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San Francisco Movement to Dedicate the George W. Bush Sewage Plant Chooses the Motto, “Out of Many Anus”

April 4, 2008

A movement calling itself the Presidential Memorial Commisison of San Francisco is pushing to rename the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility, the George W. Bush Sewage Plant.

Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco

Here’s an exceprt from the website (


An Enduring Legacy

As we near the end of George W Bush’s presidency, we think it is important to select a fitting monument to this president’s work. On matters ranging from foreign relations to fiscal and environmental stewardship, no other president in American history has accomplished so much in such a short time. To honor George W Bush for his eight years of honorable public service, the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is sponsoring a ballot initiative this November in San Francisco. It reads…

“Should the City and County of San Francisco rename the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Facility the George W. Bush Sewage Plant?”

We believe this is an appropriate honor for a truly unique president. If you think so too, join this grassroots movement to rename this important and iconic landmark in his honor.


So, this is interesting, and in my opinion, very unpatriotic.  I don’t care if you want to criticize the President.  I don’t care if you want to name a sewage treatment plant after him, but at the point that you change the MOTTO OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to “E PLURIBUS ANUS,” “OUT OF MANY ANUS,” I have a problem with that.  And why is there no outrage over this?  If I put up a picture of 2 gay guys smiling together with the phrase “out of many anus” I’m sure that I would have people screaming and hollering at me, and I’m only pointing out the simple fact that homosexuals can’t engage in proper sexual intercourse.  Here, you have a bunch of liberals changing the national motto like nothing else.

And look at their “Bord of Directors”:

Board of Directors
T. Wayne Pickering

Peaches Christ
Entertainer, Gender Illusionist

Chicken John
Showman, Mayoral Candidate

Tangie Rumors
Retired Sex Worker

Sister Porn Again

Sister Selma Soul
Community Organizer


I hope that this ballot initiative fails. I wouldn’t have as much of a problem with it if they weren’t dishonoring the whole nation (I’d still think it’s ridiculous, but it is free speech), but the fact that they are using the nation’s motto and changing it to a mockery is ridiculous and un-American.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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