6-Term Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-MI) May Not Make It Out of Her Primary

Kwame’s mommy could be in trouble!  A poll came out earlier this week, sponsored by WXYZ-TV and the Detroit News, showing 6-term Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick(D-MI-13) beating her 2 opponents with 33%.  29% said they’ll support former state Representative Mary Waters, and 24% plan on supporting state Senator Martha Scott.  The poll was made up of 400 people who said they are  likely to vote in the August 5th Democratic primary.  The margin of error is +/- 5%.

I think Kilpatrick will win it, because those who oppose her, which is quite a few, especially with everything that’s happening with her son, are splitting up instead of  uniting.  If either Scott or Waters endorsed the other, they’d have  a chance of ousting Cheeky K.

Kilpatrick herself, last week, told reporters, “I’m winning, but my numbers aren’t as high as I want them to be.”

Personally I can’t stand her – she’s rude and mean.  She relentlessly defends her son when we all know he’s corrupt.  Her office is TERRIBLY disorganized.  I went down to D.C., and when I tried to get a gallery pass, they opened drawers that were just cluttered with junk.  After waiting 10 minutes for them to try to find a pass, I left and got one from another office.

Plus, one of Kilpatrick’s major campaign platforms is her amount of earmarks she’s secured for Michigan (over $500 million).  And sure, she’s my Congresswoman, so it’s good for my district, but it means higher taxes for everybody.  Earmarks and pork barrel spending is wrong, even if it benefits me, so I’m ashamed of her when it comes to the amount of taxpayer money she’s wasted.

Kilpatrick told the Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit, “I need your help.  I want your prayers.  I want to continue to serve.  So I ask you to send me back when you go to vote.”

Waters told reporters, “I take issue with the fact that Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick continues to inject herself into the City of Detroit and what’s going on there.  Character and trust clearly are an issue in this race.  We deserve better. … Right now, people are feeling the trust in government is at an all-time low.  Will the real Carolyn Kilpatrick stand up?  I don’t believe that she’s being honest with the people.”  That comment was made in regards to questions about Kilpatrick’s connection with her son, the Mayor of Detroit, Kwame.

A Waters’ supporter, Deputy Fire Department Chief Reginald Amos, told reporters, “If we get her out of here, that will be setting the tone to get Kwame Kilpatrick out, too.  That’s part of my motivation, but I just don’t think she’s done the job.  When you look at her, you can see why her son has an aura of entitlement.  The arrogance that she’s shown has shaped him.”

Meanwhile, Harry Kalogerakos, told reporters, “We all have family members who we might not be too proud of, but we should all be judged on what we do.  When you’re talking about your children, that’s a sensitive area.  I’ve got kids, they’re grown.  But if somebody wants to call them out about something, it still rankles me.”

Scott, the other candidate, told reporters, “No one has run against her [Kilpatrick] who has any record of service or credibility.  I serve on the Senate Appropriations committee, and I have served the community well.  I keep people informed, and I deal with their issues.  That’s what people deserve.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has come to Kilpatrick’s rescue, endorsing her, and even coming to Wyandotte (the city next to me, and a few suburbs south of Detroit) to campaign for her.  She told a crowd there, “When she speaks, our colleagues listen.  I’m dazzled by her knowledge of the policy.”

Pelosi did briefly comment on the issues with Kilpatrick’s son, saying, “I admire her [Kilpatrick] being a good and loyal mom.”

She went on to address various issues, such as health care and the Iraq war, saying, “She still comes to Washington every day as an outsider, asking what does this mean for my district. … We’re going in to January with great optimism and hope.  We need a bigger vision for health care. … We want to send our dollars to the Midwest, not the Middle East.”

So, overall, Kilpatrick could face some problems come next Tuesday.  Personally, I think she’ll pull off the win, unless her opponents wise up and stop splitting up the opposition to Kilpatrick.

Now, considering the fact that I can’t stand Kilpatrick, I’m going to leave you with an attack ad against Kilpatrick, showing a video of Kilpatrick crazily defending her criminal son.  ENJOY!

She’s a pretty scary woman – I wouldn’t want to make her angry.  You never know, one of her son’s goons might bump you off!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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3 Responses to “6-Term Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-MI) May Not Make It Out of Her Primary”

  1. Dawn Says:

    As a constituent of Congresswoman Kilpatrick, I must say that I do think it’s high time for her to “serve” somewhere else. I’m not exactly clear as to what she means by “serving” our district because I cannot think of anything significant that she has done for us or our state. I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful, but I’m rather irritated that my interests continue to be ignored by the person that is supposed to represent me in the federal legislature.

    When I first saw the video clip of Madame Kilpatrick’s defense speech regarding her son, I could not believe that raving, crazy woman was a member of the United States Congress. I was appalled and quite embarrassed to admit that this screaming banshee was my Congressional representative. Nonetheless, if our district decides to vote her back in, they’ll get exactly what they deserve just as the citizens of Detroit received after re-electing her thug of a son.

  2. inkslwc Says:

    She’s done nothing close to serve. Like I said, I couldn’t even get a simple gallery pass. And that’s where you’re supposed to be able to get them from – your representative. They’re their to serve you. She’s there to serve herself (and her son).

  3. Dawn Says:

    You’re exactly right!

    I actually interned for another Michigan representative in the U.S. House back in 2006. When our constituents made inquiries regarding gallery passes, we not only offered the actual passes, but we gave tours of the Capitol building, assisted with scheduling potential White House East Wing tours, offered other vital tourist information, etc. However, Kilpatrick’s office offers nothing which only exemplifies her lack of interest in serving the people of her district. I mean, if her office is unable to do something that simple for her constituents, that speaks volumes as to her overall ability and/or interest in serving the public.


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