Obama: Clinton and I will be “having a conversation in the coming weeks”

Today, after doing “a victory lap through the Senate” (as worded by a Politico article), Obama met with reporters outside of the Capitol.  Here’s what he  told reporters, regarding Clinton’s non-concession speech last night: “I thought Senator Clinton, after a long-fought campaign, was understandably focused on her supporters. … I just spoke to her today, and we are going to be having a conversation in the coming weeks.  I am very confident about how unified the Democratic Party is going to be to win in November. …[Reporter: Did Clinton indicate that she would be dropping out of the race soon?] It wasn’t a detailed conversation.”

There you have it – it’ll be at least a few weeks (so, July – a month before the convention) before Clinton even considers dropping out.  I’m telling you – she’ll take this to the convention, and knowing the Clintons’ past, I would NOT be surprised if Obama doesn’t survive through  then.  It’s a sad reality, but the Clinton family is a vicious family.  As my father said last night, “She’s the white man’s answer to Kwame Kilpatrick.”  And that’s true – they’ve had  people killed before, and I think they’d do it again.  The only thing Obama has going for him is the fact that the Secret Service HATES the Clintons because of the way they treated the agents.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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