House of Representatives Approves Revised Stimulus Bill: 246-183

A little over an hour ago, the House of Representatives approved the revised economic stimulus package (that’s the package where the joint conference hammered out the details between the Senate and House bill differences).  246 Democrats voted for the bill; all 183 Republicans voted NAY, with 7 Democrats joining them.  1 Democrat also voted present, and 1 Democrat and 2 Republicans were not voting.

The bill was divided into 2 parts and revised in the conference committee, and those 2 parts can be found here:

I’ll try to put a link up to the bill when it’s actually retyped up somewhere.

How many Representatives even read the bill?!  I don’t know about you, but I can’t read 900+ pages in a day or 2.  Most of the Representatives (other than those in the conference committee) haven’t had a chance to read this.  Even IF you support the bill (which I don’t), please READ the WHOLE bill (or have your staff read it and give you a detailed summary), and then make the decision.  Personally, I’ve seen enough of the bill to know that I could never vote for it.  There’s too much wasteful spending in it.  It doesn’t matter how much “good is in it” – there’s too much bad!

I think this was an absolutely terrible bill, and I strongly commend the 7 Democrats who voted for it, and I am very glad that no Republicans supported this piece of disastrous legislation.  It’s a shame that we had 3 party traitors in a group of 41, while a whole group of 178 representatives could easily say no to this bill.

Hopefully those 3 party traitors (Arlen Specter [PA], Olympia Snowe [ME], and Susan Collins [ME]) will vote against this piece of crap when it comes to a vote in the Senate!  If not, I say that we reomove Collins, Specter, and Snowe when they’re up for reelection.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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