A Look at the Proposals on the Michigan Ballot for November 2008

Alright, so a few months ago, I posted a copy of all of the ballot initiatives that were going around trying to get signatures.

Well, since then, all but 2 of those initiatives failed to get on the ballot.  Below is a copy of the Ballot Proposal Status, published by the Secretary of State:

 August 26, 2008





COALITION FOR COMPASSIONATE CARE: Initiative petition approved as to form June 6, 2007; signatures filed November 20, 2007; petition determined sufficient March 3, 2008; proposal language certified to State Legislature March 3, 2008; 40-day consideration period reserved for State Legislature elapsed April 12, 2008.

Purpose: Legislative initiative to allow under state law the medical use of marihuana.

Contact: Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care, P.O. Box 20489, Ferndale, Michigan 48220. Dianne Byrum (517) 333-1606.

STEM CELL RESEARCH: Initiative petition approved as to form February 4, 2008; signatures filed July 7, 2008; petition determined sufficient August 21, 2008.

Purpose: Proposed constitutional amendment to permit with certain limitations stem cell research in Michigan.

Contact: Stem Cell Research BQC, P.O. Box 20216, Lansing, Michigan 48901. Mark Burton (517) 974-4004.

Although I’m not going to get into details about each of those proposals now (I’m going to split them up and do one tomorrow and the other on Thursday), I will briefly summarize each.

  1. The Michigan Coalition for Compassionate Care proposal would legalize medicinal marijuana, and establish an ID system for regulating who is and is not allowed to use it.
  2. The Stem Cell Research proposal would expand the use of human embryos for research, as long as the embryos were going to be discarded anyway, after being leftovers from a fertility clinic.  It would also ban people from selling or purchasing embryos for research.

Now, how will I vote on these proposals?

  1. Medicinal marijuana – Yes.
  2. Stem cell research – No.

My predictions on the passage of the bills?

  1. Medicinal marijuana – passes (62%-38%)
  2. Stem cell research – fails (43%-57%)

Again, tomorrow I’ll have an in-depth analysis of the medicinal marijuana proposal, complete with ballot language and the actual changes to the law that will happen if it passes.

Done Discussing/Endorsing/Predicting,

Ranting Republican
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41 Responses to “A Look at the Proposals on the Michigan Ballot for November 2008”

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  4. Dan McHugh Says:

    How will I vote on this;
    Medicinal marijuana – Yes.
    Stem cell research – No.

    The Stem Cell issue has nothing to do with whether I agree or Disagree it has to do with who is pushing it. Here are some links I think your readers will enjoy. Think Tech Transfer when viewing these.
    This is for anyone who cares about America and getting a fair shake for Americans.

    China Milks Our Sacred Cows

    Gee! How Were We To Know?

    Shaft Our State

    Shaft Our Nation

    Our Human Rights Hypocrites

    Taiwan May Determine America’s Fate

    Spies On Campus – The FBI’s Mission Impossible

    Let’s Give China Everything

  5. Tabor Says:

    What’s up fellow Michiganian. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the info on the proposals. The vote “yes” and “no” ads are always so vague so I never know what I’m in favor of. I’ll definately be voting yes on both issues. Is there only 2 proposals this year? Last election there were 5 or 6. Anyway I do alot of blogging mostly about football. But I’ll probably be doing some election coverage before the big day. I’m a Independant/Libertarian at heart. I’m basically in favor of anything that will dismantle our broken 2 party system. Feel free to stop in and say hi. http://www.thattaborguy.blogspot.com

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  7. Yeahright Says:

    Technology and innovation are imperiative to evolution of ALL countries, not just the US, nor individual states. If fear, greed, and corruption are contributing to and causing constant paralysis of academic and research and development of technologies, then maybe the issue isn’t lack of regulation or more regulation, it is the lack of innovation. The reality is if the technology is not innovated in the US, will we bar innovation from other countries through US policies? US govt is the the world dictationship or is it? Technology and innovation will occur in other countries whether we like it or not. These proposals are for Americans, not Chinese or anyone else who owns major portions of US govt national debt.

    Matthew 5:43-46
    43 ‘You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbour and hate your enemy.” 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be children of your Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax-collectors do the same?

  8. Rex Mastrone Says:

    I will vote:
    Medicinal marijuana: No
    Stem cell research: No

  9. marvin Says:

    yes on both. especially on 2 i would rather us have the knowlege of stim cell research..then to buy the medicine from china, or some other county 10 yrs from now, in case God forbid myself or one of my family members would be diagnosned with parkinsons…as my mother has!!You know u all would if it were your loved one that was suffering.

  10. inkslwc Says:

    The only advancements made in curing parkinsons have been made with adult and umbilical cord stem cells.

  11. Liberal.Libertarian Says:

    I will be voting yes on both. I believe Marijuana to be safer than alcohol… people that use it still have a sense of maturity and responsibility (if that had them before use). And I think patients need it to forget their troubles and just get on with their lives.

    And the case of stem cells… a university in Pennsylvania “accidently” cured (yes, cured, not treate temporarily) hair loss using stem cells. I believe advancements in medical science should be made available with stem cells. Plus, stem cells have no potential to become children, so no harm done.

    Great blog.

  12. inkslwc Says:

    L.L.: A couple corrections:
    1. There’s a difference between stem cells and embryonic stem cells. I’ve never heard of any cures coming from EMBRYONIC stem cells. The only ones I’ve heard of are from adult or umbilical cord SCs.
    2. Stem cells can’t ever become children, you’re right. Embryos (where the embryonic stem cells come from), on the other hand can.

  13. Dru Hatchew Says:

    Yes and Yes: people should be able to feel better while we find the cure.

  14. BK Says:

    I will vote yes on both! But must add that—-I truely believe that anyone that has had a family member that has suffered from diseases that may have a cure possible through stem cell research (of any kind) would vote yes for the research (I have lost 2 brothers both younger then 20). For those that are opposed—-well I feel sorry for you because you are uneducated (plan and simple). I you are a complete LIAR if you say that you wouldn’t want the research if it provided a cure for yourself or your family member!

  15. inkslwc Says:

    I’m voting no, and I’m not uneducated. I just know that a) I believe that it’s murder and b) We’ve gotten ZERO cures from embryonic stem cells.

  16. sl Says:

    BK, I think it is unfair that you call people uneducated that oppose the stem cell research proposal. I think that educated voters will thoroughly research the proposals and make educated decisions based on their morals and beliefs. There is another way to do stem cell research, umbilical cord blood after a birth is one alternative–this usually is discarded and this precious blood could be donated and used for research too, as it contains stem cells. I believe this to be more ethical than embryonic stem cells. I too have lost family members from diseases that could benefit from stem cell research but I think voting out of despair instead of researching other ethical ways to do the research is truly the uneducated and irresponsible way to vote. Also, remember to look at the entire proposal carefully what other hidden “agendas” could you be voting for that are thrown in this proposal that you may disagree with. I am truly sorry for your loss, buy please educate yourself thoroughly to make sure that what you vote for is what you want.

  17. Tail Says:

    I think that not passing the prop for stem stell research is going to put us way behind the rest of the world in medical advancements. We have so much intelligence and to not be able to use that is (no pun intended) the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard of!!!!

  18. inkslwc Says:

    The rest of the world hasn’t made advancements on embryonic stem cells either. We need to focus on what works, adult and umbilical cord SCs.

  19. Veronica Says:

    Voting no on Prop. 2. If it weren’t for the fact of it being EMBRYONIC stem cells, I’d probably vote yes. There are other stem cells, just as affective, they could use…like someone else said, adult stem cells or umbilical cord stem cells.
    And for Prop. 1, I’m voting yes.

  20. inkslwc Says:

    Veronica, I completely agree. And I think probably around 95% would vote Yes if it were for adult/umbilcal cord stem cells.

  21. Anne Says:

    A resounding yes to both!! Imagine a world where we could cure Parkinsons and othe such devastating diseases. We need to use every resource available to us for the greater good. Medical Marijuana legalization is a no brainer. Marijuana is SO much safer than alcohol. And, how many self-medicate with aclcohol now anyway? California has found success in this law and Michiagan can too.

  22. Tony Says:

    Perhaps yes on Prop 1. Absolutely no to Prop 2. Because I don’t have a family member who could be cured? No. I just lost my grandfather, and I can’t tell you how painful it was. Could ESCR have cured him, as they say? I doubt it. ESCR proponents are high on hope and hype, and remarkably short on evidence.
    But that doesn’t matter. Some things are morally wrong, and it doesn’t matter whether I’m the one suffering or not. I wouldn’t take your life to save my own, ever. I know my grandfather wouldn’t have either. You may find it incomprehensible that anyone in your situation (or worse!) would believe differently than you, but it’s the truth.

  23. inkslwc Says:

    Anne, they’ve already cured cases of Parkinsons with umbilical cord stem cells. Why kill embryos when we can do it through other means.

    Tony, thank you for sharing your story, and I am sorry for your loss.

  24. Kim Says:

    For all of you that say no to proposal 2 try living with a condition where there is no cure. Stem cell research is such a promising hope for people who have none left. Please open your hearts – Say yes to proposal 2.

  25. inkslwc Says:

    Stem cell research IS promising. Embryonic stem cell research on the other hand is not.

  26. Caroline Says:

    I am voting no to both. Where will the medicinal marijuana stop? Will we give it to our children if they are sick? Who makes the decision which diseases are bad enough to warrant it? Look where oxycontin went. they give it as medicine to people and we have teenagers breaking into houses to get it. An elderly couple was just murdered in Michigan for they’re prescription drugs. Don’t you think this will make it much worse?]

    As for Proposal 2 some things are just morally wrong. I have lost loved ones as well but I know they would not have wanted to be cured that way. Who says one life is worth more than another? That is just somewhere I don’t want to see us go.

  27. Stu Says:

    I’m voting yes to both proposals.

    1. marijuana is a harmless drug compared to alcohol which is legal. If ill people can get some relief from it let them smoke it.

    2. If you read the proposal you will see no embryos past 14 days of cell division can be used. The embryos are left overs from fertility clinics that would have been discarded. Why waste the knowledge that can be gained?
    Michigan should make every effort to lead the world in research, our manufacturing job base is going away and won’t be back ever again.

  28. Kasie Says:

    I’m voting yes on both, particularly stem cell research. The reason that they haven’t found any cures with stem cells yet is because the existing stem cell lines that the scientific community is legally allowed to use are not pure, that is to say that they are contaminated. When President Bush addressed the issue, the decision was that the existing stem cells lines that were being used in research could continue to be used, however the creation of new stem cell lines in scientific research was made illegal. Because this was unforseen, many of the stem cells that were legal to use had already been experimented with and are not usuable in the type of research that scientists know they should be performing today. In particular, some of the stem cells had been used in conjunction with animal cells- making them unfit for human research. This is why we haven’t made any astonishing discoveries. There is definite potential for the intelligent application of stem cells. In addition, it is absolutely ridiculous to ban research on embryonic stem cells because “it is morally wrong”. To simply throw away discarded embryos that are unwanted is morally wrong when we have millions suffering from debilitating diseases and handicaps that have the potential to be cured. Not to mention, it is an insult to the discarded embryos- not only are they not allowed the chance to develop into a fetus, we don’t even use these cells to try to improve the lives of people who are already living. I would recommend that everyone who sees this post view the documentary “Life is for the Living”.

  29. Carl Says:

    Yes on Both

    Marijuana is a mild drug, similar in effect to alcohol, and marijuana is also effective as a pain reliever. Why on earth not let a professional medical doctor prescribe something that would be helpful for a person?

    Progress on stem cell research should go forward and find the cures people who are suffering need. Plus, these embryos were going to get discarded anyway, so why not use them for research.

  30. Roxanne Says:

    I just read everyones responses and really laughed my butt off. People please read your messages before posting them. Some of you guys sound like morans!!!!
    In reference to the proposals…I will be voting yes on both! Its about time.

  31. inkslwc Says:

    Roxanne, “Some of you guys sound like morans!!!!” Bad spot for a typo – but hey, you cheered me up a bit.

  32. rustum Says:

    Yes to both. Pot I agree, a little bit better than beer and such, and let granny, and the sick cancer patients toke on down to easy away of being afraid to die..

    Yes stem cell. If their is a way to help us live longer than so be it.. Why not take the things that are going to be “”discarded” and use them to cure and save.

  33. rustum Says:

    ease away

  34. Becka Says:

    where will it stop with the marijuana? Are there going to be mandates that people may not drive while under its influence? I’d hate to be on the road with my 4 kids and be driving on the same path as someone under the influence of a DRUG that will alter their driving abilities, senses, decisions, etc.! And, What if like some people marijuana gets to be a start to an even more deadly problem of addiction, have any of you seen the A&E intervention? Most addicts start off with these lies that “alcohol” and “pot” are not going to be a big deal, and often they are gate-ways to larger addictions and so many more problems. And then are they going to be able to smoke it in the room w/ their children and others in their home!?.. Where will it stop? Everyone always complains that the drug problem in America is spreading and now the same people want to legalize the “medical” use of it????…Why do you think many banks are robbed, why you cannot go to an atm at dark, why there is so much identity theft, prison overcrowding, and shootings?…HELLO<DRUGS!!!

  35. Morgan Says:

    Becka, look at the patients currently receiving medical marijuana… terminally ill cancer patients, etc., for whom usual pain medications do not work. These are (typically) not teenagers or party-goers… these are people who are suffering a great deal and have tried everything else. Chemotherapy for cancer is horrid… to be able to help someone already dealing with the other issues decrease their pain and/or nausea… absolutley. Sure, there are those who would abuse it, but that’s true of everything. Personally, I plan to vote yes on that one. As for the ESCR… also yes, though a bit hesitantly. The research DOES need to be performed, and if the embryos are truly scheduled for distruction, then why waste the resource? A large number of pregnancies are spontaneously aborted, often without the woman ever knowing she is pregnant… do you all consider that murder as well? A rather strong word for something that would be destroyed in the end as it is now. We’re not talking abortions here, so the moral/ethical comments I feel are a bit unwarranted. But then, we’re all entitled to our own views and opinions, aren’t we?

  36. Morgan Says:

    destruction, not distruction

  37. inkslwc Says:

    Becka, drugs lead to identity theft? That’s one I haven’t heard before.

  38. Vanessa Says:

    wow…Becka’s got some anger issues. Maybe she needs the medicinal marijuana. 😉

  39. Zman Says:

    Becka, you are one ignorant person. Did you even bother to read anything on the use of medical marihuana? Section 7.b.4 states that marihuana will not be permitted when by any person who shall operate, navigate, or be in physical control of any motor vehicle, aircraft, or motor boat. Read so that your opinion doesn’t sound so ill informed.

  40. Josh Says:

    Ha! Every site about stem cell research is wrong! The fact is that THESE EMBRYOS ARE A LIVING HUMAN BEING. This is the stupidest thing i ever read on stem cell research.

  41. Facial exercise Says:

    Face exercise…

    […]A Look at the Proposals on the Michigan Ballot for November 2008 « Republican Ranting[…]…

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