Disgusting Image: “Happy Twin Towers Day”

So, I saw this picture on The Rougblog, and got so angry that I had to do my own post about it.

Here are two pictures posted on the British website B3ta:


That first one was what really got me angry, but the second one didn’t really cheer me up either.

This is just disgusting.  And then somebody on Daily Kos went on to post it, in a sort of joking way agreeing with the British that we “celebrate” 9/11 too much.  Why do the British care if we mourn on 9/11 or not!

You don’t see America going around saying, “Enjoy the Tubes!” on July 7th, so why would you go and do something like this, so why on earth would anybody do this to America?

It’s disgusting, it’s wrong, and I would love to see the people who made these after they’ve talked with a family of a victim of September 11th.  Not only would they feel guilty, but they would feel like what they really are, utter scum.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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28 Responses to “Disgusting Image: “Happy Twin Towers Day””

  1. Matt Everett Says:

    America is the most insulting, vulgar nation on the planet. So, don’t expect anyone else on earth to respect us or our ‘mourning’ which is mostly BS.

    Have you seen the stuff some of the Christians within your own country are posting ? such as godhatesfags.com

    I find McCain and the GOP scare tactics vastly more insulting to the memory of WTC than this.

    These are just foreigners having a go at us. Our politicians using fear for profit is whole different level of corruption.

    I mean, do you argue against anti Muhammad pics in the Free Press ? No you probably laugh and declare Free Press.

    So, get over it. And expect more of the same if America doesn’t straighten up. The world is just about had it with American arrogance, war and endless debt.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Well, they’re not Christians. Go read my last post to figure that out.

    First, no, I don’t laugh at anti-Muhammad pictures. Second, Muhammad is not 1000’s of victims who died. If this would’ve been a picture of Jesus, I would’ve said, “Disgusting” to myself and moved on, but no, this was mocking the 1000’s of victims who died.

    I’m amazed that you can compare an anti-Muhammad picture to this.

  3. MattyG Says:

    Bah.. you celebrate crucifixions, assassinations, and war dead already; why not this as well? Surely it rates as a public holiday at least?

    Because of one (admittedly brain-smashingly) awful incident there’s been 7 years of intractable war and the US has become a neo-fascist state, dragging everyone else down with it. Tube day? In the UK they know how to suck it up and move on.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    You don’t even know what fascism means do you? Give me examples of how America is a neo-fascist state.

  5. Rougman Says:

    @Matt Everett

    America is the most vulgar nation on the planet? You must have been thrilled then with Myanmar’s antics as they practically murdered 100,000 (no one knows for sure because information is suppressed) of their own citizens as American ships sat off shore begging to provide help after the typhoon. You must have been excited to see paranoid officials in Indonesia to deny assistance after the tsunami from Americans because of fears of evangelism. It must have sent tingles up your spine to see Muslims kidnap and murder several health aid workers in Afghanistan because they happened to be Christian. Earthquakes in Iran? Who stepped to the plate? Americans. Yep, America is a country of animals.

    Your example is Fred Phelps? Come on, you can do better than that. Phelps is a liberal Democrat that hates nearly everyone. He has been admonished for his attitudes by Christians from shore to shore, but I don’t see Democrats standing up to distance themselves from him. Nope, it is too convenient to try and toss him around the necks of conservative Christians while conveniently forgetting his Democrat affiliation. Why bother with facing the truth and battling him on the turf where he stands.

    These are just foreigners having a go at us? You know, now that I think of it, why should Georgians be so upset? The Russkies are just having a little go at them too. You make the oft fatal mistake of assuming that your enemies share the same core values and ethics that you do. Ask Neville Chamberlain how that worked out. While you pontificate and lecture, they cross the border and steal your cattle. At that point you have to adjust your lecture to include commentary that begs to have your cattle back. Your enemies laugh at you because of your weakness.

    The cartoons were published originally in Denmark specifically to claim back their rights to free speech and expression that had been ceded to Islam by cowardly governments. Why? Because valid criticism of Islam is slowly disappearing in Europe and much of Asia because it is deemed Islamophobic–a crime now in many parts of the world. The EU has even gone so far as to change their entire lexicon to avoid uttering words that might offend Muslims. Some schools in Britain are no longer teaching much of history because it might cause offense. It is creeping closer to home than you think, Mark Steyn and his publisher recently went on trial in Canada because he directly quoted a Muslim cleric from Norway who was bragging about Islam taking control of that country in a few years. Steyn quoted him. Who got in trouble? Steyn, of course. (He beat the rap after spending a bunch of money.)

    Get over it? Of course. Life moves on. Forget it? Ain’t going to happen.

    I do expect more of the same–not because we deserve it, but because Islam demands it. Every day that you rest at night with your eyes closed on a comfortable pillow, there are thousands of people plotting on how to kill you, your family, your neighbors and everyone else. Maybe you’ll be able to reason with them as they knock on the front door.

    Hey, great news Matt! A number of bombings in India this morning. It does make me wonder though, how “just some foreigners” accidentally got American and India confused. I guess India should straighten up too before the next bombing.


  6. foursgiant Says:

    Iraq, Almanac & Calendars

    Hutchinsons Almanac 1999 page 15 the time zones for Baghdad Iraq and
    Buenos Aires Argentina have been swapped around. Baghdad shows time
    as 21:00 and Buenos Aires shows time as 14:00. also see the calendars on
    pages 17 to 20.(particular attention to september in calendar 2)


  7. isaac Says:

    Your point is flawed. Us brits target you yanks because you already make such a big fucking deal about your terrorist attacks. We don’t. Can you not see the irony there?

    Tip for yanks: stop celebrating all the shitty stuff that happens to you. HAPPY STD DAY!

  8. Emma Says:

    I am British, but I must agree, the cartoons are outrageous & extremely disrespectfull.

    I do not believe American’s celebrate this day nor do they need to get over it. All they are doing is reminding everyone the horror of that day and making sure people don’t forget it. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives, therfore it is our job to ensure they are never forgotten and the reasons for their deaths.

    But American’s have to remember that alot of Brits died that day too.
    Now ask yourself… has what happened on 9/11 changed America for the better? Or did those people die for nothing?

  9. Jonno Says:

    Yes, these images are in fairly poor taste. That is just the British sense of humour though. You don’t have to like it, but I doubt that it was intended to be as disrespectful as it appears. It may even be intended as a satirical comment on the hysteria surrounding today’s date, but without context I couldn’t say for sure. And in any case, there are more important issues here.

    The number of lives directly affected by 9/11 is a rounding error compared to those indirectly affected by the US response. On the negative side of the ledger, America has used the attacks as justification for killing many thousands of innocent civilians across the Middle East and Asia. Not one tear seems to have been shed for them by the American people, who apparently feel that only the lives of US citizens have any value; the rest of us are somehow less than human.

    On the plus side, however, US funding for the decades of sectarian slaughter in Northen Ireland has dried up post-9/11. Apparently, Americans thought that terrorism was some sort of entertaining game, worth paying money to suppport, until it arrived on their shores. There are no words for the hypocrisy of expecting the world to rally behind your condemnation of something that you had been supporting until it suddenly became inconvenient to do so. Again, British and Irish lives lost in the Troubles are apparently worth less than American ones lost on 9/11.

    Hopw can you possibly expect anyone to mourn American lives when you refuse to reciprocate when it comes to the lives of foreigners?

  10. Epler Says:

    Emma; it wouldn’t be so bad if the Yanks didn’t just celebrate Yank deaths. Every time there is some kind of event going on they bring out the US flag. GREAT. How many nationalities died on that day?

    This is why america sucks. Why not fly the UN flag or another one that UNITES US instead of being such dicks about it. Again it’s just one of the reasons why the world hates america.
    Maybe one day that country will be okay.

  11. Roland Bijsters Says:


    Hopes for more wonderful terrorist attacks 😀

  12. Billy Says:

    I lost a family member at the 9/11 incident.
    I find these images quite hilarious.

  13. Jones Says:

    I agree with what Billy says, the 911 incident has nothing to do anymore with the drawings made up here, noone has to get over losing loved ones, but humor should fit anywhere anytime.
    Also, the niceness of the drawing, the happy faces, the sharing of laughter is that not what life is about? Rather than ranting/believing in ******** (fill in for yourself)

    Good luck, and it’s not that I don’t understand, it’s that I think your energy should and can be focused on something more meaningful.

  14. SamDelaney Says:

    although I did not laugh at this picture i did not get angry at it, someone mentioned on another site about the fact that english people dont want people making fun of the tube bombing but in all honesty you would hardly find anyone who would get angry at a cartoon picture….and thats all it is, and I cant believe all this crap about “patriotism” and the fact that i bet a lot of americans have laughed at a lot less, but because it is to do with them, then its all of a sudden wrong…this has nothing to do with losing loved ones or a tragic event its just something for u guys to get pissy at

  15. Someone Says:

    As long as people mourn and talk about 9/11, terrorists have won.

    And because I AM sick of hearing about 9/11: HAPPY TWIN TOWERS DAY! 😀

  16. British citizen Says:

    i agree this is f@@king disgusting but i disagree with the whole british thing i love America i think its beautiful place but in England we have alot of sick arabian, indians, what ever you want to call them but we also have nice asian, arabs, indians, what im saying is how do you not know that it is a asian iraqy citizen doing this

  17. Sometwo Says:

    So. Funny.

  18. Simon Says:

    It was 9 years ago! Get the Fu** over it. You can laugh at other countries or just not give damn when there are wars and people dying over there but when it comes to ameria, suddenly it’s “Oh you’re sick for laughing at the 9/11 bomings”, “Lets start burning Quran”. Get the fu** over yourselves you jerks!!

  19. Philip Says:

    When can we stop celebrating the holocaust and just get over that?

  20. Charlotte Says:

    Phillip makes an excellent point. But in reality, though, I don’t think we should ever forget the Holocaust. It was an awful thing. And we should never forget 9/11 too, as a promise to the people who died that this will never happen again, that they have not died in vain. So to put those smiley faces at the end of “Happy twin towers day!” is just wrong, because somewhere a little girl (then) is now father-less. A housband’s wife who was expecting a baby never came home that day. A woman’s son who went to visit the World Trade Center that day wouldn’t be at the dinner table that night. So go ahead, laugh, because a number is just a number and we’re over reacting because it’s OUR country, when we take one measley day to remeber that day wheb we spend mounths studying the Holocaust, something that happened over 70 years ago, not even to our country. So yeah. I guess we should get over ourselves, huh? How ignorant we are.

  21. DeeKay Says:

    It’s called “British Humor”, and we all know it’s an alien concept to most Americans (minus the many Monty Python fans over there). Just look what pictures got posted on b3ta after the London riots and you’ll see that they have no problem whatsoever turning this black humor against themselves, too…
    I find these images above hilariously funny, as you most certainly DO celebrate the occasion, just look at all the money that’s being made off 9/11, the books, the TV specials, the merchandise.. They’re a satirical comment of how you manage to even captialize on disaster and how you simply cannot let go and obediently allow your politicians to continue to take away your rights and freedoms, waste billions of dollars and wage pointless wars, always using 9/11 as an excuse…
    Ever seen the British make *any* fuzz on 7/7? No? Well, have a guess why!…

    I’d like to quote Terry Jones (of Monty Python fame) in closing, one of the great British humorists, who said in one of his comments on the “war on terror”: “How do you wage war on an abstract noun? It’s rather like bombing murder.”


    And here’s one more memorable headline from “The Onion News Movie”, one of the funniest things that came from America, that may well serves as a perfect comment on “The war on terror”:
    “War on drugs over! Drugs win!”

  22. canthariiz Says:

    Shut up u american moron bitch! 9/11 was made by ur country to get the fucking “war on terror” through. we in germany celebrate ur damn 9/11 and joke about it! fuck u america!! fuck ur 9/11 and fuck all those believers.

  23. Boodle Says:

    These are tasteless but I’m not really all that offended by it as an American and I can see where a British person would make one of these as a satirical statement. You’ve got to remember that the UK has been heavily bombed in the past. Many parts of London had to be rebuilt during WWII due to the Blitz, a horrific event where London was bombed on a regular basis for about two months. They had around 40,000 people die as a result of this and at least 2-3 times that in wounded. They’ve also had their own fair share of recent trauma as well, so they’re no stranger to terrorist activities.

    So you can imagine that when they see us get truly bombed for the first time ever and make a huge an event about it year after year, they would have good reason to roll their eyes and think “Bombing? You know nothing about having buildings blown up and death tolls.” They have every right to think this because their country has experienced far worse. The WTC was pretty mild in comparison to what could have happened if we were in a close enough geographical location to where we could be more easily bombed. The WTC is a horrible tragic incident but we’ve got to understand that many have experienced far worse and look at this from that viewpoint.

    However others should remember that this is the first time we’ve ever experienced something like this. We’ve never really known how to deal with this so we react in the only way we know. Maybe some of our reactions can be seen as a little overly dramatic but we don’t yet have anything to compare it to as far as our country is concerned.

  24. Danny Fishcharge Says:

    It’s just the Brit “stiff upper lip” coming out in dark humour. That’s what we do. The artist wasn’t an al-Qaeda sympathiser, just having a cheap shot at humour which I quite enjoyed for a few moments. I then moved on. You can rant and rage all you like, but get over it. No-one’s dancing a jig ‘cos people died. We Brits STILL make jokes about Diana’s car crash and missing Maddie McCann. We don’t hate them, we like the alternative humour. If you don’t, close the webpage and get on with your life. God Save The Queen!

  25. Darren Says:

    I’m with Jonno and Deekay.

  26. Chris Cox (@RenaissDesign) Says:

    Stuff happens to us, we get over it and move on. We don’t give the terrorists exactly what they want by sinking into an overblown orgy of far-too-public grief. Grieving is a private thing, so do it decently in private. Know who’s most insulted by all this? Al Qaeda. They’ve had their mastermind terror plot against the infidels turned into a cartoon. That is how terrorists lose, no matter the casualties.

  27. Frigi Says:

    Hey I love this picture! And thanky for the “Enjoy the Tubes” idea, I’m definitely gonna use it 🙂

  28. Mike Says:

    If it makes you so angry why publish it. You doing them a favor. Talking about idiots doing idiotic things isn’t going to stop them. Ignoring works best.

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