The Michigan Young Republicans Have Officially Returned

Yesterday, I had the privilege to attend the Michigan Young Republicans’ Kick-Off Party (I was finally able to meet Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson the Great).  It was a lot of fun.  I met a lot of new people and saw some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.

But the best thing about it was the turnout.  We had Representative Joe Knollenberg and L. Brooks Patterson there, as well as Michigan Representative Marty Knollenberg and quite a few others.

The group launched its website the same day:  Go check it out.

So far, we have groups chartered in:

  • Ingham County
  • Genessee County
  • Kalamazoo County
  • Kent County
  • Macomb County
  • Oakland County
  • Washtenaw County
  • Wayne County

This is really a great organization to be in.  I was one of the ones who helped start the Wayne County group (under the great leadership of our current Chair, Angelique Rea), and our group has grown nicely in just under a year.

If you’re in one of those 8 counties, I’d highly recommend checking out your local group, and if you’re not, start your own.  The group really is a great way to get involved and meet a lot of nice Republicans.

Done Pitching,

Ranting Republican
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20 Responses to “The Michigan Young Republicans Have Officially Returned”

  1. Katie Says:

    What about that Dennis Lennox guy who keeps claiming that he’s the chairman of the Cheboygan County and 1st District Young Republicans?

    On his campaign website, he says: “Lennox is currently Young Republicans chairman for Cheboygan County and the 1st Congressional District.”

  2. inkslwc Says:

    Cheboygan county is not chartered with the state YRs, and the state group won’t charter by Congressional district.

    I don’t know if Lennox plans on chartering a group for Cheboygan county. That’s a question you would have to ask him.

  3. Reader Says:

    they might have been part of YRS before this new group.

  4. inkslwc Says:

    The old group lost its charter back in 2007. They have to recharter with the new group, just like the state group had to recharter with the national group.

    And, this group doesn’t charter by Congressional District. The constitution doesn’t allow for it.

  5. Reader Says:

    who nkows. im just sayign they might have other more importangt things too. i know theres a few yr and teenage republican groups in michigan who are affiliated with local gop groups and not the other yr or teenage gorups. just an idea. u dont know everything, so you shouldn’t act like you do. don’t always state everything as fact.

  6. inkslwc Says:

    Easy – I simply stated that they aren’t chartered with the Michigan Young Republicans. And I do know that as a fact. There’s no need to get hostile over this.

    I was simply answering Katie’s question with what I know, and I know that neither group is chartered with the state. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a group meeting on its own though.

    I take it you must be a member of a YR group? If so, which one (just curious to see where else we have interest in chartering groups)?

  7. Reader Says:

    im a member of livingston county.

  8. inkslwc Says:

    How close is Livingston to chartering a group?

  9. Reader Says:

    we dont watn to charter. we’re happy being affiliated with our county gop.

  10. inkslwc Says:

    Fair enough, but I would encourage the leaders of the group to reconsider. The goal is to have the whole state chartered eventually, so I’m sure somebody in Livingston county will start up a group and get it chartered.

  11. haha Says:

    Does it matter that the Young Republicans are back? It’s worthless; just like College Republicans. These people should just get involved in their County Republican Party. That’s where the real results come from. I don’t understand why we need to have different classes of “Republicans.” We should all just be part of the same GOP; as equals.

  12. inkslwc Says:

    It’s not worthless, and neither are the college Republicans. The whole point of these groups is to network. Some people don’t want to be involved in the county parties, but they will come along with a friend to a YR meeting or event. I know several people who have gotten friends involved through YR groups down in Wayne county.

    It’s not different classes of Republicans, its different groups. The YRs are more of a social group, whereas county groups are more for strictly party business.

  13. Dennis Lennox Suspends House Campaign After Incumbent Elsenheimer Decides to Run for Re-election for His Michigan House Seat « Republican Ranting Says:

    […] which spans 31 counties [for more information about YR groups throughout the state, see my post here.  Sorry, but I had to give them 1 more plug]. He will be representing the GOP abroad in June at an […]

  14. Ambassador mag Says:


    As a member of the Ambassador magazine editorial staff, I am contacting you for information about the MI young republicans organization as well as the president’s name and contact information. we are looking to do a feature on youth and politics in the near future.

    Please contact me as soon as possible.

    Rian English

  15. inkslwc Says:

    Do you have any contact information? E-mail me at

  16. Angelique Says:

    I just now read this post…. kind of behind but wanted say thank you so much for the kind words Nathan 🙂

    Also thank you for clarifying who are the chartered YR groups in Michigan.

    As the Secetary to the Michigan State Young Republicans I hope that everyone would be interested and feel welcome to join the newly chartered Michigan Young Republicans. We want to be able to support all of the YR clubs….. we have very few requirements to become a chartered club, one of them being that it be a county club rather a district club.

  17. Andi Says:

    Why is there no contact information for chartered YR groups? I’d like to contact Kalamazoo.
    I’m thinking of starting a West Michigan chapter for Berrien and Cass Counties.

  18. inkslwc Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t have any contact info for the Kalamazoo YRs. I’ll try to find some for you though.

  19. Hayley D. Says:

    My name is Hayley and I am taking an AP Gov and Pol class at a high school in Michigan. My class is currently doing a group project where the only direction is: “democracy.” My group has decided to create a mock website including self made videos and self composed articles exploring the reasons why young people do not vote or never get interested in voting, and the ways that we can make democracy and government understandable to the “every man.” We need all kinds of opinions from all kinds of people and my group was wondering if any of you would like to help? Email me at and we can go from there. Thanks for the help!


  20. Tony Says:

    Marty Knollenberg Wants to be Hezbollah’s Rep. in the Michigan House

    * Nijad & Zeina Fares–Nijad Fares is the son of Hezbollah-backed, Syrian installed former Deputy Prime Minister of Lebanon, Issam Fares, deposed not long ago. At the time of his and his wife’s contributions to Knollenberg, Issam Fares was still in power as Deputy Prime Minister. The Fares Family are strong supporters of Hezbollah and Syria and are believed to be conduits of Hezbollah campaign contributions in America, since they are naturalized U.S. citizens and legally able to contribute to American political campaigns.
    Nijad Fares also gave thousands to Marty Knollenberg’s father, Congressman Joe, after he pushed through Congress about $86 million in USAID funds to Hezbollah-controlled Southern Lebanon at the request of pro-Hezbollah/pro-HAMAS Jim Zogby of the Arab American Institute in 2000. Knollenberg’s then-Chief of Staff, Paul Welday, aided in this allocation. The money was never traced. Who knows how many missiles and rockets that paid for?
    * Abdallah Bouhabib–Bouhabib was the Lebanese Ambassador to the United States at the time that the U.S. Marine barracks were bombed by Hezbollah and over 241 U.S. Marines were murdered. He complained that President Reagan’s only concern in Lebanon was the Marines. Since then, Bouhabib settled in the U.S., where he became an official in the World Bank facilitating meetings with and billions of dollars for P.L.O. leader Yasser Arafat.
    American Lebanese activists in the “March 14th Coalition” (a group of Christians, Sunnis, Druze and others who are working to free Lebanon entirely of Syria and Hezbollah) say that Bouhabib worked against them and supported Syria’s occupation of their country.

    Bouhabib and Mr. and Mrs. Fares gave Marty Knollenberg $500 a piece. That might seem small to you, but it’s the maximum allowed under Michigan law per election cycle.
    No state in the Union should have elected officials who take money from agents of Hezbollah and Syria. And Michigan is no exception.
    What will Marty Knollenberg do for Hezbollah and Syria in the Michigan Legislature? We hope voters in his prospective district (containing Detroit suburbs of Troy and Clawson) don’t give us a chance to find out.
    For those who are opposed to Hezbollah and Syria getting a foothold in the Michigan House of Representatives, we urge you to vote for his opponent in the Republican primary, Mike Bosnic–a true conservative who will represent the people in his Michigan district, NOT the terrorists in Hezbollah and Syria.
    For those elsewhere in the U.S., please help defeat Hezbollah’s and Syria’s candidate for the Michigan House by donating to Bosnic:
    Committee to Elect Mike Bosnic
    370 Roth Blvd.
    Clawson, Michigan 48017
    Both Bosnic and Knollenberg are running as Republicans in the heated August 8th primary for this seat. Whoever wins that will be the likely State Representative from this very Republican district.

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