Liberals, Media Ignore GDP Growth and Continue Calling It a Recession

At the end of July, a report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis came out saying that the Gross Domestic Product grew at a rate of  1.9% during the second quarter.  Well, that’s good, considering that it only grew .9% in the first quarter.

So, the media ran stories about this right.  Well, kinda.  They ran stories saying things like “Q2 GDP Doesn’t Meet Analsysts’ Expectations,” which is true, since analsysts predicted anywhere from 2.0%-2.4% growth (those are the numbers I’ve mostly seen).

Now, the media has also reported that the Bureau of Economic Analysis, within the Department of Commerce may update the real GDP; however, the change is normally no more than +/- .2%.  So there’d still be an increase in the rate from the first quarter.

So, why is the media (and liberals) downplaying this?  Because they said we were in a recession.  And just like EVERYTHING the media reports on, the evidence MUST support the position that the media has taken.  Screw taking a position based on the evidence.  Take the position that’s good for liberals, and make the evidence fit!  I’ve even seen a liberal ask, “Are official GDP growth statistics wrong?” just because Americans are so convinced that we MUST be in a recession.

And whatever liberals did acknowledge the positive growth, said it was because the stimulus checks were such a good idea.  Yeah, bailing people out for making stupid housing decisions is a good idea.  Instead of just giving out tax cuts, let’s complicate the system with a stimulus package!

As I’ve said before, we’re not in a recession, so the media really needs to stop saying that we are.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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3 Responses to “Liberals, Media Ignore GDP Growth and Continue Calling It a Recession”

  1. Exotic Electron Says:

    Focusing on govt. GDP numbers without mentioning debt and inflation is irresponsible. Laying divisive language that parrots conservative media shows little respect for American values and makes me ashamed to be a republican. You seem to find it so easy to lay blame and hate through focusing only on media stereotypes rather than economics.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    But real GDP isn’t part of the determining factors of inflation. Although inflation does effect the economy (and it was, I believe a 4% increase in the last quarter), it is not factored into whether or not we are in a recession.

  3. javabeanwill Says:

    According to the national leading economic indicators we are NOT in a recession yet the media chooses to continue to label it that. During every election the media loves to talk down the economy if a Republican is in the white house. But, they love to talk about how well the economy is doing when a Democrat is in the white house.

    The average unemployment rate in the 90s under the Clinton administration was around 5.6%. The current unemployment rate is actually under that. If we are approaching a 5.6% unemployment rate then we must be approaching a “booming economy” as the media liked to label it in the 90s.

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