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Two Illegal Immigrants Arraigned on Murder Charges in Troy

March 15, 2008

Well, I had heard about these murders earlier this week – and now 2 suspects have been arrested and arraigned.  What makes this case worse is that the 2 murderers never should have been here in the first place – they were illegal immigrants.  Miguel Angel Servando and Nelson Oswaldo Mendoza (both from Texas) were charged with the first degree murders of Brij Mohan Chhabra and his wife Aasha Chhabra.  The couple was murdered in their home on Tuesday.

District Judge Michael A. Martone denied the two men for bond and entered non-guilty pleas for them, as they stood silent in the courtroom.  An interpreter translated the charges and proceedings for the men.

Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Ken Frazee said, “We are confident we have the right criminals.  We are going to leave the victims victims [sic] family out of this right now,” in response to question about the victims’ family’s safety and whether the murder was done for hire.  The rumors arose after it was discovered that the couple had sued someone in Texas over a money dispute (source:

The two illegal immigrants had been pulled over in Taylor (which is just 2 cities away from my hometown of Lincoln Park) for a “routine traffic check,” upon which the officers found a gun, blood, and the Troy couple’s address on some paperwork.  The officers then went and checked the house and found the couple to have been shot.

This all could’ve been avoided.  Either the illegals were driving without a license, or they had got a license illegally (because Texas does NOT give licenses to illegal immigrants).  We need to crack down on illegal immigrants, because once you’ve broken a law and make your entire life a habit of law breaking (once an illegal immigrant, always an illegal immigrant – you’re constantly breaking the law!), you’re more likely to break more laws.  Send ’em back, not to Iraq!

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