11-Year-Old Shoots Dad’s Pregnant Fiancee; Should Be Charged As An Adult

3_21_022109_brown_350Alright, so I just heard about this story and figured I’d give  my input.  This story comes out of Wampum, Pennsylvania: 11-year-old Jordan Anthony Brown (pictured on the left; photo courtesy of the Lawrence County Prison) shot and killed his dad’s pregnant fiancee at point blank range, and is now being charged as an adult.  Brown allegedly shot the woman with his 20-gauge shotgun in the back of the head.  He had wrapped the shotgun in a sheet to muffle the sound.

But apparently, his lawyer isn’t happy with this and wants him to be tried in juvenile court.  Brown is currently being held in the Lawrence County Prison in Pennsylvania.

On Saturday, Lawrence County District Attorney John Bongivengo charged Brown, as an adult, in the murder of 26-year-old Kenzie Marie Houk. Houk was 6 months pregnant.  Bongivengo said that he has to be charged as an adult because Pennsylvania law doesn’t allow for criminal homicide charges to be filed  against Brown in juvenile court.

Brown originally lied to police about seeing a suspicious vehicle on the property, but later, police realized that he was lying after finding multiple inconsistencies in his story.  The victims 7-year-old daughter ultimately implicated Brown in the murder.  Bongivengo told reporters, “She didn’t actually eyewitness the shooting.  She saw him with what she believed to be a shotgun and heard a loud bang.  [The gun was found in the] location we believe to be in the defendant’s bedroom.”

Jack Houk, the victim’s father, told reporters, “An 11-year-old kid — what would give him the motive to shoot someone?  Maybe he was just jealous of my daughter and the baby and thought he would be overpowered.”

Brown’s attorney, David Elisco met with Brown, after which he told reporters, “I don’t think he knows what’s going on.  I walked out of there thinking he was innocent.  I believe Jordan did not do this and I’m looking forward to seeing the physical evidence to see if it matches with what I think happened.”  Elisco also met with Christopher Brown, the boy’s father.  He characterized Christopher as being “in a state of actual shock and disbelief.”  When asked if the boy disliked Houk, Elisco answered, “This is a tragic, extremely tragic situation, and it’s way too early to have any substantive comment.”

Apparently jealousy was the motive.  According to the victim’s brother-in-law, Jason Kraner, “He [Jordan Brown] actually told my son that he wanted to do that to her.  There was an issue with jealousy.”  Elisco responded to that claim, saying, “I think it’s all bull shit–there’s no animosity.”

Elisco wants Brown moved out of the county jail.  He told reporters, “I don’t think anybody wants him there. … I want him to be occupied and busy and back, essentially, in school. … I wouldn’t say he’s in good spirits.  He’s confused.  He looks and acts like a typical 11-year-old.”

He acts like a typical boy?  Are you crazy?  He shot a woman at point blank range!

Lawrence County Warden Charles Adamo also wants Brown moved out of his prison.  He says that his facility just can’t accommodate an 11-year-old boy.  Apparently they have to keep him ultra-isolated from any adult inmates, so he can’t even have visitors, since it’d mean that he’d have to be around other adults.  It’s also difficult to coordinate showers, since he has to shower alone, meaning that a whole cell block of 63 inmates must be locked down.  According to Elisco, they don’t even have clothes that fit him: “They put a shirt on him; he’s swimming in it, and his pants are cuffed up about 10 times.”  I find that a little hard to believe – they don’t have small clothes at all?  What happens if they arrest a dwarf or midget?  I feel like they must have clothes somewhere that would fit him.

Personally, I don’t care if he’s in an adult prison or not, as long as he is CHARGED as an adult.  This kid knew what he was dong.  It was premeditated (the sheet wrapped around the gun).  We have a girl who saw everything but the actual shooting (anybody can put 2 and 2 together.  Boy with shotgun + big bang + dead woman = boy killed the woman).

This freak of a kid needs to be charged with double homicide and needs to spend the rest of his life in jail.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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22 Responses to “11-Year-Old Shoots Dad’s Pregnant Fiancee; Should Be Charged As An Adult”

  1. Snow Says:

    very disturbing. a few questions pop into mind…

    1. Who allows an 11-year old unfettered access to a shotgun? This seems criminal to me.

    2. Is 11 years old enough to understand the legal ramifications of this act? If law and incarceration is partly there to discourage criminal acts, can this boy (not a man, but a boy) really understand what 30 years to life really means? Does he really understand what shooting someone in the face means?

    3. Following from 2, is 11 years old enough to assist consul at trial? Does this boy understand concepts like purgery, self-incrimination, his own rights, etc, etc.

    obviously this young man has serious problems and is going to need institutionalization…..but is a state prison that place? we might as well execute him now and save the other inmates the trouble of raping, torturing and killing him themselves.

  2. Khaki Elephant Says:

    He acts like a typical boy? Are you crazy? He shot a woman at point blank range!

    Tru dat. I have firearms and a 10 year old boy. He knows guns kill. He knows “kill” means dead. And he wouldn’t shoot anybody in the back of the head with a muffled shotgun because he’s jealous. Not THAT’S acting like a typical boy!

  3. Aldrick Says:

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  4. Jeanne Says:

    11 yr. old boy obviously has been holding in a great deal. First, realize, the child did not have a mom. He apparently did have a grandmother on occasion in his youth that helped his father raise him. The paper states his father started dating the victim May 08. By October 08, the boy had to move from his home with his dad, to the home of his stepmother(paper states she rented the farmhouse). She was 6 months when they moved in according to the paper. As if this is not a hard enough adjustment, he had to get use to 2 younger females, (his stepsisters) and in a couple months make room for a newborn male, his soon to be stepbrother. This boy had a lot inside of him. He may have wished he could go back to the day when it was just him and dad. He may have felt stepmother was not sincere. (kids have a keen sense) If she was showing favoritism to her children he may have had a hard time adjusting. I am not condoning his action but I do believe he is way to young to fully comprehend his actions and the long-term after shock of the whole tragedy. He is a child and his thoughts are not uncommon for his age and his actions are not either when you look at it from a child’s perspective. Think of the movie Back to the Future or I dream of Jeanne. Instant gratification. To put a gun in the hand of a child dealing with so much inside him, now that is the real tragedy. I do not believe he fully intended this outcome. I do believe once he pulled the trigger, he realized he could not go back and fix it, so he pretended, as a child would, that all was a normal day and went to school. Think about it. Everyone needs to realize that adults need to put children first. This child should have been eased into this relationship. He had a great deal to swallow at such a young age. No way on earth this child should be treated as an adult. He needs intervention and counseling. What a dirty shame to even have him in the adult prison the week he was there.

  5. Jeanne Says:

    Your right Jeanne. What a rotten system we have.

  6. Canadian Says:

    I think the main thing to realise is that children of this age have very little foresight. He was presented with a problem, i.e. he felt that he was going to lose his standing with his father because of the new wife and the new child, so he “solved” the problem. He didn’t see the consequences of his action and that is the most important thing to keep in mind. Yes he needs help but I don’t think him murdering is anywhere near on par with an adult murdering.

  7. lynn lemon Says:


  8. alexis Says:

    the kid looks like a pussy and he is lucky that he didnt have a big brother to beat his ass when he heard the shot

  9. Step Mom Says:

    WOW!!! Do you idiots realized that this poor mother is DEAD?! Her kids were also “thrown into” this situation and yet – they did not MURDER anyone!

    What makes anyone think that if given time and being “eased” into this “situation” this kid would have behaved differently? And since when is getting remarried child abuse? I have yet to see anyone have sympathy for this poor mother or unborn child or for the other kids now left without a mother.

    Speaking as a teacher and as a step-mother who barely escaped being murdered (although I was hospitalized twice and sustained permanent damage and broken bones. MY step-son was 12 when he attacked me BOTH times.) there are kids out there who ARE capable of this behavior and lack a conscience period. We provided disciple and he was not ever abused – I NEVER laid a hand on him even when HE attacked me. (and we put in three years of INTENSIVE therapy.) There is ALWAYS another side to every story. My step-son was so charming that I will swear that he will be the next Ted Bundy. He actually had the principal at his school driving him around in her personal vehicle. In addition to attacking me this kid has set his sister on fire, shot at her, and when WE requested that CPS remove him from our home, he set another child on fire in the home he was in. He also tried to convince us (and almost did) that the previous principal had physically abused him. Then once he was actually charged with one count of assault, and one count of shoplifting (which occurred while he was in CPS custody AFTER we told CPS that he was a chronic shoplifter) he AGAIN was in two physical altercations where of course he was the instigator of, and he also stole a camera from a neighbor while he was on probation. He had again, conned the probation officer and it was NEVER reported. He was actually released from probation early. I just pray everyday that he is never ableto find my husband, my daughters or myself.

  10. form the family Says:

    let me run this thought by you. say the boy gets charged as a juvenile, he can get out of jail at the age of 18; that means he will only spend seven years in jail for killing two people. so when he gets out and him and dad move into a new house, what if that house is right next to you. are you going to be able to walk down the street the same way, and dont even think your going to say that your going feel in your own neighborhood with murderer living right there.

    it doesnt matter the age, (pa made the law at the age of 9 i believe, to charge as in adult) if they arnt going to follow the law then why have one, jordan knew what he was doing.

    as a member of the houk family its the painful thing to looked into those two little girls eyes and not cry. ones only 4 years old she;s not going to remember her mother, she’s going to have pictures and what people tell her about her mother, how sad is that. no family should have to go through something this horrible. we just pray everyday that justice will be served and that jordan will get the pushiment is deverves.

    kenzie marie houk

  11. Meagan Says:

    Sad for all families but really sad for the little boy. I think the Houk’s have a right to be bitter but this is a little boy. The child should not have had access to a gun. The victim was careless as she had children and did not have the guns locked up. The child may have done this by accident but the Houk’s just want him locked away. It is sickening. I guess it is expecting though. They came into the child’s life like a storm. (3 children out of wedlock, lived off welfare, had a criminal record for “Stalking and resisting arrest” and was a dancer…what on earth did this poor kid go through!) No, it does not condone the action but it sure makes one wonder what an 11 year old child had to see.

  12. Meagan Says:

    Sorry, correction–It appears the dancer part-came from bloggers. This might be false and none of it condones what happens. Kids today do have children without getting married. It is a different life and a lot of things happen in our lives, sometimes charges are exaggerated and there is always another side to the story. I don’t want to give anyone any reason to believe I do not feel for the victim and her children and family. I feel very bad for all of them. It is sad all the way around. I just feel children get lost in all the shuffle and we, as adults always need to make certain they are secure and we need to watch them and protect them from accidents because they just do not think ahead. They need our help. This little boy needs help, not hate. I pray for him and his family and the Houks, all of them daily.

  13. Alek Says:

    No, This so called little boy has comprehended the situation and did a bad thing, He has murdered a human, He was brought up in the wrong way to show that it is ok to kill an animal. such foolish parents who gave him weapons of mass destruction. Anyway premediated murder shows that his brain in equivalent to an adult, He has to pay for his crime, Life term imprisonment or detention is essential. Even one murder cannot be totally bypassed, Anyhow he could be released earlier, after 15 years of good behaviour.

  14. Kat Says:

    This was not an accident. I’ve read on 5 other sites that he covered up the gun with a sheet to muffle the sound, AND he was at point blank range. This kid has serious issues and I think that he should be tried as an adult because he was obviously thinking like an adult when he murdered that woman and her unborn child. People get remarried every day and if he had trouble dealing with it, then he must have had someone he could talk to about it (his dad, friends at school, a councelor, a teacher etc.)

  15. Bryan Says:

    Personally, as horrible as this was..I do NOT think the kid should be in jail forever. Im a republican but come on..what an ass. You really don’t want this kid to have any future at all? Not saying what the kid did wasn’t horrible. Not even saying that he didn’t know what he was doing..All I’m saying is People CAN change. Maybe he really wasn’t getting enough time. I mean, as an outsider we have really no idea what happened except for what is posted online or on tv..The BS has got to stop. He’s a kid. A whole life shouldn’t be thrown away because of 1 mistake. Let this mistake have opportunity to be a testimony. You have no idea what might have been going on internally inside the kid. It’s like my mom always told me “It doesn’t matter what you think the other person would feel like, what matters is how they do feel.” Fact of the matter and bottom line…We don’t know everything about this so don’t write the kid off..I’m a christian but If you write this kid off you’re a bastard.

  16. Denise Ray Says:

    You ALL are missing a VERY valid issue here; THE FATHER GAVE THE BOY THAT SHOTGUN AS A GIFT! I repeat A GIFT! They both went to gun shows together in PA and – yeah – that’s how folks get down in rural PA. They buy their sons – and daughters – guns for (wait for it) hunting. Little did this guy know that his fiance would be the huntee. Yet he (the father) is so in denial about the whole situation. And what’s this about, “oh, he’s too young to know what he did.” Let me tell you something, ya’ll need to get out of that “Not My Child” syndrome and face facts; CHILDREN CAN, WILL, AND DO MURDER. It just so happened that I saw a special on ‘E’ last night about the 15 MOST SHOCKING CHILD MURDERS – as in children who’ve murdered their Parents, Teachers, Friends, Stranges – just because they couldn’t have their way or couldn’t play their favorite violent video games or because mommy and daddy said NO and they didn’t like that. So they plot and come up with these scenarios in their heads and play them out in real life. Then once the crap hits the fan everybody wants to play dumb and act as if the sky is no longer blue. Talkin’ about, “he doesn’t know what’s happening.” I tell you what; y’all keep y’all crazy azz children and their gifts of guns and bullets right up their in them rural woods of PA. Thank you and good day.

  17. Denise Ray Says:

    @ Bryan; Puhlease! He can make his testimonies in prison. I consider myself a Christian, too, but lets be clear – HE MURDERED A HUMAN BEING – TWO HUMAN BEINGS! Maybe if it were a Dog or a Cat you’d see fit that he receive more of a punishment? And as far as knowing the whole story, we probably never will, since the father is in such denial about everything and is probably giving up as little information as he can get away with. Maybe he will change, but with the pure evil that I see in his eys from the pic above – I seriously doubt it. My condolences to the two remaining daughters of the victim. I pray that THEY grow up with no animocity in their hearts and that THEY learn to forgive.

  18. Bunny Olesen Says:

    @DENISE RAY ‘y’all keep y’all crazy azz kids’ FUCK you stupid fucking whore bitch. WHOSE crazy ass kids are walking around with guns and daily killing each other, and any babies standing in the path of their bullets? BLACKS, not whites. Stupid disgusting filthy racist idiots like you make me vomit. CHECK REALITY 94% of all murdered blacks are killed by blacks, and blacks make up 48% of all homicide victims even though you are just 12.7% of the population. 52% of all convicted killers are black, and what with multiple victims that means they are responsible for well over 52% of all homicide death. The #1 cause of death for black american males 14 – 35 is homicide at the hands of another black person, and the#1 COD for black american females aged 14-35 is homicide at the hands of a current or former partner (read BLACK) Maybe if OUR ‘crazy ass kids’ hadn’t been raised viewing the feral behavior of your filthy illegitimate fatherless litters, things like this wouldn’t happen.

    You and all the people who agree with you are sick shit bastards. Denise Ray, anti-white hater, above apparently has the gift of sight and can SEE the evil in his eyes through a photograph but I guarantee doesn’t see it in the eyes of the 14 year old black kid who raped and killed a white college student, or the black man who raped an 85 year old woman and beat her to death, along with her husband, the blacks who shot an 11 year old girl in the teeth and the back of the head execution style because she was at home sick when they broke in, the man who sliced the throat of the 14 year old white girl and then used her cell phone to send messages to her parents about ‘how she begged for her life’. What about the 9 and 7 year old black kids in Memphis who raped a 2 year old. The 18 year old black man right outside Memphis who raped his own 1 month old daughter and then punched her in the head so hard her skull cracked?

    The author has the gift of prescience stating ‘he should charged and AND spend the rest of his life in prison.’ CHARGED then rest of life, huh? What happened to ‘convicted’. Fucking mob minded shitsack. You

    Maybe he didn’t know the gun was loaded, maybe his stepmother was an abusive whore who sexually molested him. YOU DON’T FUCKING KNOW.

    Tell me something, are you on here also spouting for ‘rest of life’ jail time for the 8 year old who shot and killed his father 29-year-old Vincent Romero, and another man who lived in the house, 39-year-old Timothy Romans? He is now 12, was sentenced to ‘care at a juvenile facility’ and probation until he is 18. He has attacked his therapist, threatened to kill people, destroyed property. His behavior is violent. The boy you are talking about here HAS never been in trouble and hasn’t caused any trouble in detention.

    OH I GET IT, IT’S JUST WHITE KIDS WHO KILL PEOPLE WHO SHOULD GO TO JAIL FOR LIFE. All the teenagers and adults in places like Memphis, for example, they murder people during robberies, family feuds over dogs (shot 3 females, including a child and a pregnant woman) THEY shoot 8 month pregnant women in the stomach during drive by shootings, 8 year olds playing in their yard on Thanksgiving, but they never get life, you barely even read about their crimes.


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