Teachers Sue Detroit Public Schools for Firing Them Illegally and Disobeying a Court Order

Here’s a story that I wanted to break last night, but because I only heard 2/3 of the story when the 2 teachers went on the radio, I decided to hold off until a newspaper article was printed, so I could catch the whole story.

The husband and wife teachers, Steve Conn and Heather Miller are suing the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) “to finally put an end to the Detroit Board of Education’s witch hunt against them.”  They claim that they “have had to endure” a “yearlong attack … at the hands of the board and DPS administration and [violations of] their First Amendment rights of free speech.”

The pair was accused of allowing students to be put in danger during a protest against school closings that the pair participated in at Northern High School in May of 2007, according to (at the time) school board president Carla Scott.  DPS spokesman Steve Wasko said, “These are two individuals who knowingly and against parental permission took children out of school and put their safety at risk.”

Doyle O’Connor, an administrative law judge for the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, ordered DPS “to cease interfering with employees’ rights to pursue grievances, hold union office or participate in lawful public protests.” (Source: Detroit News)

DPS ignored that ruling and fired the teachers, who had previously been placed on administrative leave.

One quote that I did get while listening to the radio (WJR 760) was from Steve Conn: “DPS is not above the law.  They must follow the judge’s order and put us back into the classroom.  This is going to end up costing the district millions of dollars it simply cannot afford, all because a few board members want to silence us and stop us from exposing the conditions in the schools.”

And I ABSOLUTELY agree.  This is the reason that DPS is broke.  It’s people like Connie Calloway who refuse to admit when they’ve made a mistake (or when they’re wrong), and they’re driving the system into the ground.  They waste money on stupid court cases like this.  So they go more into debt, meaning that they cut more schools and teachers, meaning that more kids leave, so they get less money, so they go more into debt…

It’s a cycle that’s never going to end until Detroit as a whole gets its act together and shapes up.  Either that or annex it to Oakland County, give L. Brooks Patterson sole control over it (so no Detroit government whatsoever), but Detroiters would never go for that “because people like Kwame are our friends.”  Bull crap.  Half the Detroiters (the half that reelected Kwame after all the scandals he had in his first term), DESERVE what’s happening now.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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7 Responses to “Teachers Sue Detroit Public Schools for Firing Them Illegally and Disobeying a Court Order”

  1. Obbop Says:

    In my always never humble opinion, school administrators are loyal to pay and pensions (and how wonderful thos are compared to the average worker whose taxes pay those bureaucrats) and care more about pay/pension that educating kids.

    Also, it is time to divorce education from government.

    Stop the pandering politicians from using education as a ploy to influence voters.

    How often do you hear the vile politicos babbling, “I support education?”

    Uhhhh, lovely. As if ANY spewing politico would ever proclaim he/she does NOT support education!!!

    There are many fine minds across America pushing for the separation of education and government.

    It is time for MAJOR alterations in a system designed and run by self-serving bureaucrats and their minions.


    The kids need you to oust government and bureaucracies and the greedy bureaucrats from the educational system.

    There HAS to be a better way to educate kids and at a MUCH reduced cost than what we, the burdened taxpayer, is forced to pay…. forced via threat and being booted out of our homes, our property and money confiscated and even imprisonment.

    Does THAT sound like a “land of the free?”

    It’s time for the “home of the brave” to stand up to the predatory politicos and bureaucrats and reclaim what is OURS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. inkslwc Says:

    I’d rather see welfare ended before public education. That being said, neither will happen – but we can always hope!

  3. edbooked Says:

    The terminated teachers are now in a unique position to loudly speak out about the numerous obstacles politically motivated school administrators substitute for sound principles of education in America’s public schools. The Twilight’s Last Gleaming On Public Education is an intriguing, socially relevant, and enlightening story, which possesses many of the elements commonly found in just about every school system throughout the United States. It discusses the potential, challenges, and obstacles that currently littter the public education landscape. You may view a portion of this fascinating book online by contacting the publisher at http://www.Xlibris.com, clicking on their Bookstore link, then Searching by title. See if you agree with the potential solutiions presented. Use this book as a point of departure for discussions with your friends. Perhaps you can find funding to purchase a copy for every teacher in your school district. Please be assured, the difficulties you experience are not unique to your area of the country. How can you help?

  4. Percy Stanton Says:

    DPS has a ‘Good Olde Boys’ network that does whatever they want. Check out Detroit Central HS where a non-certified, non-degreed staff member (Eric Smith), works 5 periods aday in the luchroom and recieves teachers pay. But, he’s the Football and Track coach. Look at the number of coaches that have positions created for them; even though they have no creditials; which is in violation of NCLB.

  5. Jerome Says:

    Wah! I cannot protest during work hours! Here is a quote, “These are two individuals who knowingly and against parental permission took children out of school and put their safety at risk.” So you take my child out of school, against my permission (or without my permission). Hmmm… I might be justified to punch you in the face… You want to protest? Fine do it on your time, and don’t drag my child along… These two are a piece of work, and a big reason the education system is broken. Well, actually the public system. You would never see this in my son’s private school…

  6. inkslwc Says:

    Jerome, get your facts straight. They allowed, not required for students to participate. They didn’t take anybody out of school.

    However, you’re right about your son’s private school, and that’s because private schools don’t have to deal with unions causing the school system to go broke, which leads to protests and crap like that.

  7. detroitteach Says:

    Thanks for posting this. So many people seem to just take news reports at face value. Do you ever wonder why corruption is found at the top, and teachers are asked to ‘reform?’

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