Prediction for the Guam Democratic Territorial Convention: Clinton to Win

Alright, so Saturday is the Democratic Territorial Convention for Guam, and since I’ll be on the road tomorrow, I’m going to put up my prediction tonight.  Tomorrow, 8 of the 13 (or 4 of the 9 actual votes) delegates will be decided:

  1. Clinton – 61% – 5 delegates (worth 2.5 at the national convention)
  2. Obama – 38% – 3 delegates (worth 1.5 at the national convention)
  3. Others – 1% – 0 delegates

These 8 delegates are only worth half a vote each when going to the convention, so I’m guessing that it will round out to 2 and 2, with 5 Superdelegates, worth 5 votes going as well.  I really don’t think Clinton is going to get above 63.33%, which would give her 6 delegates, so I’m pretty confident in my prediction of 2-2 delegates (that gives me QUITE a bit of wiggle room, so Obama could actually win, and the final delegate vote prediction could be right – kinda cheap, I know).

Unfortunately, with so few primaries/caucuses/conventions going on, all focus has turned to Indiana and North Carolina (next Tuesday), so I won’t be able to live blog this one (there’s just nowhere to find the information as results come in – even the Guam Democratic Party doesn’t have a website with the information), so I’ll either post the results Saturday or Sunday, depending on when they come in.

Done Predicting,

Ranting Republican
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2 Responses to “Prediction for the Guam Democratic Territorial Convention: Clinton to Win”

  1. obama luver08 Says:

    your prediction sucked obama will be our pres like it or not! bye let’s see you predict indiana and n.c

  2. inkslwc Says:

    In my defense, I had no polls to go on, and I was assuming that it would follow American Samoa and similar Democrats Abroad results.

    Obama won’t beat McCain – you guys should’ve nominated John Edwards.

    North Carolina and Indiana will be better, I promise.

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