McCain Will Participate in Tonight’s Debate

Well, I was just about to publish a post about the fate of tonight’s debate not being known when news broke from the McCain campaign that McCain will in fact participate in tonight’s debate.  I think this may look bad since it’ll seem like he’s reneging on his promise to suspend his campaign to resolve the economic crisis.  We’ll see if Obama plays that card or not.  Hopefully the Senate will pass the bill (but a good bill, not the bailout that many want) before the debate, not just for McCain’s sake, but for the sake of the country.  The following is my original post:

Well, in a twist that makes an already weird election even weirder, nobody (at least nobody outside of his campaign) knows whether or not McCain will attend tonight’s Presidential debate.

Personally, I don’t think he should’ve put a blanket suspension on his campaign.  Here’s why:

  • If he skips the debate, that’s some HUGE points for Obama, unless something drastic goes down in the Senate and McCain can actually blame the economic package not passing on Obama or something, but that’s pretty unlikely.
  • If he comes to the debate and the bailout bill hasn’t been resolved, he’s going to look like a reneger.  “Oh he suspended his campaign, but when it was really important, he went back on his word.”  He never should have suspended it indefinitely until he knew what was going on with the debate.

Personally, I think that both candidates should have postponed the debate (and Bill Clinton agrees with me here), but I don’t think McCain should’ve done it without coordinating with Obama first.

I’ll try to post information as soon as I get it, but I have classes later today and then some county GOP stuff to do, so I may not be around.  I do plan on live blogging the debate tonight … that is, if there is one.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican

So, as I said, I will now be live blogging tonight’s debate from Oxford, Mississippi.  It’ll be fun, so come back here and read my analysis.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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