I Think Congressional Candidate Gary Peters Needs Some New Staff

This is the next segment in my Race for Michigan’s 9th District series, also being posted on RightMichigan.com:

Back in June, I sent 2 e-mails to the Gary Peters for Congress campaign, asking 3 questions about the polo shirt ad “scandal”:

I am the administrator of the blog Republican Ranting, and I have been following the race for the 9th District.  I am interested in hearing a response from Mr. Peters on the issue of possibly photoshopping a picture that was used on campaign literature (http://www.oaklandpolitics.com/showDiary.do;jsessionid=5D880FB79AD9E84B58AC4A66C6F38C01?diaryId=200).
My goal in blogging about this is not to criticize Mr. Peters, but to just give the facts to the voters of the district.  I have stood up for Peters in the past … and I simply want the truth.

Mr. Peters’ answers to the following questions would be greatly appreciated:
1. Are the allegations of editing the picture(s) true?
2. If so, did you add in or remove the polo logo?
3. If so, why did you do it?

Thank you for your cooperation,
Nathan Inks

On June 17th, I called Peters’ office and spoke to a young woman about who to talk to to get a quote about the “scandal.”  She told me that one of their “communications people” would get back to me” and took down my number.

I waited and never heard back.  So I called again on June 19th, and spoke with Bob, another receptionist.  I told him I had called before and told him my story about doing a blog post.  He went to go look for the communications director.  He came back, and told me that ***** [I promised him that he could remain anonymous] was in a meeting.  So I assumed that ***** was the communications director.  Bob took down my phone number.

Well, ***** never called me back, so I sent an e-mail and he told me that I had contacted the wrong person, and that I wanted to speak with Anna.  So I sent her an e-mail.  No response.  I called, and she told me that I wanted to speak with Clark Petting (who is now listed on the website as the Media Contact, but back in June it was Julie, or somebody like that).  So I sen him an e-mail.  When I got no response from him, and was unable to call the office (due to my work schedule), I gave up.  I fail to see how a Congressional candidate’s campaign staff can send me around to that many people and have them not respond to me or not be the person I’m looking for.

So, Clark, or anybody in the Peters campaign, if you’d like to answer my questions, because I really DO want to do the story in a fair and balanced way, e-mail me at n.d.inks@gmail.com.  I hate to bring attention to it like this, but I’ve run out of ideas on how to get a quote from the campaign.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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7 Responses to “I Think Congressional Candidate Gary Peters Needs Some New Staff”

  1. Are you an idiot? Says:

    You must be an idiot or really naive. First, you’re a known Republican. Second, Gary Peters is a Democrat. Do you really think they’re going to reply? More importantly, you’re not an accredited journalist and your blog doesn’t even come close to citizen journalism. If you asked the questions the way you wrote the blog entry, it’s no wonder you didn’t get an answer or speak to anyone of importance. I’ve worked on numerous campaigns, and we would never answer those sorts of questions OVER THE PHONE from an UNKNOWN PERSON, let alone a REPUBLICAN BLOGGER.

  2. Are you an idiot? Says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot. He wasn’t wearing a polo shirt. He was wearing a sportshirt that was made by the Ralph Lauren Polo brand. There is a big, big difference.

  3. Are you an idiot? Says:

    You might want to take a look at http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/index.php – it will answer any questions you have about fashion, which is probably something that you downriver people don’t know anything about.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    Um, not repling and send me to 3 of the wrong people, and waste their own staff’s time are 2 different things.

    Who cares if I’m accredited. I’m good enough that the Detroit News wrote about me, so that must count for something.

    You yourself must be naive or stupid when you say “[i]f you asked the questions…” since I POSTED a copy of the questions in my blog post.

    I explained that I WANTED to show his side, possibly to dispell the rumors that he did it to be elitist (I say possibly because that would depend on his respons. If he said he did it to be elitist, which I highly doubt he would, I wouldn’t dispell those rumors, I’d confirm them).

    I know the difference. Sorry, that I didn’t capitalize the “P” in “Polo.” While we’re on the subject of mistakes, a shirt cannot be made by a brand. A shirt is made by a company. Companies make brands of shirts. We’ve both made a mistake regarding shirts, so now we’re even.

    And where are you from that your sense of fashion is so superior to mine? Have you ever seen me?

    At least I didn’t refer to ad hominem attacks to get my point accross. He ignored me and I was TRYING to be nice and actually show his side of the story.

  5. Are you an idiot? Says:

    Again, you have to be incredibly naive to expect a reply from a Democrat when you are an out-and-proud Republican.

    You’re not a journalist. You’re a kid who sits in front of his computer and blogs.

    Again, I have worked on numerous campaigns in paid-staff capacity and we would never answer your inquiry.

    If you really think this is a story, which it isn’t, confront Gary Peters with a video camera. He returns to your school apparently in a couple weeks.

    You might even want to work for him if Barack Obama picks liberal Republican Chuck Hagel as his runningmate since Peters supports Obama.

  6. inkslwc Says:

    I didn’t expect something from Peters himself – I wouldn’t expect a quote from Joe Knollenberg either.

    I’m an out-and-proud Republican who has STOOD UP for Peters against Lennox (which is why I’d never confront him with a video camera – it’s tasteless and immature).

    When I leaked the sentencing of the noose student at CMU, their communications director (I forget his real title) referred to me as “the media,” so I must have some credit.

    I wouldn’t care if they simply refused to answer my questions. Simply tell me, “The campaign doesn’t wish to comment on that situation at this time,” not waste my time and their staff’s time sending me to different people. I would’ve taken the “go away” and left it at that.

    There’d have to be a few changes in Obama’s stances before I’d consider that. But I tell you, the only time I’d ever come close to voting for a Democrat for President is if Hagel was running with him (I don’t know if you said that because you read my blog often, and I mention Hagel a lot, or just since he’s been in the news recently).

  7. inkslwc Says:

    Wow, I just figured out who you are, and you have no room to lecture me about being naive in trying to get an answer from him.

    And you especially can’t lecture me on my style of clothes.

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