CNN and MSNBC’s Coverage of the Tea Party Protests Was Immature and Unprofessional

Alright, I kinda wanted to do a follow-up post on the tea parties that took place all over America yesterday.

I was watching the news yesterday (flipping through the stations at times, but staying on FOX for a large portion of it), and the stuff I heard on CNN and MSNBC appalled me:

This first clip is a CNN reporter talking to some of the protesters.  In it, she cuts off one of the protesters and when he argues back with her, she says, “I think you get the tenor of this.  It’s anti-government, anti-CNN, since this is highly promoted by the right-wing, conservative network FOX, and since I can’t really hear much more, and I think–uh–this is not really family viewing, I’ll toss it back to you Kiera.”

I will say that the first guy she interviews bothered me – he has no clue what “fascism” means, and misuse of the word “fascism” has always bothered me.

But the main point I want to make with that video is the unprofessionalism of that reporter.  Even if you disagree with the protest, you don’t go around saying it’s anti-CNN and it’s promoted by FOX.  Even if that’s true (which I wouldn’t agree with – I don’t think the protests are anti-CNN), that just sounded unprofessional to say.

But at least CNN stands for “family viewing,” right?  Well, maybe not – take a look at this clip of Anderson Cooper:

“It’s hard to talk while you’re teabagging.”  I don’t care how much you disagree with these tea party protests – for a news anchor on a network concerned with “family viewing,” that was way out of line.  There’s just no reason that a credible news anchor should be going around making jokes like that.

But that’s nothing compared to MSNBC.  Here’s the video of Countdown with Keith Olbermann from yesterday (just a note – the host isn’t Keith Olbmermann, and I’m not exactly sure who it is) (video courtesy of MSNBC):

And this is supposed to be a news show?  I’m sorry, but that’s just immature and inappropriate.

Now, I will say that any protesters who used phrases such as “Teabag Congress” were out of line too; however, the majority of the people weren’t doing that.  I didn’t find phrasing like that anywhere on the Tax Day Tea Party website.

And those few people who did use that wording doesn’t excuse the CNN and MSNBC’s actions.  They’re supposed to be a credible source for news, and making jokes like that was uncalled for.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


6 Responses to “CNN and MSNBC’s Coverage of the Tea Party Protests Was Immature and Unprofessional”

  1. Brian Says:

    This is rediculous, talking about republicans and George W. Bushes Taxes. The issue here is the deficit, the promise of future taxes thanks to a gigantic unbalanced budget. I am no republican, and I agree that GW Bush increased deficit, which is not a good thing. But the news obviously aims the story in the entirely wrong direction, simply reinforcing the idea that you can’t ever trust the things you see in the media.

  2. RightWingReform Says:

    Ridiculous. I saw this story on Fox News earlier.

  3. Foxwood Says:

    Maybe so, but Andersen said a mouthful…

  4. Political Blog Weekly: 17 April 2009 | U.S. Common Sense Says:

    […] "CNN and MSNBC’s Coverage of the Tea Party Protests Was Immature and Unprofessional" Originally published:  16 April 2009 Submitted by:  U.S. Common Sense Summary:  Reviewing how the major news networks filled the coverage of the "tea party" protests with childish remarks and inappropriate jokes instead of covering the event from an objective point of view. […]

  5. tracy Says:

    CNN in the most part is great.Fox is republican’ts on the most part.have a great day!

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    Hier konnen sie finden info ueber Stiftungen aus Deutschland….

    CNN and MSNBC’s Coverage of the Tea Party Protests Was Immature and Unprofessional « Republican Ranting…

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