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Associated Press Releases Comments from Undecided Superdelegates

April 20, 2008

Today, the Associated Press released comments from 10 Superdelegates who have said that they do not yet know who they’ll cast their vote for at the convention.  Here they are with my analysis of them, comment-by-comment.

“The pitches are surprisingly similar, although the Obama people tout their successes in terms of pledged delegates, states won and popular vote. The Clinton people tout her alleged electability.” — Keith Roark of Idaho [Roark is the Idaho Democratic Party Chairman].

I pretty much agree with this one.  Although, I don’t think that Clinton’s electability is better than Obama’s, and I find it funny that Roark adds the word “alleged” when describing her electability.

“Obama supporters want me to declare right now, Clinton supporters want me to wait. A month ago it was the opposite.” — Wayne Kinney of Oregon.

He’s got a point here.  As soon as Obama reaches the magical number, I think Dean will push for Clinton to drop out.  What Clinton would want to do at that point is try to convince some Obama delegates to vote for her at the convention.  His statement about “A month ago it was the opposite” reminds me a lot about what Governor Bill Richardson (D-NM-Obama) said when discussing his Obama endorsement.

“I just say firmly I am tired of being spun. My advice is go out and win delegates.” — Rep. Rick Larsen of Washington.

Again, this reminds me a lot of what Richardson said when discussing his endorsement.

“I’m going to look at the popular vote, the electoral vote and the number of states that each candidate has won. After that (intelligence), I’m going to look at what the climate is of the party.” — Inola Henry of California.

This one seems like there’s going to be a LOT of factors in making a decision.  It reminds me of a question that Wolf Blitzer asked Howard Dean in his recent interview.

“It’s very important, who has the most delegates. The superdelegates should not be the ones making the decision.” — Linda Chavez-Thompson of Texas [She is the Democratic National Committee Vice-Chair].

She’ll be for Obama then – because I DOUBT Clinton can take the lead without Superdelegate help.

“I’m in a Clinton state. Obama seems to be ahead. I’m not going to move to vote for anybody until Clinton has a chance to do everything that she can do.” — Don Bivens of Arizona [He is the Arizona Democratic Party Chairman].

It sounds like he’s a Clinton supporter, but he doesn’t want to vote for Clinton if it would hurt the party too much.  I think he’ll go for Clinton.

“I think it’s critical that we not be perceived as a group of party elites coming in at the end of the process overturning the will of the people.” — Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania.

Obama vote.

“The single most important criterion is backing the candidate who represents the will of the people, but we won’t know who that is until the nominating cycle has concluded.” — Ed Espinoza of California.

You’d better vote for Obama then, because if he loses, you’ll lose more voters come November than you will if Clinton loses.

“The party created superdelegates to keep the process on track, moving toward the selection of a nominee who will be a good candidate and a good president. I have a job when the process starts to get off track, and so far it hasn’t.” — Rep. Rush Holt of New Jersey.

Sounds like an Obama vote to me.

“I hope we don’t get to a point where the superdelegates are deciding the election.” _ Rep. Harry Mitchell of Arizona.

I’m not sure if this was included as one of the undecided quotes or not, since it was in italics.  But, according to the Wikipedia list, he’s undecided.  This sounds like another Obama vote to me.

So, there you have it.  A look into the mind of undecided Superdelegates of the Democratic Party (scary, I know).

I still think it’ll be Obama as the nominee, but I’ll keep hoping it’s Clinton.  Keep up the infighting you 2!

Done Quoting,

Ranting Republican
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