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Hillary Clinton: “I will be making no decisions tonight” on Quitting the Race

June 4, 2008

So, I’ve already analyzed Obama’s speech which was given shortly after Clinton’s following speech.  She had been expected to suspend her campaign and acknowledge that Obama had reached the “magic number,” but not actually concede, but she didn’t even do that.  She just said, “I’ll talk it over and decide later” essentially.  Here’s the speech:

Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you all so much. Thank you, and thanks so much to South Dakota. You had the last word in this primary season, and it was worth the wait.

Actually, Montana did because they voted later, but I won’t nit pick.

I want to start tonight by congratulating Senator Obama and his supporters on the extraordinary race that they have run.

Senator Obama has inspired so many Americans to care about politics and empowered so many more to get involved. And our party and our democracy is stronger and more vibrant as a result. So we are grateful.

Your party may be stronger because of him, but it’s a whole lot weaker because of you.

And it has been an honor to contest these primaries with him, just as it is an honor to call him my friend. And, tonight, I would like all of us to take a moment to recognize him and his supporters for all they have accomplished.

You mean winning the primary series?

Now, 16 months ago, you and I began a journey to make history and to remake America. And from the hills of New Hampshire to the hollows of West Virginia and Kentucky, from the fields of California to the factories of Ohio, from the Alleghenies to the Ozarks to the Everglades, to right here in the great state of New York, we…

We saw millions of Americans registering to vote for the first time, raising money for the first time, knocking on doors, making calls, talking to their friends and neighbors, mothers and fathers lifting their little girls and their little boys onto their shoulders and whispering, “See, you can be anything you want to be.”

OK, I have to point out – most of those newly registered voters were because of Obama.

And I think, too, of all those…

all those wonderful women in their 90s who came out to see me, because they were born before women could vote, and they wanted to be part of making history, and the people who drove for miles, who waved their handmade signs, who went to all the events that we held, who came to and showed the tangible support that they felt in their hearts.

And I am just enormously grateful, because, in the millions of question: Who will be the strongest candidate and the strongest…

Who will be ready to take back the White House and take charge as commander-in-chief and lead our country to better tomorrows?

BILLARY WILL!  Oh, what’s that?  You’re NOT going to let Bill sleep in the White House?  Just Hillary?  Not Billary!

People in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the territories, all had a chance to make your voices heard. And on election day after election day, you came out in record numbers to cast your ballots. Nearly 18 million of you cast your votes…

… for our campaign, carrying the popular vote with more votes than any primary candidate in history.

OK, well when’s the last time that a campaign season lasted this long?

Even when the pundits and the naysayers proclaimed week after week that this race was over, you kept on voting. You’re the nurse on the second shift, the worker on the line, the waitress on her feet, the small business owner, the farmer, the teacher, the miner, the trucker, the soldier, the veteran, the student, the hard-working men and women who don’t always make the headlines, but have always written America’s story.

Well, those naysayers and pundits were… RIGHT.

You have voted because you wanted to take back the White House. And because of you…

… we won, together, the swing states necessary to get to 270 electoral votes.

OK, you’re not the nominee.  You know this right?  Could somebody tell the lady in the pants suit that she LOST!?

And you know…

Yes, she will! Yes, she will! Yes, she will! Yes, she will! Yes, she will! Yes, she will!

In all of the states, you voted because you wanted a leader who will stand up for the deepest values of our party, a party that believes everyone should have a fair shot at the American dream, a party that cherishes every child, values every family, and counts every single vote.

And what, the Republicans don’t count every single vote?

I often felt that each of your votes was a prayer for our nation, a declaration of your dreams for your children, a reflection of your desire to chart a new course in this new century. And, in the end, while this primary was long, I am so proud we stayed the course together.

That would be one sacrilegious prayer.

Because we stood our ground, it meant that every single United States citizen had a chance to make his or her voice heard. A record 35 million people voted in this primary…

And that’s good – I AM happy that we had such great voter turnout.

… from every state, red, blue, purple, people of every age, faith, color, and walk of life. And we have brought so many people into the Democratic Party and created enthusiasm among those we seek to serve.

But we’ll see how many actually stay.

And I am committed to uniting our party so we move forward stronger and more ready than ever to take back the White House this November.

You know, for the past seven years, so many people in this country have felt invisible, like your president didn’t even really see you. I have seen the shuttered factories, the jobs shipped overseas, the families struggling to afford gas and groceries.

But I’ve also seen unions re-training workers to build energy- efficient buildings, innovators designing cars that run on fuel cells and biofuels and electricity, cars that get more miles per gallon than ever before, cars that will cut the cost of driving, reduce our reliance on foreign oil, and fight global warming.

And McCain advocates for the same things, just not with the greedy unions going on strike whenever they want a new candy bar machine in the lounge.

I have met too many people without health care, just a diagnosis away from financial ruin. But I’ve also seen the scientists and researchers solving the medical mysteries and finding the treatments and cures that are transforming lives.

Again – McCain has a GREAT health care plan that would allow people to cross state lines to get insurance.

I’ve seen the struggling schools with the crumbling classrooms and the unfair burdens imposed by No Child Left Behind. But I have also met dedicated and caring teachers who use their own savings to buy supplies and students passionately engaged in the issues of our time, from ending the genocide in Darfur to once again making the environment a central issue of our day.

Nobody likes No Child Left Behind – it was a great idea with TERRIBLE implimentation.

None of you, none of you is invisible to me. You never have been.

I see you, and I know how hard-working you are. I’ve been fighting for you my whole adult life, and I will keep standing for you and working for you every single day.

Because in your courage and character, your energy and ingenuity, your compassion and faith, I see the promise of America every day. The challenges we face are great, but our determination is greater.

You know, I understand that that a lot of people are asking, “What does Hillary want? What does she want?”

Well, I want what I have always fought for in this whole campaign. I want to end the war in Iraq.

We ALL want to end it!  It’s not like McCain or Bush enjoy our troops being over there.

I want to turn this economy around. I want health care for every American. I want every child to live up to his or her God-given potential. And I want the nearly 18 million Americans who voted for me to be respected, to be heard, and no longer to be invisible.

Well, going on campaigning and splitting the party certainly isn’t going to help make them be heard.

You see, I have an old-fashioned notion, one that’s been the basis of my candidacy and my life’s work, that public service is about helping people solve their problems and live their own dreams. This nation has given me every opportunity, and that’s what I want for every single American.

That’s why I want universal health care. It is wrong…

… that Americans pay 50 percent more for health care than the people of any other wealthy nation, with costs doubling this decade, and nearly 50 million people without any health insurance at all.

So use McCain’s plan, which encourages competition.  And when companies compete, the consumer wins!

It is wrong for parents to have to choose between care for themselves or their children, to be stuck in dead-end jobs just to keep their insurance, or to give up working altogether so their kids will qualify for Medicaid.

I’ve been working on this issue not just for the past 16 months, but for 16 years. And it is a fight…

It is a fight I will continue until every single American has health insurance, no exceptions and no excuses.

I want an economy that works for all families. That’s why I’ve been fighting to create millions of new jobs in clean energy and rebuilding our infrastructure, jobs to come to all of our states, and urban and rural areas, and suburban communities and small towns.

And McCain is an advocate for clean energy and clean energy jobs too.

And that’s why I sounded the alarm on the home mortgage crisis well over a year ago…

And the way you solve it is by an economic stimulus plan that rewards people for making stupid financial decisions!?

… because these are the issues that will determine whether we will once again grow together as a nation or continue to grow apart.

And I want to restore America’s leadership in the world. I want us to be led once again by the power of our values, to have a foreign policy that is both strong and smart, to join with our allies and confront our shared challenges, from poverty and genocide to global terrorism and global warming.

These are the issues that brought me into this race. They are the lifeblood of my campaign. And they have been and will continue to be the causes of my life. And your spirit…

… your spirit has inspired me every day in this race. While I traveled our country, talking about how I wanted to help you, time and again you reached out to help me, to grab my hand or grip my arm, to look into my eyes and tell me, “Don’t quit. Keep fighting. Stay in this race.”

Now, there were days…

… when I had the strength — there were the days when I had the strength enough to fight for all of us. And on the days that I didn’t, I leaned on you, the soldier on his third tour of duty in Iraq who told his wife, an Iraqi veteran herself, to take his spending money and donate it to our campaign instead…

Well, that was some wasted money.

… the 11-year-old boy in Kentucky, who sold his bike and video games to raise money for our campaign, the woman who came to a rally hours early, waited and waited to give me a rosary, and all those who whispered to me, simply to say, “I am praying for you.”

So many people said this race was over five months ago in Iowa, but we had faith in each other. And you brought me back in New Hampshire, and on Super Tuesday, and in Ohio, and in Pennsylvania, and Texas, and Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, and South Dakota.

I will carry your stories and your dreams with me every day for the rest of my life.

Now, the question is: Where do we go from here? And given how far we’ve come and where we need to go as a party, it’s a question I don’t take lightly. This has been a long campaign, and I will be making no decisions tonight.

But this has always been your campaign. So, to the 18 million people who voted for me, and to our many other supporters out there of all ages, I want to hear from you. I hope you’ll go to my Web site at and share your thoughts with me and help in any way that you can.

And in the coming days, I’ll be consulting with supporters and party leaders to determine how to move forward with the best interests of our party and our country guiding my way.

This means she’s taking it to the convention floor.

And I want…

I want to conclude tonight by saying, “Thank you.” Thank you to the people across America for welcoming me and my family into your homes and your hearts.

Thanks to all of you in every corner of this country who cast your votes for our campaign. I am honored and humbled by your support and your trust.

Thanks to my staff and volunteers for all those long hours and late nights.

And I thank your families and your loved ones, as well, because your sacrifice was theirs.

And I especially want to thank all of the leadership of my campaign, our chairman, Terry McAuliffe, and everyone who worked so hard.

And, of course, my family, for their incredible love, support, and work, Bill and Chelsea…

… Hugh and Maria, Tony and Megan, Zach and Fiona, and my mother, who turns 89 tomorrow.

And, finally, I want to thank all of the people who had the courage to share your stories with me out on the campaign trail.

Tonight, I am thinking of a woman I met just yesterday in Rapid City, South Dakota. We were outside Tally’s Restaurant. There was a crowd there as I was walking into the restaurant, and she was standing right up against the barrier.

She grabbed my hand, and she said, “What are you going to do to make sure I have health care?” And as she was talking, she began to cry. She told me she works three jobs; she has suffered from seizures since childhood; she hasn’t been able to afford insurance ever since she left her parents’ home.

It is shameful that anyone in this country could tell that story to me.

And whatever path I travel next, I promise I will keep faith with her and with everyone I met across this great and good country.

You know, tonight, we stand just a few miles from the Statue of Liberty and from the site where the Twin Towers fell and where America rose again.

Lady Liberty’s presence and the towers’ absence are a constant reminder that here in America we are resilient, we are courageous, we embrace all of our people, and that, when we face our challenges together, there is no barrier we can’t overcome, no dream we can’t realize, nothing we can’t do if we just start acting like Americans again.

Thank you all very much. God bless you, and God bless America.

So, there you have it – she’s still in it.  And I think she’ll take it to the convention.  I’ve said that she will, and I think this speech confirms it.  Come on Hillary, give McCain the win – I’m to busy to campaign for him, so do it for me!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Prediction for the Puerto Rico Democratic Primary: Clinton to Win

June 1, 2008

I guess I didn’t realize that the date for the primary (formerly a caucus) had been moved up, so I didn’t post this last night, and just realized my mistake.

Here’s my prediction:

  1. Clinton 64% 37 delegates
  2. Obama 33% 18 delegates
  3. Uncommitted 3%

I’ll post the results when they come out.

Done Predicting,

Ranting Republican
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DNC Agrees to Seat All of Michigan’s and Florida’s Delegates with Half Votes

June 1, 2008

Today, the Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) voted to seat all of Michigan’s and Florida’s delegates, allowing each to get a half vote (unlike the Republican way where they combined 2 votes into one, making the other an alternate) – similar to Guam, Puerto Rico, etc…

This will up the magic number from 2,025 to 2,118, and here’s what that will do in…


  1. Clinton 52.5 delegates
  2. Obama 33.5 delegates
  3. Edwards 6.5 delegages


  1. Clinton 34.5 delegates
  2. Obama 29.5 delegates

Here are some quotes from the meeting:

“I am stumped that we have the gall and chutzpah to substitute our judgment for 600,000 voters. Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the Credentials Committee (they will meet in July to send a final report on delegations for a vote on the convention floor),” Harold Ickes (Clinton), RBC member.  The crowd responded with, “Denver! Denver! Denver!” … Ickes: ” [the deal] is not a good way to start down the path of party unity.”

Ickes and Tina Flournoy, another Clinton supporter in the RCB issued a statement saying, “We reserve the right to challenge this decision before the Credentials Committee and appeal for a fair allocation of Michigan’s delegates that actually reflect the votes as they were cast.”

“[Clinton] reserved the right [to do that, but she “will want to confer with her supporters in Michigan and others across the country” before making a final decision,” Howard Wolfson, Clinton’s Communications Director.

Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe said, “We’re extremely gratified that the commission agreed on a fair solution that will allow Michigan and Florida to participate in the convention.  We appreciate their efforts, and those of the party leadership of both states, to bring this resolution about.”

DNC Chairman Howard Dean (D-VT) said that the decision “was not made easily or lightly. … But after listening to oral arguments made by the complainants, state parties and both presidential campaigns, we believe this to be the most fair and equitable solution allowed within the rules.  The committee arrived at its decision with three basic principles in mind.  One, that we must be fair to the voters in both states.  Two, that we must be fair to both campaigns who abided [sic] by the rules in good faith and three, that we must be fair to the 48 states that followed the rules.”

Obama, while campaigning in South Dakota, told reporters, “Our main goal is to get this resolved so we can immediately turn the focus of the entire party on winning Florida and Michigan.  I recognize that there were compromises on all sides in resolving this issue.”

Former Michigan Governor and Clinton supporter, James Blanchard told reporters, “If you turn your back on the voters of Michigan or Florida, you are flirting with a McCain victory.”  That I ABSOLUTELY agree with.  Although, I think this deal is WAY too little WAY too late, plus, the fact that Clinton supporters are already talking about possible appeals shows that this is only a deal to make voters happy, but if Clinton can squeeze out an (illegal) win, she’ll go for it.

Meanwhile, Florida Senator Bill Nelson told reporters, “These voters violated no rule, they committed no crime, they did not move the primary forward. The Republican legislature did.”  Well, that may be true in Florida, but it was the Democrat’s fault up here in Michigan.  Ironically, it was mainly the fault of Michigan Democratic Party Chairman Mark Brewer, a John Edwards backer, in hopes of helping his candidate.  And where is Edwards now?  Out of the picture.  Looks like Brewer’s plan backfired and has torn Michigan’s Democrats apart.  (YAY!!!!)

So, I’ll keep you updated if anything else happens with this.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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Results from the Republican Caucus in Puerto Rico: McCain Won

February 24, 2008

Here are some unofficial results from the Puerto Rican Republican caucus.  I’m still looking for some official results:

  1. John McCain 188 90.83% 20 delegates
  2. Mike Huckabee 10 4.80%
  3. Ron Paul 9 4.33%

Again, I’ll try to find some official results.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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Prediction for the Republican Caucus in Puerto Rico

February 24, 2008

OK, the territorial caucus for Puerto Rico is today, and since McCain will most likely receive 2/3 of the votes, he’ll receive all 20 delegates (they have 3 more RNC delegates); however, if he doesn’t reach the  2/3 mark:

  • If 3 candidates reach the 15% mark, delegates will be awarded 10,6, and 4 respectively.
  • If 2 candidates reach the 15% mark, delegates will be awarded 13 and 7 respectively.

So, here’s my prediction:

  1. McCain 72%
  2. Romney 13%
  3. Huckabee 12%
  4. Paul 3%

At this point, we just need to all back John McCain – he’s our nominee, but I think that some of Romney’s support (since he did raise a decent amount of money there) will stick with him a little, and Huckabee will get some help for being the last legit candidate.  Ron Paul barely raised any money there though, so I don’t think he’ll do well at all.

I’ll try to have some updates with results later today.

Done Predicting,

Ranting Republican
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