Happy Halloween!

Googles Halloween Logo - hey, they dont mind some extra advertisement!

Google's Halloween Logo - hey, they don't mind some extra advertisement!

Happy Halloween everybody!  Just 4 more months until candy corn is 82% off!  (No, seriously, I got candy corn for 82% off in February once – it was awesome.  I totally love candy corn.)

If you’re a kid reading this, remember to stay safe tonight, and send all of your Snickers bars to me (you won’t like them anyway).

If you’re a parent, remember to make sure that your kids are staying safe tonight, and send all of your extra Snickers bars to me (you don’t want them laying around the house – it’s bad for your diet, and your kids have enough candy already).

If you’re somebody driving around tonight, make sure you be careful.  You don’t have to go 25 down a side street, and there’s no reason for you to go MORE than that.  Just make sure you’re watching out for kids.

If you’re somebody giving out candy, make sure you save your Snickers bars for me.

If your a police officer, I have the utmost respect for you, and I wish you a safe evening, and good luck enforcing the curfews tonight.  I hope that your night goes by without any problems.

To anybody that I missed: Happy Halloween (and send me your Snickers – I don’t know why – I just decided to start throwing that into this blog post).

Done Celebrating,

Ranting Republican
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