Meat Industry Is Top Contributor to Global Warming, so Why Isn’t Al Gore a Vegetarian?

Alright, I was watching Glenn Beck’s show on FOX yesterday, and he had on his show Matt Prescott, a spokesman for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), who talked about a recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (a branch of the United Nations) study that revealed that the number 1 contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is the meat industry (animal farms).  They account for more than all of the transportation methods’ greenhouse gas emissions combined.  Anyway, I’ll let you watch the video (courtesy of  FOX News), and I’ll discuss it below:

He brings up a VERY good point.  Why aren’t Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Al Gore vegetarians?  Well, I think we all know why Al Gore isn’t – Al Gore is a hypocrite.  He’s never abided by what he tells others to do.  He goes around the country flying on his personal jet!

But the point is – now that has been revealed, are  all of the liberals who are warning of pending doom going to stop eating steak?  I doubt it.  And to those who are going to criticize my “ignorance” of the impending doom, I’m a meteorology major.  Most of the professors I’ve talked to don’t share the doom and gloom that Al Gore preaches.  They teach us that there’s a problem, but also say that we don’t know what’s causing the increase in the earth’s temperature.  Furthermore, neither the National Weather Service nor the National Climatic Data Center say that global warming is human caused; they say that it MIGHT be human-caused (which means that it might NOT be human-caused).

So, regardless of the cause of global warming (and the earth is warming – that’s a fact, so people who dispute that are just ignorant), those who believe that it’s not just a cyclical process should stop eating meat, and those who don’t stop eating meat need to shut up and not preach doom or gloom, otherwise they’re hypocrites.

I hardly ever agree with anything that PETA says, but at least they’re practicing what they’re preaching here.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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8 Responses to “Meat Industry Is Top Contributor to Global Warming, so Why Isn’t Al Gore a Vegetarian?”

  1. ten Says:

    This is ridiculous nonsense. Don’t waste our time.

  2. Philip Says:

    Perfect. Just what this world needs. Another ignorant fool, programmed by his ideology to ignore reality.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    Philip, are you talking about me or Al Gore?

  4. mykos Says:

    It’s a difficult topic to swallow.

    Gore has done a lot to put the spotlight on global warming. But now many people need to step up to the reality that livestock is a major contributor to global warming. Its much easier to talk about lightbulbs and driving less than it is to convince someone to eat less meat in their diet. It’ll take time.

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