Bristol Palin and Fiancé Levi Johnston Split Up

bristol-palin-levi-bWell, it’s a sad love story coming out of Alaska.  Earlier in the week, the tabloid magazine Star reported that the daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Bristol, had broken up with her fiancé, Levi Johnston.  As you probably remember, Bristol and Levi had a little boy recently, and they named him Tripp.

The Star reported the following as coming from Levi Johnston’s sister, Mercede:

“Levi tries to visit Tripp every single day, but Bristol makes it nearly impossible. She tells him he can’t take the baby to our house because she doesn’t want him around ‘white trash’!” Bristol won’t even allow him to watch the baby for a few hours — unless he’s babysitting!

The worst part, Mercede continues, is that the former vice presidential candidate supports Bristol’s treatment of Levi, 19. “I used to love Sarah,” Mercede says sadly. “But I’ve lost lots of respect for her.”

According to Star, Mercede also said, “Bristol’s just crazy.  That’s the nicest way I can put it.  She and Levi actually broke up a while ago!”

Bristol then released the following statement through her mom’s political action committee, SarahPAC: “Unfortunately, my family has seen many people say and do things to ‘cash in’ on the Palin name.  Sometimes that greed clouds good judgment and the truth.”

The only quote that we have from Levi is that they mutually decided to end their relationship “a while ago.”  That was said outside of  his home in Wasilla, Alaska.

As I said when I learned of the pregnancy, I wish both Bristol and Levi the best.  Teenage pregnancy isn’t an easy thing to go through.  I will say that this all could have been avoided through abstinence.  Sure, Bristol said she thinks that it is “not realistic at all,” but I know plenty of people who are doing it (or rather not “doing it”) just fine, including myself (then again, I am single at the moment, so that does make it a tad easier).

Again though, I wish Levi and Bristol, and especially Tripp the best.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican


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2 Responses to “Bristol Palin and Fiancé Levi Johnston Split Up”

  1. Richard Grayson Says:

    Condoms, birth control pills, and other devices work too. Hopefully, if and when you do become sexually active, you are more responsible than these two were.

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    […] Today, Bristol Palin, the daughter of former VP candidate and Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) said something that I’ve been saying for a long time: “Abstinence is the only 100% foolproof way to prevent teen pregnancy.”  This comes […]

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