The Problem with the Republican Party

So, I was taking a shower a couple days ago, when I had an epiphany (it’s where I always do all my great thinking).  I came up with this phrase: “A tax-and-spend liberal is better than a tax-cut-and-spend conservative.  At least the liberal can balance the budget.”

And this is a principle that the Republican Party (or at least a large part of its members) have forgotten.  The Bush Tax Cuts do NOTHING for us, unless you CUT SPENDING as well!  In fact, if we are going to keep up our spending habits, we need to RAISE taxes.

So should we raise taxes?  Absolutely NOT!  What we should focus on doing is cutting our spending.  Start with earmarks.  Eliminate them altogether.  Then move on to the welfare system.  Reform the welfare system.  And reform the school system.  There’s plenty of money in Michigan, worked around the right way, so that we can pay teachers decent wages and not have to continue closing down schools in Detroit.

Until the Republican Party begins to understand basic business principles (can’t have your expenditures higher than your income), they will continue to suffer election after election.  We need to return to our fiscally responsible principles.  Cut taxes.  Cut spending.  That right there will raise the quality of life for all Americans.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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4 Responses to “The Problem with the Republican Party”

  1. John P. Says:

    When it comes to Michigan, we need to restructure our education system, fiscally. Right now, health insurance is paid by the state to teachers, when in all reality, it should be privatized. This would save so much money to the system. The underlying problem of our education system is the Teacher’s Union. These “tenures” protect many, many unqualified teachers. Without a severe reason, they cannot be dismissed. This completely tears down any accountability left to the teachers!

    The Republican Party actually won this election season. They will no longer be able to slumber through poor conservative policies that we’ve seen pile up the past 8 years. There is already an enormous outcry from people like Gingrich, Huckabee, Pawlenty, etc., to get back to our conservative roots.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I don’t think I’d necessarily classify Huckabee as somebody from our Conservative roots. He could be a little bit more fiscally conservative for my taste, but he’s definitely a huge improvement from the policies that have plagued the Bush administration.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    Here’s a comment that was posted on my Facebook note of this blog post:

    In his 2007 Budget speech, Australia’s greatest-ever Treasurer, Peter Costello said: “our tax system exists to fund the decent services in health, education, aged care, and other services that Australians legitimately expect and are entitled to receive. If after we provide for those services, invest for the future, and balance our Budget, we can … Read Morereduce the tax burden, we should do so.” (Source: bottom, p5)

    Tax cuts are great, but they have to be affordable and shouldn’t come at the expense of a budget deficit because a tax cut that creates a budget deficit isn’t a tax cut at all, it’s more like a deferred tax liability because taxpayers will end up paying for that deficit in the end anyway.

  4. Nick Says:

    Agree about Huck. Love the guy on social issues but he’s not what we need at this point… he’s sort of a pro-life Bill Clinton. I mean, I love the guy and I appreciate him, but he’s hardly a fiscal conservative.

    That’s the issue… we’ve been split down that line. We have fis-cons and so-cos. We need fis-so-cos… and being able to string together a few coherent sentences is a plus too.


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