Béla Károlyi (Gymnastics Coach and Commentator) Is Awesome

OK, I’m sorta taking a little break from politics (although I’ve got a story I’m working on for tomorrow), and just watching the Olympics.

As I’ve been watching gymnastics, I’ve come to love Béla Károlyi, former American coach who is now a commentator for NBC.

He was so happy and excited when Nastia Liukin finished her floor exercise and won the women’s all around gold.

And then when she (unfairly) got silver (instead of gold) in the women’s uneven bars, he expressed extreme disappointment in the way that ties are broken in the Olympics.

Overall, he’s just a fun guy to listen to, and he’s a great coach when it comes to gymnastics.

I’ll try to find the video of him after Nastia Liukin performed her floor routine.

Done Admiring,

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3 Responses to “Béla Károlyi (Gymnastics Coach and Commentator) Is Awesome”

  1. Guo Says:

    Given how Bela has acted in his capacity of commentator, I can easily predict if what he would have said if, just if, Liukin instead of the Chinese won the gold after receiving tie scores. I bet a million dollars that this is what he would have said: It is absolutely fair, of course, in spite of tied scores. The IOC rule is there, and the medal awarding strictly followed that rule. Of course it’s fair. Now in reality, the rule on tied scores worked against USA team, but favored someone who even does not have white skin, and even the hair is black, and in fact half people only, then of course it is unfair. Now you might say, well, this is all hypothetic. Well then, he has done something like that. When the Chinese made a bad mistake but only got a deduction of 0.3, he complained like hell. Interestingly, shortly afterwards, a US gymnast did almost the same thing, and also only received a 0.3 deduction, he did not complain. In fact, even when asked if he thought this was fair, he said that was absolutely fair. Still want to convince Chinese that they are being treated fairly? Still want to convince the Chinese that they should go by Western rules etc because Western rules are fair? I do not have to say, you go and figure.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I disagree. No matter who would’ve won, I would at least say it’s unfair. There should be some other way to do it than base it on a single score. If they eliminated the 2nd top and bottom score, that’d be more fair.

  3. bose Says:

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