Obama Won’t Take Money from Oil Companies, but He Will Take It from Their Executives

After airing a commercial saying that he would not take money from oil companies (which doesn’t make much sense, since he LEGALLY CAN’T under the 1907 Tillman Act!), it has come out that he has been taking money from their executives.

Here’s a video of the ad, with a transcript below it:

Since the gas lines of the ’70s, Democrats and Republicans have talked about energy independence, but nothing’s changed — except now Exxon’s making $40 billion a year, and we’re paying $3.50 for gas.  I’m Barack Obama.  I don’t take money from oil companies or Washington lobbyists, and I won’t let them block change anymore.  They’ll pay a penalty on windfall profits. We’ll invest in alternative energy, create jobs and free ourselves from foreign oil.  I approve this message because it’s time that Washington worked for you.  Not them.

So, as I said, under the Tillman Act, which Congress passed back in 1907, corporations can’t donate money, but their executives can.  So far, a total of $263,000 from oil company executives, family members, and employees has been donated to the Obama campaign since he entered the race.  $140,000 has been from contributions of $1,000 – $2,300, the maximum contribution allowed under federal law.

Now, did he lie in his ad?  No.  But I guarantee to you that if McCain took a contribution from the Imperial Wizard or even a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, you’d have the Obama camp calling the race card and he’d be screaming his head off.

This just goes to show you that Obama is not this innocent “I want change from the Washington politicians” guy that he says he is.  He is manipulative and a Democrat – oh wait, that was redundant.

Done Ranting,

Ranting Republican
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2 Responses to “Obama Won’t Take Money from Oil Companies, but He Will Take It from Their Executives”

  1. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Obama didn’t mind taking money from the General Dynamics Company! Then looks to be that Obama got them money in return! Tell me thats not bad! 🙂

  2. freadom Says:

    I’d like to see how we free ourselves from foreign oil with out investing in more refineries, or digging for more oil in the U.S. It would be ineresting to see how he pulls this one off.

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