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Lawyer Geoffrey Fieger Said that Jurors Don’t Like Him; He Finally Said Something True

April 10, 2008

So, Southfield attorney Geoffrey Fieger and his law partner Vernon “Ven” Johnson, have been charged with giving $127,000 in illegal contributions to John Edwards’ 2004 presidential campaign.  But Fieger isn’t happy with the looks of his jury selection, which will start on Monday.

Fieger’s lawyer, Gerry Spence, wrote in to U.S. District Judge Paul Borman, in a request that the location of the trial be moved, that “Scores of jurors expressed extreme dislike, animus and bias toward Mr. Fieger, his political activities, and his past representation of Dr. Kevorkian.”  He said that on pre-selection questionnaires potential jurors indicated that Fieger irritates them, can’t be trusted to be truthful all of the time (he’s a defense attorney – no wonder!), and that he is most likely guilty (those are some smart jurors).  He quoted one of the jurors as saying, “It’s difficult to listen to him — arrogant, very abrasive, a pit bull probably guilty.”  Spence later went on to write, “Given the wealth of prejudicial comments, bias, and feelings toward Mr. Fieger among the jurors actually summoned, Fieger requests that the court transfer the proeceedings [sic] to another distirct [sic] … to guarantee Mr. Fieger his constitutional right to due process and a fair trial.” (Free Press)

Judge Borman responded in a court hearing yesterday by saying that the request was “premature.”  He also said that Fieger can’t tell jurors that he was a victim of a Republican witch hunt carried out by the current administration’s prosecutors.  Fieger is a known Democrat, and even ran as a Democrat for Governor in 1998.  Honestly, even if he was the victim of Republicans going after Democrats, he still did something wrong.

So, Mr. Fieger, it looks like the court room may not be the best place for you after all.

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