The Dow Is Back in Positive Territory

The Dow Jones is up 55.19 points.  I said yesterday that the Dow really doesn’t matter in terms of other stocks, but it DOES matter in terms of morale.  And good morale will help the market, because it’ll encourage people to not just sell in a panic.  It’ll take some of the panic away, and that’ll in turn affect the market.  This is good news!

EDIT: That was short-lived.  It’s now dropped to -121.79.  Like I said before, the Dow really doesn’t matter, but when it falls like this, it hurts morale.  Either people need to learn not to care about it as much (which won’t happen), or it needs to go positive. 3:42 P.M. EDT

EDIT: It’s now back to +75.58.  My prediction is that it’ll close in the positive, but we’ll wait and see.  3:45 P.M. EDT

EDIT: It’s down to -72.40.  A few more minutes before 4:00.  3:56 P.M. EDT

EDIT: Well, it was looking like it might come back toward the end, but in the end, it closed down by 128.00.  4:11 P.M. EDT

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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