Happy Independence Day and a Thank You to the Troops

232 years ago today, our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, declaring independence from England.  That was a new freedom for many.  Since then, millions of Americans have sacrificed their lives defending that freedom.

We often think of these brave men and women at “the important holidays” – today, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, etc., but they deserved to be remembered EVERY day of the year, after all, they didn’t just sacrifice their lives 3 days a year.

Today I saw the Detroit Symphony Orchestra perform their Salute to America concert at Greenfield Village, and I heard their tribute to the armed forces with their Armed Forces Medley.  As I heard each theme song, and as the members of  the branches of the armed forces stood up when it was their turn, a chill came about me as I looked around at all the men and women who were willing to give  their all for the  sake of the country.  The applause for those men and women resounded through the field, and it truly felt great to be an American.

Today, I ask all of us to remember that freedom is not free, and we must continue to fight for the principles that those men signed for 232 years ago.

I’d like to thank all of the troops currently serving, whether in Iraq, Korea, Australia, or Somalia, the troops on reserve, ready to go if needed, the veterans who have already served, the families of all of these great Americans – it’s a hard  life, and mostly, I’d like to thank those who have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives.  Unfortunately, your sacrifices have been needed to keep us all free, but we will NOT forget your sacrifices.

Let us never forget this day and the people who have defended the principles of this day.

God bless you all, and God bless America.

Now go eat some FOOD!

Done Celebrating,

Ranting Republican
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5 Responses to “Happy Independence Day and a Thank You to the Troops”

  1. writetools Says:

    As a proud Marine Corps wife, whose husband is currently deployed for the fourth time in Iraq, I would like to thank you for your post. It seems too few people care these days about the price of freedom, and instead are content to complain about not having enough. It is such an honor to be a military family and to serve our great country in whatever capacity we can. Thank you for making me feel proud about that today. Amie

  2. Fat Citizen Patriot Says:

    Hope you had a great Fourth.

    Wow! Glad I found your site. I LOVE straight talk. I’m one of those who is not “big-boned;” I’m fat. And you are not “politically incorrect;” you’re a good, old-fashioned ignorant jerk.

    How about a straight-talking debate on the subject of obesity? That would be fab! Bring it on! If feelings get hurt, I guarantee you they won’t be mine. But never mind that; let’s spend our energy on something far more important than your lack of information about obesity. (Hey, don’t feel bad: John McCain’s plan to fight obesity is to have athletes give presentations to school children. It’s hard to beat that for profound and shameful ignorance.)

    Let’s talk about the state of our magnificent Democratic Republic. Are you ready for some dead-serious straight talk about the state of our beloved country? If you care deeply about this country and the principles upon which it was founded, if you have the stomach (a flat, firm, and fabulous stomach, of course) to face the unflinching truth, I challenge you to read the latest work by famed criminal prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

    God bless our troops; their sacrifices are astounding. Many have sacrificed far more than most citizens understand. I wish I could say, “God save them from the treatment they have received and continue to receive under the Bush administration,” but that’s not God’s job. This government was entrusted to its citizens, and we are responsible for preserving it and holding it to the highest standards.

    We damn well better wake up and start acting like informed, responsible citizens. If we don’t, the only place we’ll find freedom and justice is in the rear view mirror.

  3. inkslwc Says:

    writetools, I hope you had a great Fourth of July. God bless you and your husband. He’s doing a great deed for his country.

    Fat Citizen Patriot, it’s not that I mean to be offensive to obese people, I just think that people should admit when they are obese (and I’ll admit, I’m certainly not as skinny as I should be). I have no lack of obesity – I know that some of it can be affected and some of it can’t. But even if somebody can’t lose weight, they can’t go around calling themselves big-boned to make themselves feel better.

    And about McCain – he’s not so great, in fact, he’s quite lousy on a few issues in my mind.

    I don’t go as far to say that Bush should be prosecuted, but I strongly oppose the Iraq War (I was working on a grassroots movement for Chuck Hagel before he decided to retire).

  4. A Reflection on Independence Day 2008 « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] Republican Ranting A blog that I post on whenever I see something that makes me want to go off on a Republican (Libertarian every once in a while) rant. I will cover stories from all over the nation and world, but I will try to cover as many stories about my home state of Michigan as I can (I’ll also talk a lot about Texas, because Texas is awesome!). Note, all times are for the Eastern time zone, daylight savings time when applicable, so stop leaving comments that it’s only noon in California and I said 3:00 P.M. « Happy Independence Day and a Thank You to the Troops […]

  5. Fat Citizen Patriot Says:

    Thanks much for clarifying. It’s great that you were working for Chuck Hagel. I have tremendous respect for him.

    Congrats on the article. We all have to keep these conversations going, especially since corporate media is not serving us well.

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