North Carolina Primary Results: 9:15 P.M.: Obama & McCain Win

Here are the results from the North Carolina Primary as of 9:15 P.M. EDT with 33% reporting:


  1. Obama 433,287 59% 20 delegates
  2. Clinton 285,442 39% 13 delegates
  3. No Preference 9,355 1% 0 delegates

As I predicted, Obama HAS fallen down below 60%, although he may bounce back.  He’s doing well along the coast, which is beginning to come in now, and Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) still has all but a few precincts still left unreported.  The areas around Raleigh are now about 75% in.  I think Obama will continue to hover around this 60% line.


  1. McCain 155,946 75%
  2. Huckabee 24,596 12%
  3. Paul 15,309 7%
  4. No Preference 7,986 4%

Done Reporting,

Ranting Republican
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10 Responses to “North Carolina Primary Results: 9:15 P.M.: Obama & McCain Win”

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