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Older Bullies Beat Up a 10-Year-Old Girl, Breaking Her Hip

April 6, 2008

Is it just me, or have there been a LOT of stories about child violence lately?  Maybe it’s just that the media is reporting more after the whole 3rd graders’ murder plot, but regardless… in Erie, Pennsylvania, a couple days ago, 10-year-old Rikki Triana with her younger sister Nikki at the the Pfeiffer Burleigh playground with 2 other friends when 4 12- and 13-year-old girls 2 10- and 11-year old girls (the police and lawyers issued statements today about the charges filed.  Originally, the media had reported 4 12- and 13-year-old girls) came.  Rikki told WICU-12 “I’d say they were mean to me and harsh.  These two other girls were nice to us, they left because they knew probably what was going to happen so they ran home.”

Rikki Triana

The bullies threw water on Rikki and Nikki.  Rikki recounts what happened next: They “pulled my feet off the monkey bars my leg went this way and I started crying.  They started stomping on me.”

The cowards (any bully is a coward) ran off when two adults came, but police have been able to question one of them.  They’re still looking for the others.

Rikki had a broken hip, and had to have surgery on Friday.  3 pins were placed in her hip, but doctors don’t know if she’ll need hip replacement surgery later down the road.  She now prepares for 6 weeks of physical therapy before doctors assess her situation.

Personally, these 4 brats need to be charged with aggravated assault (under Pennsylvania Consolidate Statutes, Title 18, Chapter 27, § 2702 (a)(1), a felony of the first degree (a lawyer should argue that they caused serioius bodily injury, since the disfiguration of her hip is permanent, since she has pins in it).  And if any of the parents know that their kids were the bullies and aren’t coming forward, not only are those parents terrible human beings, but they are aiding and abetting criminals – so I’d charge them too (only if they know that their kids were the bullies).

Still – where were the parents here?  Children today are just terrible.  I’m not a person for lawsuits, but the Trianas do need to sue the other families here to pay for the medical bills in my opinion.  Poor little Rikki could have life long effects from this beating and she deserves some money in my opinion.  And the bullies – they deserve a whole lot more than just the minimum of 5 years for first degree aggravated assault.  In my opinion, they deserve the maximum penalty (which from what I’ve been able to research is 20 years – Pennsylvania doesn’t have their code online on a government website, so I’ve had to go look through some appeals cases, and it appears that the max is 20 years).  That will teach kids from stomping on a little girl and breaking her hip – they wouldn’t get out until they’re 32 or 33 – and they would whole-heardtedly deserve it!

Done Ranting,

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