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15-Year-Old Beaten and Gang Raped for 2 Hours After Homecoming Dance

October 27, 2009

I just heard about a story out of Richmond, CA that really made my blood boil. On Saturday, a 15-year-old girl was beaten and gang raped for 2 hours after she left her school’s homecoming dance. After leaving the Richmond High School homecoming dance around 9:30 P.M. to get a ride home with her father, the girl ended up meeting up with some kids on the school campus who were drinking.

Richomnd Police Lieutenant Mark Gagan told reporters, “The series of events that occurred over the next two and a half hours got more severe and more vicious to where she was ultimately gang raped, beaten and her injuries were so severe that she had to be sent to the hospital in a helicopter.”  The victim is still in the hospital, currently in stable condition.

There’s been some controversy over whether or not the school is safe.  After being asked by reporters if he thought the school was safe, one male student said, “No it’s not. Not at night time.”  Charles Ramsey, a Richmond school board member disagreed, saying, “It is a safe school, 95 percent of the students here perform well, do what they’re expected to do, but do we have a part of the campus element here that is out of control?  Yes.  We do understand and are not putting our head in the sand around the fact that Richmond has a lot of issues and problems in terms of safety.”

The school district spokesman, Marin Trujillo said, “There’s just so much control that one can do after that, once they leave the sidewalk we can’t follow them home,” regarding the safety of the homecoming dance.

Since the attack, 2 arrests have been made: a 15-year-old student, as well as a 19-year-old former student, Manuel Ortega, who was caught as he tried to flee the scene of the crime.

Gagan said that police arrived as the 2+ hour-long rape was still taking place, and that “we’re looking at four to seven active participants of sexual assault and extremely violent felonies.  We’re also suspecting there were up to a dozen people who witnessed what had happened and their involvement is unknown.”

The 15-year-old male was arrested after being pulled from class for questioning.  Another student was pulled out of class for questioning, but was released.

What I’d like to know is how the heck could 12 people stand by and watch this happen?  What kind of sick twisted person wouldn’t call the police!  The people who joined in and raped and attacked this girl need to be arrested and locked up for the rest of their lives.  I would argue that they should probably be given the death penalty, considering how heinous of a crime this was, but the death penalty isn’t an option in rape cases any more.  But they should certainly be locked up for the rest of their lives.  A crime this heinous and disgusting deserves a harsh punishment.

And while those who watched may not be charged with any crime (depending on whether or not they cheered it on, they could possibly be charged as conspirators or accomplices in the crime), they need to take a look at themselves and ask, “What the heck is wrong with me?”  How could you sit by and let something like this happen to a 15-year-old girl!  What’s wrong with you!

It’s stories like these that make me begin to lose hope in humanity. When 4-7 people gang rape a girl, and 12 people sit around and watch, there’s something wrong with what’s going through our children’s heads.  I don’t know what, but something needs to be done.  Sitting by and watching something like this is unacceptable, and the people who watched this rape are should have to live with a whole lot of guilt for the rest of their lives.  I hope they realize how despicable it was for them to just sit by and watch.

And I hope the other attackers are caught and arrested.  My thoughts and prayers are with the victim of this attack – hopefully she recovers soon, but I have no doubt that she will be mentally scarred for years to come.

UPDATE: Somebody from Newsy, a video news website asked me to embed their story covering the gang rape:

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Fire Marshal Handcuffs Woman for Swearing

August 21, 2008

Alright, so I heard about this on the radio earlier this week, but I’ve been so busy getting ready for college and other stuff that I just haven’t had time to post this.

So, here’s what happened:

On August 4th, in La Marque, Texas, 28-year-old Kathryn “Kristi” Fridge went with her mother to the local Walmart (FM 1764 and Interstate 45) with her mother and 2-year-old daugter to get supplies in preparation for impending Tropical Storm Eduardo.

She went over to buy batteries, but there were none left.  Fridge told reporters, “I was like, ‘Dang.’  I looked at my mom and said, ‘They’re all f***ing gone.'”

Captain Alfred Decker, the La Marque assistant fire marshal (certified by the state of Texas as firefighter, peace officer, fire investigator and fire inspector) came up to her in uniform, and told her, “You need to watch your mouth” (quote from Fridge).

Fridge told reporters, “I was like, ‘Oh, OK.  Sorry?'”

Decker ordered Fridge to follow him to his car, because that was where his citation book was, but she protested.  She eventually listened, but as he led her to his car, she yelled to some on-lookers, “Can you believe this?  He’s f***ing arresting me for saying ‘f***’!”

She later told reporters, “When I got outside, I saw he was a fire marshal — I saw his car.  I said, ‘You’re not even a cop!’  He said,  ‘I can do this.'”

Decker then asked for her name, and she spelled it out both verbally and in sign language (according to her – Decker hasn’t commented because there’s a pending court case).  She said that this angered him and he handcuffed her.

But La Marque Fire Chief Todd Zacherl said that because Fridge made a scene, Decker was forced to act.  He told reporters, “She cussed him, she cussed everybody. By now, we have a huge group of people looking.”  Fridge denies this saying that she never cursed at Decker.  Her mother (Kathryn Rice, from Santa Fe) backed up her story, saying, “She never got nasty with him; she never cussed at him.”

Zacherl went on to say that Decker handcuffed her for his own safety, because Fridge was being belligerent and Decker had to turn his back to get his citation book and run her name to see if she had any warrants.

Fridge was then ticketed for disorderly conduct (a Class C misdemeanor) and then released.

On August 7th, Fridge went to the La Marque Fire Department to speak with Zacherl, and she took forms to file an official complaint, but as of last week had not filed the papers yet.

She told reporters, “I’m not out to sue or get money—I just want them to drop this ticket.  Yes, I probably shouldn’t have cussed in public, but he took it way too far.”

Zacherl disagreed, saying, “When you’re in uniform, you have to uphold the laws.  It’s like if he was on the way home and saw a drunk driver—he had to act.”

Personally, I think the fire marshal was perfectly in the right here.  He handcuffed her for his own safety.  He didn’t arrest her, he detained her.  This is a common practice that police officers use to ensure their safety.  It was HER who caused the scene, not him.  It was either handcuff her or call for back-up (which would mean calling the police department, since it’s not the fire marshal’s job to back somebody up like that).

As for the legality of the ticket, it’s perfectly within Texas law.  You can’t go around swearing.  The public as a whole has decided that they do not want profanity allowed in public (they did this by electing the officials who put that law into practice, and have not disagreed with that law by passing a citizen sponsored initiative to overturn it).

This was done in a public place where there are children who don’t need to be subjected to profanity.  I know little 3-year-olds who go around using the f-word because their parents just curse whenever they want to.

This isn’t a violation of free speech.  I can’t go up to a little 4-year-old and say, “Hey you little f****er!” so saying it within hearing distance of anybody else violates that principle of “breach[ing] the peace”.

On the radio show that I heard the story on, there was a caller who said she should file assault charges, since he touched her without her consent.  He is a certified officer, and has an obligation to uphold the law.  While upholding the law, he is exempt to some degree from assault charges.  He didn’t abuse her, he handcuffed her.  Criminals can’t sue cops for touching them as they are handcuffed, and this case is NO different.

The fact that there was an outcry because of this (although most reaction was in the fireman’s favor) shocks me.  Where is our sense of law and order?  There’s a difference between civil liberties and anarchy, but the two are beginning to become confused in the minds of many Americans.

Done Ranting,

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Don’t Put Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick In Jail for Violating His Bond …

August 10, 2008

… because it’s just too dang funny to watch him violate his bond over and over again.  But seriously, I would rather have him out of jail and committing more crimes, than kept in jail where he can’t commit any, and here’s why: I don’t trust Detroiters to remove him from office yet.  Normally I’d say throw him in jail, but I’ll make an exception for this case.  The more crimes he commits, the more likely it is that he gets the boot, and as long as he’s not harming anybody right now, I say let him continue to violate his bond.

I brought you the first story of his bond violation, but accusations have come out today that he talked to his sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick, and that violated his bond because he was banned from talking to any witnesses for his assault case (it was her house where he shoved the cop off the porch).

The more times he commits these bond violations, the more felonies he will get charged with, and that means he’ll (hopefully) be removed from office, whether that’s through the City Council, Governor Granholm, or the people of Detroit.

Keep him out to kick him out!

Done Ranting,

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Sharon McPhail, Aide to Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Gets into Verbal Scuffle as She Ardently (and Obnoxiously) Defends Mayor

August 8, 2008

You know, every blogger at on point or another sees a story unfolding before him/her and thinks, “This is gonna make an incredible blog post,” and the news interview I saw today was exactly that.  Watch the following interview between WDIV’s (NBC-4) Devin Scillian and former Councilwoman turned Mayoral candidate turned Mayoral aide:

I haven’t seen that much bull crap since – heck – I can’t figure out when I’ve seen that much bull crap.

That interview was so hilarious (yet sad) that I called my grandma (a hard-core liberal, but anti-Kwame advocate) halfway through the interview and said, “Grandma, turn on Channel 4.  Sharon McPhail’s making an idiot out of herself.”

Let’s look at some of what McPhail said:

  • Arguing that Windsor is “across the street” and should be treated as part of this country!  Come on – he broke the terms of his bond.  There’s no way that you can say he was justified in going to Windsor. (3:45)
  • Saying that a “bar member means nothing.”  Bull crap – he should’ve known better.  He DID know better.  If you can’t tell the legal difference between Windsor and Detroit, you shouldn’t have passed the bar.
  • On to my favorite part, the exchange about this being the media’s fault:
    Scillian: “Detroit is being splattered all over the headlines in very bad terms.  We’ve got a mayor whose spent the night in jail, the first time in 300 years that this city’s been in existence that that’s happened.”
    McPhail: “Here’s a thought: stop printing those headlines.”
    Scillian: “Ignore the truth?”
    McPhail: “No, I didn’t say ignore the truth, I said, “stop printing the headlines.’  I would really love it if people stopped ignoring the truth.”
    Scillian: “I’m confused.  Are you blaming the messenger?”
    McPhail: “You are, and that’s exactly the point. … you do not have to take the position that everybody else is wrong and you are right, because usually that’s not true.”
    Now, I’ve been one to criticize the media, and say they need to be put in their place every once in a while, but this was just crazy.
  • Arguing that the cops intentionally went to the mayor’s sister’s house to serve the subpoena on Ferguson.  They saw the vehicle, and hoped he was there.  Even IF they did it knowing whose house it was, that’s not illegal.
  • Scillian: “Sharon McPhail, it is always an experience talking to you.”

What a cocky, stubborn idiot.  I mean, the level of support for the mayor there is just incredibly sad.  Even after all he’s done, she supports him!  And her arguments are just incredibly stupid as well.  She really has come a long way from once running against the mayor.  The way she defends him, she’s acting like she’s sleeping with him too!

So, hopefully that provided you non-Detroiters some entertainment.  For you Detroiters, I’m sorry that you have to live with that.  I pray that this ends for you soon (hopefully our Governor will act on this – there’s a hearing coming up, I THINK next week).

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Shoves a Cop Off a Porch, Faces Assault Charges

July 29, 2008

Well, the Kwame Kilpatrick scandal continues.  Early last week, sheriff’s deputy Brian White was serving a subpoena to Bobby Ferguson, a friend of Kilpatrick’s.  Kilpatrick threw White into his partner, Joann Kinney, and made a comment shaming her (a black woman) for working with a white man.

Personally, I am appalled that he wasn’t arrested.  If he weren’t a corrupt mayor with a corrupt mother as a Congresswoman, he’d be in JAIL right now.  Although, Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Moran did not request that Kilpatrick be taken into custody for the assault.

Instead, 36th District Court Judge Ronald Giles changed Kilpatrick’s $75,000 bond from a personal bond in the perjury case (which he was not required to pay – I don’t know why) to requiring him to post $7,500 cash to stay out of jail.  He also revoked Kilpatrick’s privileges to travel without a court hearing, except for already-scheduled travels.  He also ordered periodic and random drug test on Kilpatrick.

Judge Giles said, it doesn’t “matter whether investigator White was pushed or thrown … the fact that defendant Kilpatrick decided to inject himself into this situation where the officers were attempting to lawfully serve a subpoena … defendant Kilpatrick had no right … to come into contact with investigator White or say anything to investigator White. … I  see the behavior as totally irrational.  I don’t know what was going on in defendant Kilpatrick’s life that he exploded, for want of a better term.  This is ridiculous. … I have locked up defendants for approaching or saying things to witnesses for a lot less, let alone touching them. I’m at a loss to defendant Kilpatrick’s behavior here. It’s irrational.”

He made a statement directly to Kilpatrick in the court, saying, “You’re a licensed attorney.  You’re a public official.  Everything you do, every step you take, every word you say is somewhere recorded for everyone to hear.  You need to keep that in mind.”

Robert Moran told reporters, “This underscores a problem that perhaps he’s not taking this as seriously as he should … you can’t bully police officers.”

Here’s what White testified to the court:

He was on his way to serve a subpoena to city employee Brenda Braceful when he saw a Ferguson Enterprises truck in the neighborhood and stopped because he had a subpoena for Ferguson.  He checked the address, and the house was Ayanna Kilpatrick’s, the mayor’s sister.

He approached the mayor’s bodyguard standing outside.  “I identified myself immediately as a police officer, I raised my ID and said I needed to speak to Bobby Ferguson.  He made a sweeping motion with his right arm to the house … he accompanied us to the front door.”

After meeting someone who called himself Derrick Ferguson, White heard shouting from inside.

“‘Don’t tell those f******* anything … Get the f*** out of here.’  At that point Kilpatrickcomes storming out through the door, grabbed me with both of my hands behind me and throws me into investigator Kinney.”

White testified that Kilpatrick then said: “Get the f*** out of here.  Leave my f****** family alone.  Get off my f****** porch.”

White testified Kilpatrick continued accusing him of harassing his family.

Kinney later testified: “It happened so fast … I was like, I couldn’t believe this was happening.”

Kinney said the Mayor told her: “You, a black woman being with a man with the last name White, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Why are you a part of this?”

Now, the issue is a State Police issue, since the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office handed it over to the state to investigate, so that there would be no appearance of a conflict of interest.  Attorney General Mike Cox was happy to take the case, and he has previously expressed his opinion that Kilpatrick should resign.

I trust that Cox will do a good job, and hopefully we can get Kilpatrick out of office and into a prison cell!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Toddler Killed by Mom’s Boyfriend with Video Game Controller

April 10, 2008

Last Sunday in York, Pennsylvania, 2-year-old Darisabel Baez was murdered by Harve L. Johnson, Darisabel’s mother’s boyfriend.  And how did he kill her?  He beat her with a video game controller.  Darisabel Baez’s mother, Neida E. Baez, said that she had overheard the beating but did not take any action until she realized that Darisabel was unconscious.  She called 911 on Sunday after Johnson brought Darisabel to her.  She said that she was not moving and was wet, because Johnson had tried to revive her in a bathtub.  Darisabel was pronounced dead on Monday night, after she was taken to the Hershey Medical Center.

Johnson has been charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, and homicide (I haven’t seen what degree, but unspecified homicide is automatically third degree, or manslaughter – I’d charge him with second degree, but again, I’m not sure what he’s been charged with).  This was not the first time he had beaten the little girl, according to Dauphin County coroner Graham Hetrick, who said that this was one of the worst child abuse cases that he has ever seen.  Police also said that Johnson did not reveal his motive for viciously beating the toddler.  He deserves the death penalty.  The mother was also charged with endangering the welfare of a child, because she did not try to stop the beating, Detective Dana Ward reported.

This is just awful – how could anybody beat this sweet little girl?

I mean – how heartless do you have to be?  I hope this guy gets the death penalty, and honestly, the mother deserves more than just a felony of the third degree.  Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes: Title 18 (Crimes and Offences): Part II: Chapter 43, Subchapter A:

§ 4304. Endangering welfare of children.

(a) Offense defined.–A parent, guardian, or other person supervising the welfare of a child under 18 years of age commits an offense if he knowingly endangers the welfare of the child by violating a duty of care, protection or support.

(b) Grading.–An offense under this section constitutes a misdemeanor of the first degree. However, where there is a course of conduct of endangering the welfare of a child, the offense constitutes a felony of the third degree.

If the coroner is right, and the daughter HAD in fact been abused before, then the mother did engage in a course of conduct of endangering the child.  In Pennsylvania, a felony of the third degree is punishable up to 7 years, but a misdemeanor of the first degree can only get her 5 years in prison.

I think she deserves more – her negligence cost her daughter’s life – I’d have charged her as an accessory to the crime.  She is a disgusting mother.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Fake Myspace of Mercades Nichols (the Girl Who Kidnapped and Beat Victoria Lindsay) Shows that People Have No Decency

April 9, 2008

So, I wrote a post earlier today about the beating of Lakeland, 16-year-old Florida cheerleader Victoria Lindsay.  One of the criminals was 17-year-old Mercades Nichols, from neighboring Mullberry.  Warning, the following contains very graphic language:

She is one of the 8 teenagers who committed the kidnapping as well, so she could face as much as life in prison plus 10 years.  A lot of people have linked to her fake Myspace page ( which has now been taken down.  While it was still up, it said: “F*CK YALL! ID DO IT AGAIN!!” or “TO ALL OF YOU HATIN B*TCH *SS N*GGAS SENDING ME BULLSH*T HATE MAIL…F***CK YOU. ILL BEAT YO *SS TO! BRING IT B*TCHES DONT BE JUST SAYIN IT! AND IF YOU GOT SH*T TO SAY TO MY MOTHER THEN F*CKIN SAY IT TO HER. SHELL KICK YOUR *SS TO! ->”

This is just awful.  Why is it that after a heinous crime is committed, some sicko goes out and creates a fake Myspace page saying that she’d do it again if she could.  I’d charge this person with libel – there’s no excuse for it.

I’ve saved a copy of her Myspace page as a pdf (warning, again there is VERY graphic language on the following page): Mercades Nichols’ Fake Myspace.

I’m just appalled at how somebody can act so inhumanely – I’m actually speechless.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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8 Teens Attack A Girl Just to Post the Video on the Internet

April 8, 2008

Well, talk about your dumb criminals – today, Florida police officials released a tape of 6 girls beating a 16-year-old cheerleader from Mulberry High School, Victoria Lindsay.  The attack was carried out so that the video could be put up on the internet.  On March 30th, the girl was lured into a house in Lakeland, where two of the girls began yelling at the victim, while a third girl began to assault her, bashing her head into the wall.  The girl then went unconscious.  When she woke back up, 3 other girls joined in the attack and began to videotape it, laughing and cheering each other on.  During the whole event, 2 teenage boys kept watch outside of the house (1 of the boys was an 18-year-old, and the only adult present).  The 3 people from the group then forced ther girl into a car and drove her to another location.

The girl had a concussion, injuries to her left eye left ear, and several bruises.

I was able to find information about the teenagers:

In order from top left (bold indicates the kidnappers):

April Cooper, 14, of Lakeland
Britney Mayes, 17, of Lakeland
Cara Murphy, 16, of Lakeland
Brittini Hardcastle, 17, of Lakeland
Kayla Hassell, 15, of Mulberry
Mercades Nichols, 16, of Lakeland
Zachary Ashley, 17, of Lakeland
Stephen Schumaker, 18, of Lakeland

Here’s a clip of the attack (warning, violent content):

And here’s a link to the full video of the attack:

Here’s a video of Victoria’s parents’ (Talisa and Patrick) response

So, police found the vido and have charged all 8 teenagers with felony battery, false imprisonment, and kidnapping.  Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that both the video and the attack were “shocking — I’ve never seen anything like it… this is outrageous behavior … It’s absolutely an animalistic attack.  They lured her into the home for express purpose of filming the attack and posting it on the internet.”  The fact that they did this just for the video means that I want more than ever for them to get the maximum punishment – they should be put away for life plus 10 years (life for the kidnapping, 5 for the false imprisonment, and 5 for the felony battery).  For those who didn’t participate in the kidnapping, I’d charge them with conspiracy to kidnap, a first degree misdemeanor which gives them up to 1 year in prison, so a total of 11 years.  There’s no reason that they shouldn’t go to jail for the rest of their lives – what they did was dispicable, and they need to pay.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Older Bullies Beat Up a 10-Year-Old Girl, Breaking Her Hip

April 6, 2008

Is it just me, or have there been a LOT of stories about child violence lately?  Maybe it’s just that the media is reporting more after the whole 3rd graders’ murder plot, but regardless… in Erie, Pennsylvania, a couple days ago, 10-year-old Rikki Triana with her younger sister Nikki at the the Pfeiffer Burleigh playground with 2 other friends when 4 12- and 13-year-old girls 2 10- and 11-year old girls (the police and lawyers issued statements today about the charges filed.  Originally, the media had reported 4 12- and 13-year-old girls) came.  Rikki told WICU-12 “I’d say they were mean to me and harsh.  These two other girls were nice to us, they left because they knew probably what was going to happen so they ran home.”

Rikki Triana

The bullies threw water on Rikki and Nikki.  Rikki recounts what happened next: They “pulled my feet off the monkey bars my leg went this way and I started crying.  They started stomping on me.”

The cowards (any bully is a coward) ran off when two adults came, but police have been able to question one of them.  They’re still looking for the others.

Rikki had a broken hip, and had to have surgery on Friday.  3 pins were placed in her hip, but doctors don’t know if she’ll need hip replacement surgery later down the road.  She now prepares for 6 weeks of physical therapy before doctors assess her situation.

Personally, these 4 brats need to be charged with aggravated assault (under Pennsylvania Consolidate Statutes, Title 18, Chapter 27, § 2702 (a)(1), a felony of the first degree (a lawyer should argue that they caused serioius bodily injury, since the disfiguration of her hip is permanent, since she has pins in it).  And if any of the parents know that their kids were the bullies and aren’t coming forward, not only are those parents terrible human beings, but they are aiding and abetting criminals – so I’d charge them too (only if they know that their kids were the bullies).

Still – where were the parents here?  Children today are just terrible.  I’m not a person for lawsuits, but the Trianas do need to sue the other families here to pay for the medical bills in my opinion.  Poor little Rikki could have life long effects from this beating and she deserves some money in my opinion.  And the bullies – they deserve a whole lot more than just the minimum of 5 years for first degree aggravated assault.  In my opinion, they deserve the maximum penalty (which from what I’ve been able to research is 20 years – Pennsylvania doesn’t have their code online on a government website, so I’ve had to go look through some appeals cases, and it appears that the max is 20 years).  That will teach kids from stomping on a little girl and breaking her hip – they wouldn’t get out until they’re 32 or 33 – and they would whole-heardtedly deserve it!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Murderous 3rd Graders, Bullies, and Punishing Minors

April 3, 2008

So, I’m writing this post as somewhat of a follow up to my post about the 9 3rd graders who plotted to injure/kill their teacher.  After I wrote the post, Observations by the Bay wrote a comment, where he asked how I felt about this story, where a kid was consistently bullied in middle and high school.  He said, “Should these boys assaulting Eric Wolfe be given the death penalty as well,” which leads me to believe that he thought that I thought that the 3rdgraders should be given the death penalty.  I wrote back informing him that this is completely not true.  In my original post, I asked, should a 12-year-old murderer not be charged with murder (showing the flaw in not charging kids under 13 with a crime), and I think the blogger thought I meant that the 3rdgraders should be given the death penalty.  So again, I absolutely do NOT think they deserve the death penalty because at most it could only be proved that they would assault the teacher.

Let me clarify what they should be charged with.  If I were the prosecutor, I’d probably start off with a charge of conspiracy to commit first degree murder [conspiracy murder charges are always charged in the first degree because if somebody conspires to murder, it is obvious that it was premeditated] and plea bargain it down to conspiracy to commit aggravated assault with a deadly weapon).

The blogger also said that “In short, while we agree that these thoughts are not normal for the kids, you seem to blame the kids. Personally, I put my money on the parents.”  And this was my error in not posting anything on the subject.  Do I blame the kids for their ACTIONS?  Yes.  Do I blame them for the MENTALITY behind their actions?  Absolutely not.  People who argue that these “kids just didn’t know better” flat out don’t know how to parent.  These kids did know better, but the parents of these kids need to emphasize that stuff like this is wrong.  It amazes me how much we just brush off bad behavior as “just being kids” or “he has ADD” or “she’s just really overactive,” when in reality, a good 90% of the time it’s a lack of DISCIPLINE.  I’ll admit that I was hard-headed as a kid, and do you know what got me to straighten out?  Spanking.  A good set of spankings, and I was obedient (for a week or two), but then I’d be back to being stubborn.  What happened when I disobeyed?  Another spanking.  After time, I LEARNED to behave.  Positive reinforcement is important in a kid’s life, but when a kid disobeys, they need to be punished!

Now, on to the caseof Billy Wolfe from Fayetteville, AR and the bullies.  Billy, now a sophomore at Woodland Junior High School, has been bullied since he was 12 when he attended McNair Middle School.  He has been punched so hard that he has lost consciousness, needed stitches on the inside of his cheek, and his braces have gotten stuck in his cheek on 1 occasion.  The incidents have been documented on bus videotapes as well as cell phones of the aggressors themselves.

But the bullying hasn’t been just physical: “In ninth grade, a couple of the same boys started a Facebook page called ‘Every One That Hates Billy Wolfe.’  It featured a photograph of Billy’s face superimposed over a likeness of Peter Pan, and provided this description of its purpose: ‘There is no reason anyone should like billy he’s a little b*tch.  And a homosexual that NO ONE LIKES.'” (censor is mine) (New York Times).  At this point, I should note that Billy is not a homosexual.

So, what should be done in cases like this?  The bullies should be suspended after the first incident, as well as charged with assault and battery.  After the third (possibly even the second) incident, the bullies should be expelled (as well as charged with assault and battery).  They should be charged with libel for the Facebook group, specifically writing that he is a homosexual.  I also support the Wolfes’ actions to sue the bullies.  They are considering suing the Fayetteville School District as well.  My opinion on that is that the district should only be sued if it’s clear that they are not taking proper action against the bullies.  If this is happening so frequently, I’d assume that their actions haven’t been sufficient, but not knowing the background, I can’t say that for sure.  The Wolfes’ lawyer, D. Westbrook Doss Jr., said that the point of this lawsuit is not to gain monetary reparations, but to make a point that bullying has to be stopped.

I write all of this to sum up my point on punishing minors.  As with all crimes, punishments should be looked at on a case-by-case basis, but there are some general guidelines that remain true most of the time.  Most kids over the age of 6 or 7 clearly know that murder is wrong.  If you kill somebody after that age, you need to be punished – I don’t care if you’re only 10 – you know that murder is wrong.  As well, bullies know that what they’re doing is wrong as well.  If it were up to me, probably 90% of the kids charged as minors would be charged and punished as adults.

This all being said, I go back to my point that discipline and values are up to the parents.  Parents need to teach their kids values and discipline them when they break the rules.  Instead of blaming medical disorders or genetics, a lot of the blame should be shifted to the parents.  This isn’t ALWAYS the case, but again, a lot of these cases where kids are diagnosed as being hyperactive or having ADD/ADHD are really just cases of poor parenting and a lack of discipline.  I’m grateful that I had parents who disciplined me, and I’m especially thankful for spanking – that’s really what kept me in line.  But parents have to be careful with spanking – don’t do it out of anger, do it out of love.  This means that 1) you need to set guidelines on how many spanks based on the action and make sure that your child knows the consequences of disobedience and 2) Don’t necessarily do it immediately after the child disobeys – make sure that you’re calm, otherwise you’re only making the situation worse.

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