Michigan Restaurant Offers Free Pizza for McCain Signs

Alright, so I saw this clip from my hometown news station, FOX 2 from Detroit.  Watch the video and I’ll talk about it below:

Alright, so you have Salvatore’s Pizzeria (Warren, Michigan) who’s offering free pizza to people who bring in yard signs.  Diana Franzoni, the owner claims that she just wants people to turn in their signs since McCain left the state.  OK, people aren’t going to do that.  Honestly though, if I worked for the Republican party, I’d be doing that as a means to get food for my campaign headquarters.  The state party would save so much money doing that that they could’ve cut down rent for the McCain stuff that’s still in Michigan.  If I were in the McCain campaign – I’d give my volunteers a set of 1,000 signs, which would be $1,000-$2,000, but it’d absolutely kill Salvatore’s.

Although I think the restaurant is encouraging people to steal signs, I don’t think they can or should be prosecuted.  They’ve done nothing wrong.  If they were saying, “Go steal signs,” I’d say we should prosecute them.

Who should be prosecuted are the people who steal the signs, like the teenager they talked about.  I don’t care WHO you are.  If you steal a yard sign, that is a federal crime, and you need to be prosecuted.  And I’m talking to you people who steal Obama signs too – you’re committing a federal crime, and you deserve to be punished just as much as the kid who stole the McCain sign.  If I ever catch somebody stealing one of my signs, you can be sure he/she’ll be prosecuted.

EDIT: I just had a friend bring up this possibility: Charge the restaurant with possessison of stolen property and knowingly accepting stolen property, but proving that they knew it was stolen would be impossible unless it was a set-up.  Having a McCain person do a little sting operation would be pretty clever though.

Even the Obama supporters I’ve talked to about this have said that they think she’s doing it so that people will steal them.

I think it’s a shame that this kind of crap is happening, but there’s nothing illegal with what the restaurant is doing.  I think it’s dishonest, and I think their motives are to have people steal signs, but obviously they won’t say that.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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13 Responses to “Michigan Restaurant Offers Free Pizza for McCain Signs”

  1. Luke Says:

    I live very close to Salvatore’s Pizzeria and I have had the pizza there a couple times. I can safely say that I won’t be supporting their business anymore.

    Maybe… Just Maybe, if I had a ton of signs like you suggest I might try to get them to honor giving me a ton of free pizza. I doubt they would allow that to happen though.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I’m guessing that they may give that policy up, otherwise they will wind up being signed-out of business. Or, some oridnance officers who actually enforce laws will pick up signs placed illegally in the easement, so some cities just have hundreds of signs laying in a room. So, instead of money going toward food for city officials, get it free from Salvatore’s.

  3. Sean Says:

    It is sadly hysterical how the libs are running scared… You’ve got Obama campaign members getting all kinds of McCain signs, and dumping them in the trash. You’ve got Obama buying up all available air time so that even if the McCain campaign had the money, they couldn’t buy the time to run an ad. And now this!

    On one hand, it speaks highly of the conservative movement, because if something was not a threat, you wouldn’t be trying to silence it. On the other hand, however, and I really hate to say it this way, but a lot of people will vote based on TV commercials and lawn signs. The rhetoric that becomes ingrained in their heads.

  4. Sean Says:

    Heh… But wait, I just had a bit of a think…

    Maybe she’s (the owner) actually crafting a brilliant political-economic strategy… See, in the end, she’s going to lose customers. Both those who just wanted a free pizza, and aren’t going to come back, and the conservatives that she royally angered by pulling this stunt. She knows that if Obama gets elected, as a small business, she’s going to be taxed to kingdom come if she grosses over 250,000/year! By losing customers, she’s staying under that level, and out of the higher tax bracket! It’s brilliant! Sheer brilliance!!! 😀

  5. KatieMay Says:

    Let the owners know your feelings about them:

    Peter & Diana Franzoni
    14424 Hope Drive
    Sterling Heights, MI 48313
    Phone #: (586) 932-6859

  6. KatieMay Says:

    The pizzeria is located on Ryan Road, just north of 13 Mile Rd., in Warren, MI.

  7. Catherine Says:

    What about offering pizza to people who can explain Obama’s corruptions???
    (from a former Illinois Democrat, wanting these things to be explained about Obama)



    new Illinois corruption trial:





    Oil money flow:

    Will you follow these directions and make every American kid learn Spanish?

    And what about support from Arab terrorists?
    from the Libyan leader who in 2004 admitted to having 44,000 pounds of mustard gas WMDs, nuclear weapons, and other WMDS developed under the nose of the UN Inspectors



  8. Trace V Says:

    There seems to be a lot of Salvatore’s around the country, I wonder if there is a parent company or franchisor who will probably take some action,

  9. Trace V Says:

    I always thought that receiving stolen property was a crime in itself

  10. Dawn A Says:

    How very disappointing that a business is supporting and encouraging stealing. Do you think anyone beleived the spin of the owner why she is giving out free pizza for the theft of signs?

  11. inkslwc Says:

    Trace, Michigan Compiled Laws, Chapter 750, Act 328 of 1931, Section 750.535, Clause (1):

    (1) A person shall not buy, receive, possess, conceal, or aid in the concealment of stolen, embezzled, or converted money, goods, or property knowing, or having reason to know or reason to believe, that the money, goods, or property is stolen, embezzled, or converted.

    The prosecutor would have to prove that the owner knew or had reason to believe it was stolen. Pre-news coverage, it’s unprovable, now, I think with all the attention they’ve gotten, a prosecutor would have a pretty tight case.

  12. WadeHM Says:

    From what I understand, the police went to Salvatore’s and told them to stop what they were doing because they were encouraging theft, the key word being encouraging. I think that it would be quite obvious that anyone bringing in a sign would have stolen it. All McCain supporters I know are keeping their signs up until after the election, myself included.

  13. FormerWarrener Says:

    As a former Warren resident I just want to add that Sal’s was great at one time. The original owner sold out several years ago. We used to get Sal’s pizza three or more times a week. After Sal left, the pizza just wasn’t the same, or even fair any more. We quit ordering pizza but still enjoyed the fish dinners, spaghetti & subs. They then changed their fish to a very poor quality stub of burntness. We quit ordering the fish dinners. The spaghetti remained pretty good for a while longer , but eventually became watery & flavorless. The subs were still quite good when we left MI. I don’t know how they are now. I do remember, however that the owners vehicle always displayed IMPEACH BUSH, BUSH LIES PEOPLE DIED & the usual looney left bumper stickers. Such hate, really kinda sad. Well, they are probably on their way out now. Maybe someone with more love & cooking talent will take the business over.

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