminaries for General Election Campaign

April 26, 2008

Yesterday, Barack Obama released the following announcement on his website:

Today, we announce the Vote for Change drive, an unprecedented 50-state voter registration and mobilization drive, in which we will bring thousands of new people into the political process.On May 10th, there will be voter registration events in all 50 states. Click on the map below to find an event in your area and bring new voters into our democracy… 

Voter registration and expanding participation in the process is more than a campaign strategy; it’s a vital part of Barack’s identity.

When Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, he could have taken a high paying job at a private law firm, but instead, he chose to return to Chicago and run a voter registration drive that brought thousands of new voters into the process and changed Illinois’ politics.

Watch the video detailing Obama’s work with Project Vote…

“If we’re going to push back on the special interests and finally solve the challenges we face, we’re going to need everyone to get involved,” said Senator Obama. “Over the next six months, Vote for Change is going to bring new participants into the process, adding scores of new voices to this critical dialogue about our future. I started my career as a community organizer, and I worked to register voters in communities where hope was all but lost. I’ve seen what can happen when Americans re-engage and take ownership in the process.”

Find a voter registration event in your neck of the woods at

And if you want to take an active role in the campaign all summer, apply for the Obama Organizing Fellowship today. Watch this video intro from Barack and apply…

This campaign has never been about one person, but about all of us working together for a new kind of politics, a stronger democracy, and a better future for our country. It is premised on the idea that we are all better off when we take a stake in each other’s lives. 

Our campaign’s recent voter registration drives have registered more than 200,000 new Democrats in Pennsylvania, more than 115,000 new Democrats in North Carolina, and more than 150,000 new Democrats in Indiana. Those numbers just scratch the surface of what’s possible.

 “We’ve already seen amazing new enthusiasm and involvement over the course of this campaign, and now we’re taking that excitement to the next level in all 50 states,” said deputy campaign manager Steve Hildebrand. “We’ve seen too many elections where turnout was less than 50 percent. At this critical time in our history, we know we can do better—this year and beyond.”

So, this is the beginning of Obama preparing to become the nominee.  Although not an official statement, it appears that Obama is planning on becoming the nominee, and this is his way of preparing to launch a general election campaign.  I mean, I think it’s pretty well known that Clinton has almost no chance of winning, but I still think it’d be funny if this came to haunt him and he lost the nomination.  And that would pretty much guarantee the win for John McCain come November.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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