Some Black Republicans May Vote for Obama Because of Race

So, a few days ago, the Associated Press came out with a story about some black Republicans selling out their beliefs just to “VOTE FOR A BLACK MAN!!!”  Personally, I think this is despicable and racist, and it would be just as bad as Jesse Jackson voting for Alan Keyes just to get a black man elected.

How are we supposed to fulfill the “goal” of electing an African American, ending race, if we’re VOTING BASED ON  RACE?!?!  It just appalls me that these people are so shallow.

Here’s  some quotes:

Black conservative talk show host, Armstrong Williams, who has never voted for a single Democrat his whole life, told AP, “I don’t necessarily like his policies; I don’t like much that he advocates, but for the first time in my life, history thrusts me to really seriously think about it.  I can honestly say I have no idea who I’m going to pull that lever for in November.  And to me, that’s incredible.  Among black conservatives.  They tell me privately, it would be very hard to vote against him in November.”

That’s ridiculous.  I would never just vote for the white guy just because he’s white.  I’ll vote for a person because I agree with them.  Whether they’re white, black, Asian, Hispanic, or any other race!

Williams went on to say that his  82-year-old mother, who has also never voted for a Democrat, will vote for Obama, “She is so proud of Senator Barack Obama, and she has made it clear to all of us that she’s voting for him in November.  That is historic.  Every time I call her, she asks, ‘How’s Obama doing?’  They feel as if they are a part of this.  Because she said, given the history of this country, she never thought she’d ever live to see this moment.”

And that’s so sad.  An 82-year-old selling out her beliefs just to vote for somebody based on the color of his skin.

J.C. Watts, a former Oklahoma Congressman said that he’s still a Republican, but thinks that the party often neglects blacks and that the Democrats reach out to them.  “And Obama highlights that even more.  Republicans often seem indifferent to those things,” Watts said.  He also told reporters that he thinks Obama will focus on poverty and urban policy.

Writer, and actor on “The Cosby Show,” Joseph C. Phillips began calling himself an “Obamacan” or an Obama Republican earlier this year, but since then has begun to question his support for Obama.  He told AP, “I am wondering if this is the time where we get over the hump, where an Obama victory will finally, at long last, move us beyond some of the old conversations about race.  That possibly, just possibly, this great country can finally be forgiven for its original sin, or find some absolution.  We have to not judge him based on his race, but on his desirability as a political candidate.  And based on that, I have a lot of disagreements with him on a lot of issues.  I go back and forth.”

At least he realizes that voting for Obama to end racism in politics would be ironic, but that makes him look even more ridiculous when he says that he still might do it.

John McWhorter, a senior fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute and New York Sun columnist (who calls himself a moderate), says that Obama’s victory in the Democratic primary “proves that while there still is some racism in the United States, there is not enough to matter in any serious manner.  This is a watershed moment.  Obama is probably more to the left than I would prefer on a lot of issues.  But this issue of getting past race for real is such a wedge issue for me.  And he is so intelligent, and I think he would be a perfectly competent president, that I’m for him.  I want him to get in because, in a way, it will put me out of a job.”

Again – who cares if a black man EVER gets elected President.  And who cares if we ONLY have black men elected President for the rest of the lifetime of this country.  Vote for somebody based on issues, not on skin color.

Former Massachusetts Senator, moderate black Republican, Edward Brooke said that he is “extremely proud and confident and joyful” at how well Obama is doing.  He called Obama “a worthy bearer of the torch,” in reference to his nomination.  He told the AP that race won’t be a factor in who he votes for, and went on to say, “This is the most important election in our history.  And with the world in the condition that it is, I think we’ve got to get the best person we can get.”

One black Republican, the former Maryland Lt. Governor and failed Senatorial candidate in 2006, Michael Steele, says that “come November, I will do everything in my power to defeat him.  I think people who try to put this sort of messianic mantle on Barack’s nomination are a little bit misguided.”

I always liked him!

Another black Republican, James T. Harris, a radio talk show host in Milwaukee, told the AP that he opposes Obama “with love in my heart.  We are of the same generation.  He’s African American and I’m an American of African descent.  We both have lovely wives and beautiful children.  Other than that, we’ve got nothing in common.  I hope he loses every state.”

Now – that’s an attitude I like to see!

I hope that black Republicans don’t sell out their beliefs just because of race, and I also hope that people don’t vote for McCain out of racism either.  Sadly, I think both will happen.  I know right here in Wayne County, we have 2 VERY racist cities, Taylor and Wyandotte, and although Detroit will help Obama, he may lose a lot of support in those 2 cities (Taylor is a pretty big city and is a Democratic stronghold in the county).

Let’s move past race and vote on the issues!

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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24 Responses to “Some Black Republicans May Vote for Obama Because of Race”

  1. madnessletters Says:

    Good site

  2. sensico Says:

    horrible site

  3. goodtimepolitics Says:

    The blacks lie to cover up Obama’s lies so yes I guess they will vote for him because of color! He will throw them under the bus after he gets all he needs from them, the blacks don’t understand, he is not for Americans black or white!

  4. Calvin Says:

    sensico is a lazy liberal through and through. No substance, just name calling. It was nice of sensico to demonstrate so concisely how the left operates.

    You are right on with this post. I do not understand why so many people do not understand that voting for Obama because of his race is voting against McCain because of his race. It is racist reason for casting a vote.

    Done Commenting.

  5. inkslwc Says:

    I’ve been called much worse than just the administrator of a horrible site, but thank you, Calvin.

  6. Bob Says:

    Did anyone ever consider that perhaps these famous black republicans aren’t voting on race? Armstrong Williams saying that he might vote for Obama even though he doesn’t like his policies doesn’t mean he is voting just to vote for a black man. He could like McCain even less than he likes Obama or perhaps they are considering Obama because of that bright-eyed optimism he inspires. Reporting like this focuses on one facet of an incredibly complex thought process that occurs in decision making.

  7. inkslwc Says:

    OK, but these people were interviewed knowing that they’re interview statements were going toward a story about voting because of race. If these quotes were randomly compiled, you might be correct, but they gave these statements knowing the subject at hand.

  8. Mary Says:

    It really scares me for America’s future to hear all the skin-color-based voting that’s going to be happening from black people who want a black president out of some misguided desire for a national apology for slavery! What an immature, misguided way to use one’s vote. I’m a Christian woman of Jewish origin, should I look for a Jewish candidate and demand that the whole world apologize for the Holocaust? No, because the sins of the father are NOT to be visited upon the children (quoting God!!!). Our nation also led the world in defeating slavery, and that war was fought with lots of bloodshed….the blood of white, black and all kinds of men. Our nation will go the way of the former Soviet Union at this rate, when childish grudges and a lack of any genuine historical perspective put a man in the office who is more than a HALF BLACK/HALF WHITE man…he is a Marxist! Why not blame the African ancestors who sold those slaves to other nations all over the world? Shouldn’t you follow the money??? The revenge vote…based on what is really a blanket resentment of whites who had nothing to do with slavery (which was started and continues to be perpetrated by Arabs worldwide) is dangerous and will get our country weakened to the possible point of no return. Way to go. You’ll wake up one day extremely sorry to get the nation you thought you deserved. Way to pay it backward.

  9. inkslwc Says:

    Well, I’ve said before that blacks who say that only other blacks can use the n-word, are completely ignoring the fact that it was mainly blacks who sold other blacks into slavery.

  10. Kelvin Stewart Says:


  11. inkslwc Says:

    She hasn’t earned that right, she’s guaranteed it by the Constitution, but that doesn’t make it moral or right.

  12. Mom in CT Says:

    Why can’t you be a Obama Republican and be black or white? Remember Reagan Democrats? Blacks voting for Obama are not voting because of race, they’re voting because of culture. Have Jewish, Italian, Irish, Hispanic, Asian, Polish, Greek, etc. voters ever voted for members of their cultural group? Why weren’t they accused of prejudice? Whites in this country aren’t fair. You have always supported your own culturally supported candidates. You have also always had churches exclusively for your own cultural groups, for example: Greek, Serbian, Armenian, etc. Orthodox churches. Why are you attacking blacks. That name also means of African descent. Leave us alone and stop telling us what we should do. Whites have always ran this country, and now is seems some of them are afraid of of a black president being in control of this country. Why?

  13. inkslwc Says:

    I’m simply quoting blacks. Did I say “All Black Republicans Will Vote for Obama Because of Race”? No. I quoted the black Republicans who said they were voting because of race.

    I’m not attacking blacks.

    I never told you what you should do.

  14. carlos from nc Says:

    As a black republican, I like the reality that that there are African-Americans who belong to both parties. It shows that there are options as opposed to that there is only one sandbox to play in. Because both parties have shortcomings,I don’t believe there should be loyalty to any party if they are not doing what they should do.One of the people on here mentioned that both democrats and republicans have failed African-Americans, and I could not agree more. John Mccain approved an ad recently showing a Hiliary Clinton supporter, a white lady, voting for Mccain because Clinton isn’t in the race anymore. If white people can vote for someone who is not a member of their party, there is no reason why black people can’t do the same. Need I mention “Reagan Democrats”???

  15. inkslwc Says:

    I have no problem with people switching over. But race shouldn’t be the only issue that defines that.

    And yes, both parties have failed blacks, but here in Michigan, we have a few African Americans running under the Republican name.

  16. Brittain Says:

    As a white Republican I hope we are the first party to put a black man or woman in the White House. I believe that MIchael Steele would be a great leader of our country.

    I think it would only be appropriate that the party that gave freedom to the men, women and children that were created by the same God should be the first to elect a black man or woman to the most powerful position in the world.

    God Bless America!

  17. inkslwc Says:

    Oh, I love Michael Steele, but there’s one problem: He appears on FOX News way too much for sny moderates or Democrats to consider voting for him.

  18. Brittain Says:

    inkslwc, As I said I believe Michael Steele would be a great President but another gentleman that I wish would get back into the political field is J.C. Watts.

    I believe John McCain, if he wins the election, will put Mr. Steele somewhere in his cabinet.

    I would also like to see Lynn Swann given a position.

  19. inkslwc Says:

    I’dlike to see Steele take a shot at either govenor or a Senate seat.

  20. Evidence that Some Blacks Are Not Voting for Obama Based on Issues « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] That should scare you.  That’s evidence right there that some people aren’t voting for Obama based on the issues.  And a lot of people attribute this to black people voting for Obama simply because he’s black.  Now, I’m not saying that this IS the reason, but there have been African Americans who have said that that is why they support Obama. […]

  21. Matt Says:

    I’m republican, black, and a soldier. I think having a black president, and the motto “yes we can” will finally get rid of the excuse of “because I’m black, I can’t”. Other than that, I think Obama is too far left for anything good to come of it. I supported McCain not because he was white, but because we share the same values. If Condolezza Rice had run for the Republican ticket, I would have voted for her not because she was a woman, or black, but because we share the same values. I know that most people will not admit that race was an influence, but the writing is on the wall. I hear nothing of “I’m glad Obama won because he will make economic changes, or foreign policy changes” I hear “it’s about time we have a man of color in office”. This is racist…it is as racist as what the civil rights movements fought AGAINST. I am happy that we can move past the race issue, and I believe that this indeed is a historical election for the United States. However, it is a bitter sweet victory for me.

  22. dbc Says:

    the person who said it was a bad site is obviously a black obama supporter i asked people in school the other day who supported barrack are you voting because hes black or you agree with his values and 98% said one of the top reasons was because he was black

  23. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Have to laugh at the blacks when they say Obama is an African black, people he is far from being an African black man. He’s more white-African and just because his skin is dark does not, and let me repeat, does not make him a black African man! I see white people on the beach with as dark a skin as Obama’s and they sure heck is not black Africans! ROFL

  24. Jackhammer3853 (@jackhammer3853) Says:

    I actually like your covering of this story. even though i’m a progressive and a Black Woman i really applaud Blacks for showing their respect of the office which is held by a Black/White person!!
    And to you right-Wing Nut cases! I hope you all choke on your guns, religion and what money you’ll have left over!! Austerity Is Over!!

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