DNC “100” Ad on John McCain and Iraq Uses the Injury of Soldiers for Political Gain, by Showing Soldiers Being Attacked

Here is the ad, entitled “100” that the Democratic National Committee put out earlier last week, discussing John McCain and the Iraq War:

(Note, I’ve received information that the troops here were probably only injured, and not killed.)  Did you notice at 8 seconds, the video of the explosion and the 2 soldiers being blown down (and presumably dying being injured, and possibly worse)?  That right there is DISRESPECTFUL and DISHONORING to those men.  They sacrificed their lives for the sake of this country, and the DNC has NO RIGHT to use their deaths injuries for political gain.  I don’t care who you are, from John McCain to Hillary Clinton, images of troops being injured or killed should NEVER be used for political gain.  Now, obviously if somebody wants to show images of themselves being injured (perhaps somebody wants to start a PAC and show the effects of the war), then that’s fine, but when you use images of our troops being injured, without permission, that is one of the most disgraceful and un-American things possible.

This isn’t even to mention the fact that the “100 years” quote is taken out of context.  McCain was referring to a situation like South Korea, where we are STILL there, but not getting attacked.  Why don’t people have a problem with our troops being in South Korea?  Probably because people don’t even know we’re still there.  I have no problem with troops being in Iraq in 100 years, as long as we don’t have a lot of them over there, and as long as they aren’t there to take the place of Iraqi forces who aren’t doing their jobs.

Shame on the DNC for putting this ad out, and shame on Obama and Clinton for not denouncing it.

I don’t think we should have gone into Iraq, but I sure don’t think that images like this should be used to benefit ANYBDOY politically.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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8 Responses to “DNC “100” Ad on John McCain and Iraq Uses the Injury of Soldiers for Political Gain, by Showing Soldiers Being Attacked”

  1. SGT Winningham Says:

    The clip at 8 seconds is an IED explosion….the soldiers are not “blown down” and they are not killed. It is a clip taken from Fahrenheit 9/11…I invite you to rent the movie and watch the clip in it’s entirety (But don’t waste your time watching the whole movie – it sucked). I appreciate what your doing, but when you go on about something and end up looking ignorant, you hurt your cause rather than help it. I am a fellow Republican, and I ask that you don’t add yourself to the list of people making us look stupid – that list is already long enough!

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Well, they’re at least injured, you see that they fall down at least. I changed what I wrote, so thank you for the information, but even showing injured soldiers is distasteful and dishonoring.

  3. freadom Says:

    This just shows the extent that some people will go to obtain power in this country.

  4. Kurt Says:

    The ad was dishonorable and disingenuous. And I’m a democrat saying that, for what it’s worth.

  5. The Moderate Republican Says:

    See, why can’t more democrats be like Kurt? I can admit Bush is a poor communicator, spends money like my wife, and joins a long list of presidents who have turned a blind eye to illegal immigration. Bush also engaged Rumsfeld’s Iraq plan for too long when he should’ve been listening to Powell & McCain. If we can find more objective democrats like Kurt we can find a lot of common ground on how we can better America.

    Anybody worth their salt knows how childish this ad is. South Korea existing this long did not happen by good fortune. A democratic & free Iraq will not exist for very long without our blatant support. Hopefully we all know the Middle East well enough to know what an iconic shift a free & democratic society in the heart of a desperate region will do for it. Of course, many say it’s a waste of time. Democracy & freedom are western values and reasonless in a place like Iraq.

    Ironically, you can find volumes of reports from similar naysayers about the Shintu in Japan after WWII. Even Iraq’s northern neighbor is a democracy. It’s hardly impossible. McCain can finish the job.

  6. inkslwc Says:

    I disagree that McCain can finish the job, but he can get us on the right track. Finishing the job means having all of our troops out. We’ll be there a while, but just like South Korea, it won’t be that much. But I wouldn’t call the job finished, just like I wouldn’t call the situation in Korea finished.

  7. The Moderate Republican Says:

    Let me elaborate then. McCain can finish the job in Iraq so that the situation is as stable as South Korea is now. I don’t think any sane person (who cares about any South Korean or Iraqi anyway) would call for the complete withdrawal from either of those countries. At least not anytime soon anyway.

    I guess that’s what I don’t get about liberals. Supposedly they are the champions of “the little guy, the guy who’s hurting.” Well there’s no one who fits that description better than a man, woman, or child in Iraq. Yet liberals want to pull out because . . . well . . . the Iraqi gov’t must have a time table to get things done. But if the Iraqi gov’t can’t abide by the democrats timetable then, what, we’re willing to sacrifice those who survived Saddam and the current insurgency?? Just to stick it to Bush and the republicans?? Could they be more sinister?

  8. inkslwc Says:

    That’s the thing. If you asked Americans what year the last American troop came home from Korea, they’d probably tell you some year in the 60’s. We’ve gone down to such a small number that most Americans don’t even realize we’re there. Neither Obama nor Clinton would completely pull out, they just say that to make people happy.

    Like the College Democrats chairman up at Central Michigan said, “Our goal is not to get out of Iraq, but to put pressure on the leaders over there.” Sounds to me like the Democrats aren’t even unified in what to do in Iraq.

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