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Bill Clinton Accuses Obama of Playing Race Card; Swears on Live Radio

April 22, 2008

So, apparently President Clinton made a comment relating Jesse Jackson to Senator Obama, and Senator Obama turned around and said that that was meant as a racist comment.  I didn’t hear much about that until I heard the following radio show who had President Clinton on the air to explain his comments.  He said that he meant it as a complement toward Obama because he greatly respects Jesse Jackson, and went on to explain to America how he’s everything but racist.  Then at the end of the radio show, when he thought the microphone was off, he said, “I don’t think I should take any sh*t from anybody about that, do you?”

Here’s the audio from the WHYY interview by Susan Phillips:

Now, will this hurt the Clinton campaign a lot?  Probably not.  I think the Jesse Jackson comment would hurt more than this.  I actually think that this may backfire against Obama.  Obama NEVER should’ve played the race card here.

In any case, Clinton did swear on live radio, which must’ve been pretty funny to everybody listening.

Done Laughing,

Ranting Republican
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