David Buckner Passes Out Live on FOX News’s Glenn Beck

This just happened about 30 minutes ago – David Buckner was a guest on FOX New’s Glenn Beck show.  He was talking about the treasury when he began feeling ill.  He tried to whisper to Beck that he was going to pass out, but Beck didn’t understand him.  He told him again, and Beck asked if he wanted to sit down, but Buckner told him, “Go on.”  Beck was about to continue, but offered his hand to Buckner for support.  Buckner grabbed it and started to collapse.  Beck stopped and tried to help him as he collapsed.

According to Beck, “Everyone thought it was part of the show.”  Beck then told the managers to go to a commercial break.  Buckner was taken away on a stretcher, but was reportedly talking.  Beck later said on his show that he had been feeling ill earlier today.  So far, initial reports indicate that Buckner is fine.

Here’s a preliminary video clip of what happened:

This actually reminds me of the time that I almost passed out.  I was at an evening youth group service up here at Central Michigan, and I had given blood about an hour before.  I had class all day, so I wasn’t able to get food at all and by the time I got to the blood drive, I was one of the last people, so they were out of pizza.  So I made sure that I had about a dozen cookies and a bunch of fruit and a bunch of juice.  I walked back to my dorm and drank half of a big bottle of Gatorade, hoping that’d be enough.  I felt fine, so I headed to youth group.  About halfway through the singing portion, I began to feel tired, and my vision began to get all fuzzy, and I began losing pereferal vision.  I then got so tired I couldn’t stand, so I decided to just lean over the chair in front of me and rest (it seemed logical at the time).  My roommate next to me asked if I was ok, and we managed to walk out to the lobby where I laid down.  After that we walked back to the room, stopping to pick up some more gatorade and pizza so I could eat.

I’ll update this later today when I have more details.  Until then, my thoughts and prayers will be with Mr. Buckner

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican


One Response to “David Buckner Passes Out Live on FOX News’s Glenn Beck”

  1. greggscott Says:

    Whatever you do, Mr. Beck, for Heaven Sake don’t let go of your cue cards while someone has fallen ill in front of you. I think we all remember that important point from the Red Cross First Aid course.

    “3. Clutch your yellow cards and don’t let go no matter what even if the person is falling down.

    4. Summon, nay, order other people who aren’t wearing make-up to help the victim even if you are standing right over them.”

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