Breaking News: FAA’s Flight Plan System Has Failed

Breaking news that just came in.  The Federal Aviation Administration’s flight plan system for the Eastern part of the country, based in Atlanta Georgia has faled.  The FAA is saying that control towers can still see all airplanes and that there is no reason for immediate concern – there is no risk in planes crossing paths or anything like that; however, delays are popping up all along the airports in the Eastern part of the country.

As of now, there’s no clue what has caused this.

I’ll keep you updated.

Update as of 3:57 P.M.: there are no airplanes taking off at all anywhere on the east coast.  The wwest coast is still having flights leave and come in.  The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that this is NOT a result of terrorism.

People are being allowed to deboard planes if they want.

The FAA is encouraging people to check with their airline to see if their flights are taking off before heading  to the airport.

The FAA has delays posted on their website, but I’m not sure how updated it is.  Chicago is having major delays, but some airports on the east coast aren’t listed as having delays at all.  The map is available here:

Update as of 7:16 P.M. EDT: The computer glitch has been repaired, according to the FAA.  As of now, the system in Utah is processing ALL flight plans.  They will start using the Atlanta computer tomorrow, because they believe switching back now would overload the system and crash it.

Again, check with your airline for specific information on delays before you head to the airport.

Done Reporting,

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