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Central Michigan University Dean Accused of Assaulting Student

October 17, 2007

Dennis Lennox, CMU Young Americans for Freedom President and the subject of some criticism in one of my previous posts (which I did later apologize for) has been in the news again.  Here’s a link to his blog, where he has links to a news report talking about a CMU Dean assaulting him as he tried to videotape the release of information through the Freedom of Information Act:

I am not going to discuss the background of the Peter’s Report, or Dennis’s actions, because I do not have enough background information at this point; however, it is CLEAR that he has been violated here.

  1. A public official simply cannot refuse a Freedom of Information Act request such as the one Dennis submitted.
  2. No matter WHAT (I don’t care if Dennis provoked her – which there is no proof of in any of the videos or news coverage), a public official has no right to swat at a student.  Those offices are public property, and thus are open to the public.

In a recent development, CMU has banned the filming of Professor Gary Peters, an action which I find controversial at best.  I know that cameramen and reporters can get annoying and intrusive (again, I am not saying that Dennis is guilty of either of these), but you cannot violate the freedom of press.

Although I don’t know enough about Dennis’s cause to chose a side, it is clear to me that his rights have been violated.

Done Ranting,

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