Howard Dean Decides Not to Seek Second Term as DNC Chair

howard-dean1Word has just come in that Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, will  not seek another term as chairman.

Although I disagree with his politics, I have admired Howard Dean for his charisma and (partially) his leadership of the Democratic Party.  But before I get into that, I’ll give you his quote regarding the November elections, released November 4th:

This has been a truly historic, transformational election. Tonight, our country chose hope over fear, the future over the past, unity over division. This election also reflects the passing of the torch to a new generation. Barack Obama inspired young voters across this country to answer the call and get involved. They responded to his promise to put partisanship and divisiveness aside and come together as one nation to find solutions. They turned out. They made calls. They knocked on doors. And they helped change our country.

The American people have given all of us – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – a simple mandate: to work together find big solutions to the big challenges facing our country. We must work together to change the direction of our wonderful country and to restore America. With the help of strong Democratic majorities in Congress, President Barack Obama is going to set this nation on a course to provide the change we need.

Today I am humbled by what we have accomplished over the last four years. Together, we can build on this moment to bring our nation together and work as one to overcome the challenges we face. It is what we as Americans have always done. Under Barack Obama’s leadership, we’ll do it again.

Now, my opinion of Dean…

Back in 2004, when he ran for President, and had his “Dean Scream” (which I just had to post below), I didn’t criticize him.  I commended him for his charisma.

And when he stood up to Michigan and Florida and was planning on stripping them of their delegates, I commended him, for sticking to his guns and keeping his word.  Then, it became apparent that those delegates may be necessary to help end the primary race (or at least give Barack enough momentum for him to finish ahead before the actual floor vote), and he backed down and agreed to seat them with half votes.  I lost a lot of respect for Dean that day, because he gave in to pressure.

Still, he’ll remain one of the politicians that I admire, even though I staunchly disagree with his politics.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “Howard Dean Decides Not to Seek Second Term as DNC Chair”

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