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More Police Agencies Are Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration

March 30, 2008

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agencey (ICE) has been offering training programs to police departments that allow them to enforce federal immigration laws since 1996, but up until 2002, only 1 department took them up on that offer.  Now ICE is training 42 departments with 92 in the queue.

  • In Houston, inmates’ immigration status is verrified.
  • Attorney General Anne Milgram (D-NJ) has requested that all police ask arrested suspects their immigration status.
  • Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) signed an executive order that requires all state agents to enforce immigration laws.
  • Maricopa County, Arizona (includes Phoenix) Sheriff Joe Arpaio (“America’s Toughest Sherrif”) (Republican) said, “When my deputies come across illegals, they arrest them — even on traffic violations.  People ask me why I am taking this on?  The last I heard, crossing the border is an illegal activity.  I took an oath of office to enforce the law, so I am enforcing the law.”

But some people oppose this enforcement, such as Susan Shah, a spokesman of the Vera Institute of Justice in New York, who claims, “People are very, very fearful of interaction with law enforcement.  Even people with legal status, whose families may have mixed immigration status, now have a fear of opening the door” (MSNBC).  I don’t see why LEGAL citizens should have any fear at all – if they’re legal, what’s the problem?  Like I said in a previous post, if you aren’t breaking the law, why are you afraid?

And then you have some people claiming that victims of crimes and domestic violence won’t come forward.  Well, if they come forward, then you take down their story, arrest the criminals, and then deport any illegal immigrants – that way, if the victims are miles away, and they won’t be victims any more anyway.

And if people prey on illegal immigrants because of their status, and they figure that the immigrants won’t report them because they don’t want to be deported, then charge the criminals with a hate crime, under the U.S. Federal code.

I do have to say that while I am all for police departments arresting illegals, they shouldn’t be pulling people over just because of skin color, because that’s racism.  If they run the plate of a car and find out that it’s an illegal immigrant, that’s fine, but they do need probable cause.

Fortunately, here in Michigan, we don’t have a huge illegal immigrant problem (although it still is a problem even if we have 1), but I hope people like Sheriff Joe Arpaio keep up the great work in stopping this crime wave that is out of control!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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San Francisco ID’s – We Don’t Care What Gender You Are, or If You’re Legal!

November 23, 2007

In the latest step by the San Francisco Board of “Supervisors,” illegal immigrants will be allowed to get ID cards (but not drivers licenses – yet).  (For my views on this subject, check out this post).  And just a side point – if I were ever to get employed by the Secretary of State, or whatever it is in SF that will be issuing these pieces of bull crap, I’d copy down the names of these people and report them myself to ICE, at least for a day before I got fired.  Anyway…

The other thing that the Board approved here was to take “Gender” off the list of descriptions, at the request of the transgendered community/advocates.  I’m sorry – but you’re gender stays the same.  I don’t care if you have 500 surgeries, a boy is still a boy and a girl’s still a girl at the chromosomal level.  Second, this takes away another piece of identification.  There are lots of people out there that I can’t exactly tell what gender they are (just because of the way they look/dress), so this piece of info is helpful and even necessary at times.

I’m sorry, but San Francisco has stepped way over the line here.  Hopefully other cities/states won’t accept these ID’s as valid and SF will have to change their system.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

New York Wants to Give Illegal Immigrants Driver’s Licenses

October 29, 2007

And I thought that Durbin’s DREAM Act was stupid!  What the heck is this – we now want to give ID CARDS to ILLEGALS!  Do you realize that this will just shoot down any deterrent measures that we try to implement.  What next, let them vote?  And put the ballots in Spanish?  Actually, with some form of ID, I guarantee you that we’ll see a lot of illegals illegally voting, especially in Detroit, where the NAACP thinks that any black person should be able to vote, even if they’re dead in the records, if “they” show up to the polls, they’ve got the right to vote!

And what does this do for national security?  How are we supposed to keep track of people that we DON’T want here if we’re giving them ID cards?  Sure, we can track their ID card at first, but then the ACLU sues the government because “that’s an invasion of their privacy!”  It’s been barely 6 years since September 11th, and WE are the ones who are encouraging terrorists to just come on in and prep for their attacks.

It’s just stupid – ICE needs to start sending the illegals back to their home country.  If we don’t crack down now, we’ll go on a path of destruction!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

Go Get ‘Em, Mr. Tancredo!

October 24, 2007

Wow – I now love Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO) more than ever (even though he can’t speak in public) (and no, I’m not voting for him – but if he could win I would in a heartbeat).

He demanded that Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid Senator Richard Durbin’s (D-IL) press conference promoting his bill that would give legal status to illegal immigrants who are high school graduates, if they attend college or serve in the United States military for two years.  According to Tancredo, there would be illegal immigrants at the press conference, although Joe Shoemaker, Senator Durbin’s spokesman, said that the three who would be present were all on temporary legal status (but who knows).  ICE took no action at the conference.

Now – let’s address a couple of issues – whether or not there were illegals at the conference, this bill is SCARY!  You’re telling me that somebody can cross the border, enlist in the military and then become a citizen!  What’s the screening here?  Are we going to allow Arabs to do this – next we’ll have secret Al Qaeda agents infiltrating our ARMY!

But what if they just choose to graduate from high school?  Well, are we going to make them learn English, or will we compromise and begin offering Calculus classes in Spanish?  DO YOU SEE WHERE THIS WILL LEAD!  “Americans” will cease to be Americans!  It’s ridiculous.

And here’s a quote from the New York Times showing how liberally biased they are:

“Congressman, have you no shame?” Mr. Durbin said in a statement, indirectly comparing Mr. Tancredo to Senator Joseph McCarthy and his anti-communist hearings in the 1950s.  COME ON – how is this comparing Tancredo to McCarthy?  The NY Times is just promoting this liberal trash like Senator Durbin.

Kick the illegals out – so that we give the opportunities to the people who actually waited to become citizens.  Immigration is a great component of America, but when it is abused, it will lead to our downfall!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

Illegal Immigrants Suing Danbury for Arresting Them

September 29, 2007

10 illegal immigrants (Juan Barrera, Jose Cabrera, Daniel Chavez, Jose Duma, Jose Llibisupa, Isaac Maldonado, Edgar Redrovan, Nicholas Segundo Sanchez, Juan Carlos Simbana, and Danilo Brito Vargas) were arrested in Danbury, Connecticut (9 in a sting operation, and 1 in an unrelated traffic stop).  They were shipped to detention centers around the U.S.  The 1 was deported, and the other 9’s cases are being processed.

The 10 are now suing the city of Danbury, being helped by Yale (and I saw this story on Fox’s Neil Cavuto’s Common Sense show last night) – and on the show – I saw what had to be the dumbest Yale student ever – she completely ignored the argument that a person here illegally shouldn’t be able to sue ANYBODY (I think she was kinda nervous, because she fumbled her hands and earpiece a lot – but still – how she got into Yale is beyond me).

I mean – COME ON!  If you’re here illegally, I don’t care what rights you have under the constitution – you have to leave.  It’s the federal government’s job to find out if the city of Danbury and it’s freedom fighter mayor Mark Boughton committed a crime.  The illegal immigrants should be deported immediately, and not be allowed to sue.

Think of it this way – if we allow for illegals to sue people/cities/whatever, and we say “we won’t prosecute you – we want justice to be served, and the criminals punished,” then you’re gonna have illegals lying about crimes so that they can stay here.  I hope the courts just throw this out and make Yale look like a bunch of morons.  Then ICE needs to deport these people.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

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