Tom Daschle Withdraws Nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary

Just moments ago, President Obama accepted former Senator Tom Daschle’s (D-SD) request to withdraw his name from the nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Personally, I was fine with Daschle continuing as Secretary.  I think he made an honest mistake on a tax code that’s pretty complicated; however, I’m certainly not overwhelmed with sadness that he’s withdrawn his name.

The White House is expected to say more about this later today.

It’s ironic – I was going to do a blog post after lunch today saying that I think it’s fine if he is the HHS Secretary, and that I think he should be confirmed – oh well!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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4 Responses to “Tom Daschle Withdraws Nomination for Health and Human Services Secretary”

  1. txinva Says:

    Daschle owed close to $200,000 in back taxes. If he was in a 20% tax bracket that means that he did not report almost $400K in income. No one is that careless. We as a people have got to stop identifying with a party and glossing over wrong doing on “Our Team” but not the other. We as a people have lost our way. We have to demand honesty and integrity from everyone we elect to serve us. Our justice has to be equal and blind. Right now it is not, justice only applies to those in the party that is out of power.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    First, it was only $140,167 (including interest), so a 42.68% increase in rounding it to $200,000 is a little unfair.

    And I honestly think it was just carelessness in abiding by the tax code and paying his taxes.

    Now, unlike Daschle, I do think that Timothy Geithner should not have been confirmed. Considering that he’s going to be the Treasury Secretary, he SHOULD understand the tax code better.

  3. Simonos Says:

    The problem as I see it is that if any of us forgot to declare a substantial amount of income we would be in serious trouble with the IRS. We could face jail time. Senator Daschle was right to withdraw his nomination – Mr. Geithner should have done the same.

  4. cynicalsynapse Says:

    I agree with Simonos. I’m truly disappointed in both my Senators for having voted to confirm Geithner; largely along party lines, I suspect. Geithner should have bowed out. Whatever else you may think about Daschle and his situation, you have to give him credit for withdrawing.

    When you’re making millions, like Daschle, there’s no such thing as carelessness or an “honest” mistake. You can afford the very best in accountants and tax experts. Especially in Daschle’s case, since he used to be involved in setting tax laws for all of us.

    I am amazed, however, that the Senate had no apparent reservations with putting a tax cheat in charge of the US Treasury. I don’t agree with confirming Geithner as Treasury Secretary.

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