Barack Obama Is Not the 44th President (Yet)

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’ve noticed a lot of people calling Barack Obama “our 44th President,” and I don’t remember this happening after other elections.  President Bush was called President-Elect, and I wasn’t old enough to remember 1992, but from searches on the Internet, there weren’t a lot of people labelling him President before January (granted, there were no blogs back then).  I’ve seen all over the Internet blogs rejoicing about Barack Obama being our 44th President.  I’ve seen t-shirts with the seal with the label “44th President of the United States of America.”  I will say that the media has done a good job in calling him “President-Elect” and not calling him the 44th President.

But, folks, Barack Obama is not our 44th President.  We don’t have a 44th President.  And we won’t have one until January 20that 12:00 P.M. EST.  And even then, that may or may not be Barack Obama.  Who know what could happen between now and then.  We could find out that he and his campaign committed massive election fraud and actually lost the election.  He could be convicted of a crime and wind up in prison.

Do I think that any of these things will happen?  No.  I think Senator Obama WILL be our 44th President, but the fact is, he’s not our 44th President yet, because there is no 44th President!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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7 Responses to “Barack Obama Is Not the 44th President (Yet)”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    There’s still time, Dick Cheney could be the 44th President if we’re exceptionally lucky.

  2. Duncan Says:

    Exactly! Thank you! Now, could you please tell Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, et al. this fact? They seem to persist in describing Mr. Obama (who has recently — in an expected move, of course — resigned his senate seat) as someone who has, has had, or is currently exerting presidential power and authority, which is clearly untrue. None of the president-elect’s acts are outside the bounds of what a president-elect can do or has done in years past.

  3. Michael Says:

    It happened. I remember some of the Republicans around the office hooping an hollering about “President Bush, President Bush, President Bush” and seeing blog posts at the time trumpeting “the 43rd President of the United States” and then there was all of the court crap. Boy some of the conservatives got really nasty when you said “he’s not president yet”… ugly, ugly times.

    Obama himself has rightly pointed out that there aren’t two presidents of the United States at the same time. He’s made a point of letting people know they should continue going to the current lame duck president until he’s sworn into office (e.g. G8/G20 summit). The media as far as I’ve seen always refers to him as President Elect.

    You can’t slight people for being excited though, just like when Bush won in 2000. People get excited when they’re candidate wins and that causes them to ignore the specifics of OFFICIAL rules to taking office.

    I get that as a Libertarian/Republican he’s not your guy, but does the speculation that something bad might happen help?

    I’ve seen this on quite a few blogs; This quiet pining for something disastrous to happen. “Well you know he could be assassinated before taking office, he might get sick, he could get hit by a bus, he might be convicted of [fraud, murder, terrorism, defacing public property]…”

    Incidentally I did hear some of the same pining from democrats when Bush won (both times). I didn’t understand it then either. I’m guessing it’s just some way for people to keep the hope alive.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    Michael, I’ve never indicated that I want something bad to happen. And I don’t want something bad to happen. If I wanted him dead, I’d have written a blog post about how he should’ve picked Senator Clinton as his VP. The fact is, I’d be writing this post today if McCain people were doing it. And I’d have corrected the people who said it about Bush in 2000 (although I never remember hearing it back then).

    As for blogs calling him the 43rd President, I did a google blog search for November and December of 2000 and only found 3 blog posts that mention Bush and 43 or 43rd, and none of them called him the 43rd President.

    Now granted, blogging wasn’t very popular back then, so it’s possible that Google is missing blog posts, but Google searches have confirmed my hypothesis that more people are saying it now than they ever have in recent history.

  5. Nike Says:

    Great info. Thanks!

  6. Gary Says:

    Actually, it is not legally possible for Obama to be president. He was not born on american soil; and if he was he has dual citizenship with Indonesia. He is not legitamate to fullifill the requirements to be president. This is why Arnold Shwartzenegar can’t run, which he would like to do.

    Ironically, if he is denied the presidency, he will be without a job since he resigned his senate position in Illinois, and there are a lot of other people being promised positions in the cabinet as well.

    The big question is…will the supreme court fullfill thier duty of upholding the constitution or “let it ride”

  7. inkslwc Says:

    Gary, a couple things:

    1. He claims he was born in Hawaii. I’m not arguing for or against this, I’m just merely pointing out the fact that it’d be hard to prove that he wasn’t born in Hawaii, and I think that he was.

    2. The Supreme Court can’t fulfill their duty unless somebody brings the case to them. They can’t just overturn something. A bill in Congress could be passed that says that all males must be killed on their 21st birthday, and without somebody bringing a court case up, they can’t overturn that law.

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