Iraq Inisists on Withdrawal Timetable

Well, the War in Iraq is getting harder for the U.S., and again, this shows it’s time for us to do like Chuck Hagel said, and move our troops to the border, and let the Iraqis deal with the civil unrest.  Let them do their job INSIDE of Iraq, and we get out of their way.  We need to be planning to get MOST of our troops out soon (a full withdrawal isn’t necessary – like I’ve said before: it doesn’t matter how LONG we’re there, but how MANY of us are there – we’re still in Korea, and nobody’s complaining).

Anyway, on Tuesday Iraq’s national security advisor, Mouwaffak al-Rubaie, said that Iraq will not agree with any security deal that the U.S. proposes unless it contains a timetable for withdrawal.  Al-Rubaie said, “Our stance in the negotiations underway with the American side will be strong … We will not accept any memorandum of understanding that doesn’t have specific dates to withdraw foreign forces from Iraq.”

Al-Rubaie outlined an Iraqi plan: “The Iraqi proposal stipulates that, once Iraqi forces have resumed security responsibility in all 18 of Iraq’s provinces, U.S.-led forces would then withdraw from all cities in the country.  After that, the country’s security situation would be reviewed every six months, for three to five years, to decide when U.S.-led troops would pull out entirely.”  (Associated Press)

So far, Iraq has been given control of 9 of those provinces.

Ali al-Adeeb, a Shiite lawmaker and a prominent official in the prime minister’s party, told reporters, “This is what the Iraqi people want, the parliament and other Iraqi leaders.”

Prviously, while President Bush was in Europe, he told reporters, “You know, of course, we’re there at their invitation.  This is a sovereign nation.”  And that’s something we all have to remember.  If they REALLY want us gone, we can’t stay.

Today, White House spokesman Tony Fratto told reporters, “I know people are looking at this as a sign of a split between the United States and Iraq.  I think these are signs of encouraging developments in Iraq.  They want to and are becoming much more adept at providing their own security.”

I’d be interested in hearing McCain’s response to these developments.  I agree with McCain – we need to stay as long as needed, but he doesn’t want to keep thousands of troops there – his plan is similar to what’s going on in Korea now, not what Obama says his plan is (thousands of troops there for 100 years).  I think McCain realizes that we can’t be in a country that doesn’t want us there, whereas Obama’s focus is just, “GET OUT NOW!”

We’ll see what else happens in the coming weeks.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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