Rest in Peace, Senator Kennedy

Ted_Kennedy,_official_photo_portrait_cropI just wanted to quickly take reflect on the passing of Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) late last night.  While I disagreed with him in almost every way politically, I still recognize that he was a great American and a great politician, somebody who I truly believe had the best interests for America at heart.

Over the past year and a half, he battled a brain tumor, living longer than his doctors thought he would – and that was was Senator Kennedy was all about – continuing the fight and never giving up.

He was somebody who never backed down from what he believed in.  He did a lot of good for America, and while I may not miss most of his political positions, I will surely miss him.

Senator Kennedy, you were a great American.

My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Senator Kennedy.

Done Reflecting,

Ranting Republican


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One Response to “Rest in Peace, Senator Kennedy”

  1. Rosalie Says:

    He was one of the good ones and will surely be missed. We need more of his type of leadership in our senate.
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    One reader wrote: All Americans should read this book it tells a lot and makes more sense than Dick Morris’s “Catastrophe” or Glen Beck’s non-sense “Common Sense” the book focuses on the system of government that have developed over time in this country and its attitude toward different classes of Americans. It clearly shows the skewed conditions that exist in government with the favoring of big business. The author offers many challenges to the Congress to help future generations of Americans. The book is recommended for all to read and is a timely relevant product. All facts and have many teaching points. It also received many stars.
    You’ll find it all over the internet: Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s and others.

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