39% of Likely Voters Think Michelle Obama Is Very Liberal

Here’s a new poll from Rasmussen Reports:

4* In political terms, is Michelle Obama very liberal, somewhat liberal, moderate, somewhat conservative, or very conservative?

39% Very liberal

25% Somewhat liberal

20% Moderate

4% Somewhat conservative

1% Very conservative

11% Not sure

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to all the demographics (with party breakdowns), but Rasmussen does say in the article that “Only 12% of likely Obama voters say Mrs. Obama is Very Liberal versus 69% of those who plan to vote for McCain. … Interestingly, while 63% of conservatives view her as Very Liberal, only 20% of liberals – and 28% of self-designated moderates — feel that way.”

This actually surprised me.  Of course, I think she’s very liberal, but 39% is a high number.  Normally the percentages for Very and Somewhat Liberal would be switched.  And having 20% of liberals say she’s very liberal is high too.  28% of moderates isn’t bad, but it’s on the higher side.  And with moderates, you want them to think that you’re a moderate too.

But, we’re not electing Michelle Obama, we’re voting for (or against) Barack.  What could make a difference is how much she affects her husband’s decision making.  Rasmussen asked that as well:

5* If Barack Obama is elected President, how involved will Michelle Obama be when it comes to making important policy decisions?

26% Very involved

31% Somewhat involved

25% Not very involved

4% Not at all involved

14% Not sure

And again, we have some demographics from the article: “Forty-six percent (46%) of likely Obama voters say Mrs. Obama will be at least somewhat involved in making important policy decisions, and only 12% think she will be Very Involved. But 41% of potential McCain voters expect her to be Very Involved in major policy decisions, and an additional 30% say they expect her to be somewhat involved. … Similarly, 24% of male voters and 27% of female voters expect her to be Very Involved in major policy decisions.”

And that seems pretty average to me, I just wish they’d have broken it down by ideology/party.  If anybody has a Premium account and can tell me the numbers (only if it’s legal), that’d be great!

So, Michelle Obama comes across as too liberal to too many people, and I think that that is going to hurt Barack, especially as he’s running against a semi-moderate conservative.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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One Response to “39% of Likely Voters Think Michelle Obama Is Very Liberal”

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