Obama Advised on Economic Issues by Governor of the State with One of the Worst Economies in the Nation

Today, my governor, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm met with Senators Obama and Biden, as well as a host of panelists to provide insight on the economy in order to ease the transition between President Bush and President-Elect Obama.

Granholm released a statement saying, “Unfortunately, our nation’s current and unprecedented economic challenges come at a time when the domestic auto industry has undertaken billions of dollars in investments to retool and accelerate new technology initiatives to transform its business and to strengthen its competitiveness.  These third-quarter results make it increasingly clear that under these extraordinary conditions, the industry cannot continue its progress alone.  We must support a historic pillar of our nation’s economy and help the industry bridge this period until our economy stabilizes.”

Clearly, the auto industry will be (actually, “was” would be more applicable now) a major part of what she discussed with Senator Obama (who I’m actually listening to right now, as he’s giving a press conference).

But, Mr. Obama, why on earth would you take advice from the Governor from the state with the WORST ECONOMY IN THE NATION (or 2ndworst, depending on who you ask.  I’ve heard people who claim that it’s Rhode Island, and I’ve heard others say Michigan).

I just hope Obama doesn’t do to the nation what has happened in Michigan (and I’m not blaming it all on Governor Granholm, but shse has played a major part in our economy going down the drain).  Still, I wouldn’t have her advising me on economic issues.  I used the analogy, “That’s like having President Bush give you speech lessons.”

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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2 Responses to “Obama Advised on Economic Issues by Governor of the State with One of the Worst Economies in the Nation”

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  2. Khaki Elephant Says:

    Ah, but this is a great rant. As a fellow Michigander I was in disbelief about this one as well . . . and found myself dropping a few words on it.

    Looks like President-Elect Obama still has some problems when picking friends and advisors.

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