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O.J. Simpson’s Gonna Have a Heck of a Time Getting Out of This One

September 18, 2007

Well, I’m watching Fox News right now – the tape of O.J. in the hotel room has just been released.  The police are arguing that he’s the ring leader because he repeatedly told the rest of the group not to let anybody out of the room – but a lot of other orders are given by some of the other robbers – so it appears that he’s the ring leader, but that’s gonna be a lot of speculation if they’re gonna try to get him charged as the ring leadre of this.  I’m assuming that they’re gonna go after armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.  Possibly assault???  I don’t know how banged up the victims were.

The fact that they took phones that were NOT his, kinda disproves the “I was getting my stuff back” excuse – so they’ve at least got him there.

Second – you CANNOT take the law into your own hands – it’s not the right (or smart) thing to do.

O.J. just needs to plead guilty to this one.

Also – I don’t think he should be up for bond – he IS a flight risk – anybody who has let police on a chase in the past should automatically be disqualified from being able to get out on bond.

There is a problem in the case though – how on earth are they going to get an unbiased jury?  He has to be one of the most infamous murderers who got away with murder – so getting a jury who won’t pre-judge him is going to be hard (and this is unfortunate – but true).

All of this combined, O.J. isn’t getting out of this one.  Johnny Cochrane couldn’t save him now – and I’d have to say he was one of the best, if not the best defense lawyer of modern times.

O.J. Simpson: Cockiest Murderer on Earth

September 16, 2007

OK, so we all by now have heard that O.J. Simpson was accused of storming a hotel room in Las Vegas at gunpoint – in order to rob it/reclaim his property.

He disputes the claim that guns were involved, and the victim wants the charges dropped.  None of that really matters for my point.

Here’s what shocked me and just really ticked me off:

“I’m O.J. Simpson. How am I going to think that I’m going to rob somebody and get away with it?”

Do you sense the jab at justice there?  He’s practically bragging about getting away with murder with this cocky somewhat sarcastic/ironic comment.

Even if the victim wants the charges dropped, the police say there were other victims – so they’d better prosecute – even if he gets any punishment, at least he was punished some for the wrong things he’s done in his life.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

O.J. Simpson: If the Glove Fits

August 29, 2007

So, today there was some public outcry from Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, about O.J. Simpson’s book If the Glove Fits If I Did It.

I think that it is terrible that somebody who was found responsible for such a heinous crime should never be allowed to gain any fame from a crime (all the money would go to the Goldman family), even if they were only found responsible civilly, not criminally.

Now, Fox News hit it straight on – it was mainly the prosecuters’ fault – you NEVER ask a question that you don’t know the answer to, but regardless to why he was found in-justly not guilty, I believe that this scum should NEVER appear in the public eye again.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

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