Detroit City Council Session Turns Crazy: Complete with Racism and Hymn Singing

Well, if people already didn’t think that Detroit City officials were wacky, this is sure to change their mind.  I heard about this driving home for spring break this weekend, and decided that I HAD to write something about this.

On Febraury 24th, the Detroit City Council voted against transferring Cobo Hall to the Detroit Regional Convention Authority.  Cobo hall is in need of expansion and repair (the roof leaked on some VERY expensive cars this past weekend at Autorama).  On March 4th, Mayor Ken Cockrel, Jr. vetoed the council’s vote.  On Thursday, the council called an emergency session (president Monica Conyers called the session) to override the veto.  Well, that wasn’t legal, so nothing really got done there.  An injunction against that veto will most likely be submitted, probably today, and the Council is meeting again tonight.

Now, on to the fun part.  The first video I have for you is from WDIV (Channel 4-NBC).  This is Councilwoman Barbara Rose-Collins going off on how Detroit cannot give up Cobo Hall to the Regional Convention Authority (a group of 5 people – 1 from each of the counties of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb, 1 person appointed by the mayor of Detroit, and 1 appointed by the Governor):

Next we have the video of Councilwoman Barbara Rose-Collins singing “Onward, Christian Soldiers” (and she’s joined by Councilwoman Martha Reeves), courtesy of FOX 2 Detroit:

Here Collins defends what she said in the meeting and accuses Oakland County L. Brooks Patterson of being a racist, courtesy of FOX 2 Detroit:

Finally, here’s L. Brooks Patterson defending himself and sharing his views on the situation, courtesy of FOX 2 Detroit:

Now, this just goes to show how sad of a state the Detroit leadership is in.  Barbara Rose-Collins is pretty much the very definition of a racist idiot.  She claims that Brooks Patterson called her a monkey.  He never did that.  He said that “instead of making decisions about the zoo, they ought to be in the zoo.”  Collins and other racists on the Council took that to mean that he was calling them monkeys, and Collins refuses to work with Patterson today because he won’t apologize.  Well, he has nothing to apologize for in my opinion, because he did NOT call anybody a monkey.

If he had compared the councilmembers to monkeys, even I would demand an apology from him.  Do you know how heartless and mean of a thing to say that is?  If I were a monkey, I would have been devastated!  All joking aside, Brooks Patterson did nothing wrong – he simply stood up to the council and showed how ignorant they were.  But he’s white, and most of them are black, so that makes him a racist in their eyes.

I have one other factual error to correct.  Collins talks about his involvement as a lawyer defending bus bombers in Pontiac.  She claims that he defended NAG, who bombed school buses.  Well, that’s also untrue.  For more about that, see the Detroit News piece on that:  I’ll go into quick detail – NAG was the National Action Group, and they opposed busing in Pontiac.  Well, the Ku Klux Klan bombed some school buses.  Patterson represented the head of NAG, Irene McCabe, but neither NAG nor McCabe were ever involved with the KKK bus bombings.  Collins here again twisted the facts to make Patterson look like a racist, but it is COLLINS who is the racist.

It’s not secret that I have great respect for L. Brooks.  Oakland County is one of the most successful counties in the nation, and it’s a county in one of the economically worst states.  Sure, his humor gets him into trouble, but it makes me laugh – I liked his jokes about Collins.

Anyway, I hope that Cockrel’s wish comes true, and Cobo is handed over to the Regional Convention Authority.  We’ve seen before that Detroit leadership ruins more things than it fixes, and I think Cockrel sees that here.  Hopefully his veto stands, and we can move on to fix and expand Cobo Hall.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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11 Responses to “Detroit City Council Session Turns Crazy: Complete with Racism and Hymn Singing”

  1. V Says:

    I completely disagree with you. I wish more of our elected officials were like Barbara Rose-Collins. She has a passion to serve the people she represents that is rare among modern politicians. If we filled our state legislature with people like her instead of our current officials who are only worried about their own well-being our state might not be in such a miserable condition.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Hitler was passionate too.

    The problem with Barbara Rose-Collins is not her passion. It’s that she’s racist and ties race into more than she should.

    Look at the comment about Patterson calling her a monkey or saying that NAG bombed school buses and that he defended NAG. NAG never bombed school buses, and Patterson never called her a monkey.

    I’d rather have an honest person serving me in elected office than a dishonest but passionate person.

  3. V Says:

    Wow, did you really just compare her to Hitler? I’m glad you could keep this to a perfectly logical level of discussion and not dehumanize the Councilwoman. Maybe when you become more mature and can argue at a reasonable level we can continue this debate.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    No, I’m not comparing her to Hitler. Am I actually talking to Barbara Rose-Collins? Because you’re using the same logic she uses. Patterson says the council belongs in the zoo, that MUST mean he’s calling them monkeys. I mention that Hitler was also passionate, that MUST mean that I’m comparing her to Hitler.

    No, V, I was merely pointing out that passion for elected office is not necessarily a good thing, and that if that’s all that Collins has that you like about her, that you should reevaluate why you like her.

    It’s no wonder you like her though, you use the same logic as she does, and take whatever somebody else says to mean the worst POSSIBLE thing that it could mean.

    Also, did you have a response to me bringing up the fact that she lied about Patterson and NAG?

  5. V Says:

    Tsk, tsk more name calling from you. I told you I would respond when you grow up.

  6. inkslwc Says:

    First, you just responded to me, so that really doesn’t make much sense.

    Second, I never called you a name. I made a joke asking if this was Barbara Rose-Collins (heck, it could be), but that wasn’t really calling you a name.

    So, my apologies if you I offended you by asking if I was talking to Mrs. Collins.

    So, now could you answer my questions about Patterson and NAG?

  7. threequarks Says:

    she pretty much reminds me of Hitler too.

    that woman is certifiably insane.

    (even i can see that , and i’m from the uk..)

  8. elroy Says:

    I wish we could pile the entire City Council on a big yellow bus and drop their asses off right in front of the monkey cages @ the Detroit zoo, and let the monkeys teach them how to be professional before they embarrass us again, if they really cared about us they would all leave office. “MLK” dealt with racist people like Patterson all the time, but he always kept it professional. The City of Detroit deserves these fools, they keep voting these weird ass people into office to run this city in the ground, I dont give a f*#k, iam already packed. Detroit makes Hell look like paradise, they can have it.

  9. Boggs Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. The Funk Says:

    Collins is a left-wing Negro whore, an embittered black racist, and a 70-IQ moron. No wonder Detroit is a cesspool. If black Americans want to give their vote to garbage like her and race-baiting filth like Monica and John Conyers, they deserve their place at the bottom of the economic ladder.

  11. Pappachoppers Says:

    The issue is now moot. Moving on now. Nothing to see here.

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