MoveOn.Org Launches Get Out the Vote Ad About Your Vote Counting

So, today I got an e-mail from (I signed up for their mailing list months ago for some reason – I don’t even remember why), and they sent me a link to this video: Obama’s Loss Traced To….

So, my thoughts: It’s a clever ad.  And it’s definitely meant to appeal to college students, who may not turn out to vote.  In that regard, it’s a successful ad.  But when it comes to possibly offending other undecided voters, they made some risky moves.

The whole bit where the elderly woman (who freakishly resembles my great aunt) says, “And this mother-f***king, c**k-sucking, lazy f**k couldn’t get out of bed in time to vote,” is just vulgar and ridiculous.  To me, that seems like a turn-off to moderates and moderate/conservatives who are thinking about voting for Obama.  And the whole part where the foreign guy is worried about McCain bombing his goats is just ridiculous (but funny).

Also, using President Bush’s quote toward a military person thanking them for their service and twisting it was offensive to me, because it mocks the sacrifice that our troops have given.

And for the record, yes, I am a Factor viewer.  I love you Bill!

So, overall, I think it would’ve been a good ad that they could’ve sent around more, but by making it too vulgar, they limited it to college students only.  I think it’ll turn off as many people as it actually influences.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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