Analysis of Senator Ted Kennedy’s Speech at the DNC

I gotta say, I hate his politics, but that was a great video tribute (available here and the second part here).

I wasn’t expecting him to come in person, I had heard he wouldn’t be able to make it due to his health.

Good speech so far – very charismatic (like his brother).

And wow – the floor erupted when he promised to be there in January.

Overall, it was a good speech, I mean, I don’t stand for hardly anything he was talking about (healthcare, Obama, etc…), but he’s such a powerful and inspirational speaker.  He reminds me a little bit of Tony Snow, but he’s as loved as much as Newt Gingrich was.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get over to my laptop in time to actually blog about what he was saying, but it was a very inspirational speech (and honestly, like most convention speeches, there’s not much to write about, because most of them are more of a speech to get the crowd excited than an acutal substance speech, and this goes for the Republicans too).

Here’s a link to the video.  I’ll try to do a live blog as Michelle Obama speaks.

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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    Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

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