Analysis of Senator Joe Lieberman’s Speech at the RNC

Whoa – apparenlty I typed Joe Biden all over the place in this instead of Lieberman (that’s what happens at this time of night – you go a little crazy) – so it’s all fixed now:

Again, like Bush’s speech, I was in a meeting when Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) spoke, so here’s my late analysis:

Lieberman is now talking about Hurricane Gustav, and saying that it hurts all of us, because we’re one family.  “The last thing we think about is whether one of the victims was a Democrat, or a Republican, because we’re  all Americans.”  Good quote.

“You know, the sad truth is–it shouldn’t take a hurricane to bring us together like this.”  I’m guessing that his moderate speech may not make a lot of Republicans happy.

He’s now talking about gas prices and  threats from abroad.  He’s talking about Americans seeing politicians “fighting each other rather than fighting for the American people.”  Good quote, and he’s playing up unity a LOT, something that may not go over well with the Republicans, but something that’s definitely going to help McCain with the moderates.  Now he’s going on to talk about George Washington warning future Americans about getting caught up in partisan fights.

“And that brings me directly to why I’m here to night.  What after all, is a Democrat like me doing at a Republican convention like this?”  And that one got a huge roar from the crowd – they really like him.  “Well, I’ll tell you what, I’m here to support John McCain because country matters more than party.”  A GREAT quote, and the crowd really liked that one.  And he’s now swaying his message a little more to the conservative side, something that’ll please the Republicans, but also still attract a lot of moderate voters who are watching his speech now.

“I am here tonight for a simple reason.  John McCain is the best choice to bring our country together and lead America forward.  And dear friends, I am here tonight because John McCain’s whole life testifies to a great truth: Being a Democrat or a Republican is important, but it is nowhere near as important as being an American.”  Again, a great unity quote, but one that still doesn’t anger the Republican base.

Now he’s talking about both candidates ending partisan gridlock in Washington, and saying that only John McCain has actually shown that he will do this.

He’s saying that John McCain thinks that it shouldn’t take a natural disaster to teach politicians that people don’t care about what party you’re from, but that people just want their every-day problems solved.

John McCain will “put our country first” – and he said that that’s something that John McCain has done every day.

He’s talking about McCain doing campaign finance laws, and the 9/11 Commission, and national security reforms, all of these working across the aisle, as well as working across the aisle to get support for nominations of Supreme Court justices as well as other federal judges.

“My Democratic friends know all about John’s record of independence and accomplishment.  And you see, that’s why I think some of them are spending so much time and so much money trying to convince the American people that John McCain is someone else.  I am here to tell you what I think you know.  But I want to speak to the people out there–don’t be fooled by some of these political statements and advertisements.  God only made one John McCain, and he is his own man.”  And that got a HUGE response from the crowd.  And like I’ve been saying all throughout his speech, this  is  Lieberman trying to make John McCain look appealing to independents and undecideds.  Lieberman isn’t at this convention to speak to Republicans.  He’s at this convention to get media attention hoping that it’ll catch the eyes and ears of people OUTSIDE of the convention hall.

“If John McCain was just another go-along partisan politician, he never would’ve taken on corrupt Republican lobyists, or big corporations that were cheating the American people or powerful colleagues in Congress who were wasting taxpayer money, but he did.  If John McCain was another go-along politician, he never would’ve led the fight to fix our broken immigration system or acutally do something about global warming, but he did.  As a matter of fact friends, if John McCain is just another partisan Republican, then I’m Michael Moore’s favorite Democrat, and I’m not!”  That was a pretty good quote at the end.  And overall, it was good to consistently push McCain as a moderate and a reformer, although that point is getting a little old now.  The speech is seeming very redundant to me.

“And I think you know that I’m not.  Senator Barack Obama is a gifted and eloquent young man” who can do great things for us in the future, but eloquence isn’t a substitute for a good record, especially not during these tough times for America.  It was good for a Democratic caucuser to say that Obama is not experienced, especially since it came from one of his Senat colleagues.

“In the Senate [Obama] has not reached across party lines to accomplish anything significant, nor has he been willing to take on powerful interest groups in the Democratic party to get something done.”  That’s good.  Not only is he showing what McCain has done to be a moderate, he’s showing how Obama has NOT been a moderate.

Talking about contrasting Obam with Bill Clinton.  Saying at least Clinton accomplished welfare reform (I bet that wasn’t too popular at the convention) and a balanced budget.

Now he’s on to talking about Governor Palin, talking about her being a reformer and taking on special interest groups and reaching across party lines.  “She is a leader we can count on to help John shake up Washingotn.”

“I sincerely believe that the real ticket for change this year is the McCain/Palin ticket.”  And that’s great – he’s taking Obama’s main point and saying that it shouldn’t be Obama’s point, but McCain’s.

“The Washington beaurocrats and the power brokers are not going to be able to build a pen that will hold in these 2 mavericks.  It’s just not possible.  Together, I think we can count on John and Sarah to fight for American and to fight for you, the American people, and that’s what our country needs most right now.”  It’s good for him to use the maverick description, especially after so many people have said that McCain isn’t really a maverick.

Talking about dangerous enemies in the world.  “What America needs now … is not more party unity [but] more national unity.”  A good quote that again appeals to the moderates.

He’s talking about this being true because we’re a country at war.  He’s talking about McCain having “the guts and the judgment to sound the alarm about the mistakes we were making in Iraq” and about Obama wanting to cut funding from troops on the battlefield.  He’s talking about McCain supporting the surge, and the surge was successful.  He’s talking about troops coming home and coming home in honor, all because of the surge, and attributing a lot of that to McCain.  And that’s someting that appeals to everybody.  Nobody (well almost nobody) dislikes the troops.

He’s talking about McCain being liked and respected by leaders across the globe.  “John McCain will be a President our allies will trust and our enemies will fear, and that’s the kind of President we need in today’s world.”  A great quote, again one that will appeal to everybod, since we’ve been seen as a country who’s hurt our relationships with our allies.

“I want to speak directly to my fellow Democrats and independents … I know many of you are angry and frustrated by our government and our politics today, and for good reason.  You may be thinking about voting for John McCain but you’re not sure yet.  Some of you may never have voted for a Republican before, and frankly in an ordinary election, you probably never would.  But I want you to believe with me that this is no ordinary election … because these are not ordinary times.  And trust me, John McCain is no ordinary candidate.”  Good.  He’s appealing to (and talking directly to) independents and Democrats, and doing a good job of trying to sway them over.

“You may not agree with John McCain on every issue, but you can always count on him to be straight with you on where he stands, and to stand for what he thinks is right for our country regardless of the politics. … You can count on John McCain to be what he is naturally–a restless reformer who will clean up Washington and get our government working again for all of the American people.”  Appealing to everybody as a whole, which in itself appeals to moderates – he’s doing a good job, a bit redundant, but a good job.

“So tonight, I want to ask you, whether you are an independent, a Reagan Democrat, a Clinton Democrat, or just a plain old Democrat, this year, when you vote for President, vote for the person you believe is best for our country, not for the party you happen to belong to.”  A great quote again – and that appeals to almost every Lieberman fan out there.  And that’s something that EVERYBODY should do in EVERY election – dont’ vote for the party!  Vote for the PERSON!

He’s saying, vote for McCain, because he’s always put America first.  “My friends, I appeal to Democrats, independents, and Republicans.  Let’s come together this November to make a great Ameraican patriot, John McCain, our next great President.  Thank you.  God bless you, and God bless America.”

And there you have it.  Joe Lieberman’s speech, mainly targetted at Democrats and Independents, since, obviously, he’s not going to sway many Republicans who haven’t already been swayed.

Overall, I liked it, but it was kinda redundant.  Like President Bush’s, I’ll give this one an 8/10.

Done Analyzing,

Ranting Republican
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